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The Isaiah Effect
Author: Gregg Braden
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307565858
Pages: 304
Year: 2009-02-04
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Seventeen hundred years ago, key elements of our ancient heritage were lost, relegated to the esoteric traditions of mystery schools and sacred orders. Among the most empowering of the forgotten elements are references to a science with the power to bring everlasting healing to our bodies and initiate an unprecedented era of peace and cooperation between governments and nations. In his groundbreaking new book, The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden turns to the Isaiah Scroll, perhaps the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1946, to offer insight into a powerful form of ancient prayer. In The Isaiah Effect, Braden, author of Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds, combines research in quantum physics with the works of the prophet Isaiah and the ancient Essenes. He demonstrates how prophecies of global catastrophe and suffering may only represent future possibilities, rather than forecast impending doom, and that we have the power to influence those possibilities. In addition to describing multiple futures, the Isaiah texts take us one step further, clearly describing the science of how we choose our futures. Tracing key words of Isaiah's text back to their original language, we discover how he taught a mode of prayer that was lost to the West during Biblical editing in the fourth century. Braden offers detailed accounts of how elements of this mode of prayer have been applied in a variety of situations, ranging from healing life-threatening conditions to entire villages using collective prayer to prevail during the 1998 fires in southern Peru. In each instance, the correlation between the offering of the prayer and a shift of the events in question was beyond coincidence--the prayers had measurable effects! As modern science continues to validate a relationship between our outer and inner worlds, it becomes more likely that a forgotten bridge links the world of our prayers with that of our experience. Each time we engage ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities with Isaiah's life-affirming message of hope, we secure nothing less than our future and the future of the only home we know. From the Hardcover edition.
The Way of the Shaman
Author: Michael Harner
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062038125
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-07-26
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This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction and a guide to current resources, anthropologist Michael Harner provides the definitive handbook on practical shamanism – what it is, where it came from, how you can participate. "Wonderful, fascinating… Harner really knows what he's talking about." CARLOS CASTANEDA "An intimate and practical guide to the art of shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred. Michael Harner is not just an anthropologist who has studied shamanism; he is an authentic white shaman." STANILAV GROF, author of 'The Adventure Of Self Discovery' "Harner has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practising shaman. Without doubt (since the recent death of Mircea Eliade) the world's leading authority on shamanism." NEVILL DRURY, author of 'The Elements of Shamanism' Michael Harner, Ph.D., has practised shamanism and shamanic healing for more than a quarter of a century. He is the founder and director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Norwalk, Connecticut.
Tarot in the Spirit of Zen
Author: Osho
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429907703
Pages: 224
Year: 2003-06-05
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A unique and valuable resource for all students and practitioners of the Tarot Includes 22 major arcana pop-out cards from the Osho Zen Tarot A must have for owners of the phenomenally popular Osho Zen Tarot, this in-depth study of the meanings of the cards in the Osho Zen Tarot deck will also appeal to those who use the Rider, Crowley, and other, more traditional cards. The "here and now" approach of Zen offers the insight that the future evolves out of present events, ideas, and attitudes. Playful and accessible even to the novice, this remarkable handbook includes a table of correspondences for the Rider-Waite and Crowley cards, and special sections on the meanings of the four major elements, or "suits" in the Tarot system. Tarot in the Spirit of Zen introduces readers to a deeper understanding of the Zen approach to becoming aware of and responding to life's challenges. Just like the Osho Zen Tarot deck, with its fresh and contemporary approach, the contents of Tarot in the Spirit of Zen are of interest to anyone who is interested in self-exploration and personal transformation.
Just As I Am
Author: Billy Graham
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0061171069
Pages: 832
Year: 2007-07-24
View: 238
Read: 454
Hailed as "the world's preacher," Billy Graham has enjoyed a career that has spanned six decades and his ministry of faith has touched the hearts and souls of millions. In Just As I Am Graham reveals his life story in what the Chicago Tribune calls "a disarmingly honest autobiography." Now, in this revised and updated edition, we hear from this "lion in winter" (Time) on his role over the past ten years as America's pastor during our national crisis of the Oklahoma bombing and 9/11; his knighthood; his passing of the torch to his son, Franklin, to head the organization that bears his name; and his commitment to do the Lord's work in the years of his and his wife Ruth's physical decline.
The New Book of the Spirits
Author: Karine Chateigner
Publisher: Cercle Spirite Allan Kardec
ISBN: 2954386940
Year: 2017-12-19
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There have been no other books devoted to the essential questions on life with answers provided by the spirits since the Book of Spirits by Allan Kardec wrote in 1857 by Allan Kardec (founder of the spiritualist doctrine in the form of questions/answers by using the teachings of the spirits. The New Book of Spirits is again the scene of questions with answers given by the spirits. These concern metaphysics and philosophy in the context of present day and ongoing spiritism. The "afterlife," faced with our society of today and with the scientific and technological changes which have taken place since the 19th century, is anxious to make people increasingly aware of spiritism. As Allan Kardec says: "the only steadfast faith is that which can look reason right in the face at all stages of humanity." There have certainly been many works of philosophy published by brilliant authors that have contributed to the advancement of spiritism since the death of its founder. What has been missing, however, is a follow-on orchestrated by the spirits themselves. This book endeavours to fill that gap. It will become apparent that "the afterlife" still has a lot to say when it comes to explaining and lighting the path of human beings in their existence. God and the Universe, Creation, Genesis, Evolution of worlds and the spirits, Inhabited worlds - Mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms - Afterlife in all its facets - Reincarnation - Prophets - Enigmas of ancient civilisations - Medical mediumship, trans mediumship, automatic writing, oui-ja board, clairvoyance/clear-sightness - Natural medicine, herbal medicine, hypnosis, magnetism, healing - Contemporary science, dowsing, psychometrics, psychokinesis, levitation, telepathy - Current society events, education, suicide, sexuality, abortion, justice, euthanasia, politics, freedom, death penalty are all dealt with in this book. The revelations given will throw a new light on our still very approximate knowledge of this world. Who, in spite of their religious beliefs and ideas, has never felt the urge to communicate with the deceased ? Allan Kardec believed and supposed that it was possible to communicate with those who had gone before him at a different level. Our parents, our friends, spirits.....and he succeeded. Today, this work is being continued as man has always believed in life after death. Death....and what next ? Is there life after death ? The answer is yes. No one is forced to accept this, of course, but we feel obliged to answer the messages and manifestations from spirits. And this book is here to continue to give answers to questions that are constantly being asked. Our aim is not to convince you, but merely to give evidence and say that there are people who believe that death is not the end and have communicated with the deceased in order to be sure of this. There is no question of religion here, simply research made up of numerous experiments. This research which began 43 years ago has led us to the same conclusion as Allan Kardec. The spirit indeed continues to live after death. Those that you loved can hear you, understand you and most probably send you a sign which can be a knock, a visible manifestation or a dream. No matter what it is, it is their way of getting in touch with you. This book, the follow up to the Book of Spirits, continues to tell us what they think, what they know and what they are. Everything here is factual and has been experienced. We hope that you, dear reader, will receive it in that way. This book is a gift...the answers that lie in its pages come from those you have loved, from those you continue to think of and who continue to live inside your hearts and minds.
The Power That Changes the World
Author: Bill Johnson
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 1441229221
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-08-25
View: 938
Read: 653
Exciting New Teaching from Bestselling Author and Bethel Church Leader Bill Johnson Two realities are evident in today's broken world: Our culture is in desperate need, and our God is a miracle-working God. How do believers answer the world's cries for help in a way that exhibits God's heart of compassion? According to bestselling author Bill Johnson, we simply embrace two additional realities: God's wisdom and his power. With biblical insight and extensive experience of seeing God's hand at work, Johnson offers keys to how believers can have the greatest impact on society. When we understand the long-term strategy of God's wisdom and the immediacy of his miracle-working power, we can create eternal impact and significance in the here and now, whether in our own lives and communities or in the farthest reaches of the world.
Advances in Quantitative Asset Management
Author: Christian Dunis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0792377788
Pages: 342
Year: 2000-04-30
View: 1041
Read: 437
Advances in Quantitative Asset Management contains selected articles which, for the most part, were presented at the `Forecasting Financial Markets' Conference. `Forecasting Financial Markets' is an international conference on quantitative finance which is held in London in May every year. Since its inception in 1994, the conference has grown in scope and stature to become a key international meeting point for those interested in quantitative finance, with the participation of prestigious academic and research institutions from all over the world, including major central banks and quantitative fund managers. The editor has chosen to concentrate on advances in quantitative asset management and, accordingly, the papers in this book are organized around two major themes: advances in asset allocation and portfolio management, and modelling risk, return and correlation.
The Dream Book
Author: Betty Bethards
Publisher: SCB Distributors
ISBN: 0967979064
Pages: 193
Year: 2012-08-24
View: 593
Read: 1197
What does it mean if you dream you're being chased by someone in a dream night after night? What if you're flying, or falling, or spitting out teeth? Should you be embarrassed if you happen to be walking through Grand Central Station in the nude? You dream every night, even if you don't remember your dreams. Dreams are an important key to self-discovery, offering insight, guidance, and inspirations. All dreams--even nightmares--contain positive messages. The trick is learning to decipher the symbolism so you can understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. "The Dream Book: includes interpretation of 1,650 dream symbols, along with explanations of recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, violent dreams, dreams about snakes, aboutsex, money, death, and more. You'll also learn to remember your dreams more clearly and discover ways to use them to solve problems in waking hours.
Flim Flam!
Author: James Randi
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0690018770
Pages: 340
Year: 1980-01-01
View: 769
Read: 252

An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels
Author: Pierre Jovanovic
Publisher: M. Evans
ISBN: 1461729882
Pages: 376
Year: 1997-07-29
View: 750
Read: 861
A journalist's extensive investigation in the areas of near-death experiences, supernatural interventions and guardian angels.
Author: David V. Barrett
Publisher: Dk Pub
ISBN: 0789403072
Pages: 61
Year: 1995
View: 339
Read: 390
Drawing on six different areas of ancient wisdom, The Predictions Library makes the art of foretelling the future accessible to all readers. Each book is fully illustrated in color.
The Discovery Of The Unconscious
Author: Henri F. Ellenberger
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465016731
Pages: 976
Year: 1981-10-16
View: 1065
Read: 872
This classic work is a monumental, integrated view of man's search for an understanding of the inner reaches of the mind. In an account that is both exhaustive and exciting, the distinguished psychiatrist and author demonstrates the long chain of development—through the exorcists, magnetists, and hypnotists—that led to the fruition of dynamic psychiatry in the psychological systems of Janet, Freud, Adler, and Jung.
Author: Harry Boddington
ISBN: 0853840857
Pages: 116
Year: 1938
View: 356
Read: 956

The Power of Positive Desire
Author: T. L. Osborn
Publisher: Harrison House
ISBN: 0879431415
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-01
View: 1142
Read: 1299
The Power of Positive Desire is a powerful force inside you. Your creative energy will be freed, and God will be released in you to materialize His abundant goodness in your life. God believes in you, Values you and esteems you so highly that He created you just a little lower that Himself, then decked your world with every conceivable treasure and beauty for your health, happiness, success and fulfillment. This book is written to motivate you to reject mediocrity and to experience excellence. Join me on the journey of discovery of your own self-wealth in you is as certain to produce physical and material wealth in and around you, as wheat, planted in good soil, is certain to produce wheat. From the moment you read this book, you will never again think of yourself as ordinary. God has placed everything in you to build your empire of desire. The desires that God has placed in you are vibrant proof that He destines your life for joy and great purpose. Believe it!
Traditional Healers
Author: Frants Staugård
ISBN: 9178103967
Pages: 276
Year: 1985
View: 472
Read: 825