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Black Skin, White Coats
Author: Matthew M. Heaton
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821444735
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-10-15
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Black Skin, White Coats is a history of psychiatry in Nigeria from the 1950s to the 1980s. Working in the contexts of decolonization and anticolonial nationalism, Nigerian psychiatrists sought to replace racist colonial psychiatric theories about the psychological inferiority of Africans with a universal and egalitarian model focusing on broad psychological similarities across cultural and racial boundaries. Particular emphasis is placed on Dr. T. Adeoye Lambo, the first indigenous Nigerian to earn a specialty degree in psychiatry in the United Kingdom in 1954. Lambo returned to Nigeria to become the medical superintendent of the newly founded Aro Mental Hospital in Abeokuta, Nigeria’s first “modern” mental hospital. At Aro, Lambo began to revolutionize psychiatric research and clinical practice in Nigeria, working to integrate “modern” western medical theory and technologies with “traditional” cultural understandings of mental illness. Lambo’s research focused on deracializing psychiatric thinking and redefining mental illness in terms of a model of universal human similarities that crossed racial and cultural divides. Black Skin, White Coats is the first work to focus primarily on black Africans as producers of psychiatric knowledge and as definers of mental illness in their own right. By examining the ways that Nigerian psychiatrists worked to integrate their psychiatric training with their indigenous backgrounds and cultural and civic nationalisms, Black Skin, White Coats provides a foil to Frantz Fanon’s widely publicized reactionary articulations of the relationship between colonialism and psychiatry. Black Skin, White Coats is also on the cutting edge of histories of psychiatry that are increasingly drawing connections between local and national developments in late-colonial and postcolonial settings and international scientific networks. Heaton argues that Nigerian psychiatrists were intimately aware of the need to engage in international discourses as part and parcel of the transformation of psychiatry at home.
BIOS Instant Notes in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
Author: Paul Grimshaw, Neil Fowler, Adrian Lees, Adrian Burden
Publisher: Garland Science
ISBN: 1135320330
Pages: 400
Year: 2007-04-11
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Read: 160
Instant Notes Sport and Exercise Biomechanics provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts in exercise and sport biomechanics. The kinematics of motion are reviewed in detail, outlining the physics of motion. Mechanical characteristics of motion, the mechanisms of injury, and the analysis of the sport technique provides a source of valuable information.
Blue Juice
Author: Patricia Morris
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1439907072
Pages: 244
Year: 2012-06-08
View: 460
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Offering a candid behind-the-scenes look at small-animal veterinary practices, Blue Juice explores the emotional and ethical conflicts involved in providing a "good death" for companion animals. Patricia Morris presents a nuanced ethnographic account of how veterinarians manage patient care and client relations when their responsibility shifts from saving an animal's life to negotiating a decision to end it. Using her own experiences and observations in veterinary settings as well as the voices of seasoned and novice vets, Morris reveals how veterinarians think about euthanasia and why this "dirty work" often precipitates "burnout," moral quandaries, and even tense or emotional interactions with clients. Closely observing these interactions, Morris illuminates the ways in which euthanasia reflects deep and unresolved tension in human-animal relationships. Blue Juice seeks to understand how practitioners, charged with the difficult task of balancing the interests of animals and their humans, deal with the responsibility of ending their patients' lives.
Blueprints Psychiatry
Author: Michael Murphy, Ronald Cowan
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781782538
Pages: 154
Year: 2009
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Part of the highly regarded Blueprints series, Blueprints Psychiatry provides students with a concise review of what they need to know in their psychiatry rotations or the Boards. Each chapter is brief and includes pedagogical features such as bolded key words, tables, figures, and key points. A question and answer section at the end of the book includes 100 board-format questions with complete rationales. This edition includes new images, more USMLE study questions, and a Neural Basis section for each major diagnostic category. A companion Website includes a question bank and fully searchable text.
Physical Therapy for the Stroke Patient
Author: Jan Mehrholz
Publisher: Thieme
ISBN: 3131664819
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-05-23
View: 335
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Clinical evidence clearly demonstrates that physical therapeutic measures begun as soon as possible after a stroke, often within 24 to 48 hours, greatly increase everyday competence and quality of life. Physical Therapy for the Stroke Patient: Early Stage Rehabilitation covers all the issues that physical therapists must deal with in this critical period: assessment of patients abilities; care during the acute phase; early mobilization; effects of medication; risk factors; ethical questions; and much more. It provides complete guidelines on how to examine and treat the patient, the dosage of physical therapy required, and the key differences between early and late stage rehabilitation after stroke. Special Features Information-packed chapter on Optimizing Functional Motor Recovery after Stroke, written by J. Carr and R. Shepherd, pioneers in the field and the first to correlate motor learning and stroke recovery Case studies throughout the book offering direct, hands-on examples of evaluation and treatment methods Nearly 150 color photographs demonstrating step-by-step physical therapy techniques used in actual practice Hundreds of references to the literature that support the evidence-based approach presented in the book For all physical and occupational therapists who must answer the question, How much therapy will help my patient?, this book provides clear, well-informed answers. Not only will it increase your therapeutic skills and confidence, but it will also expand your knowledge of the medical issues and long-term outcomes for the post-stroke patients in your care.
Promoting Confidence Building Across the Taiwan Strait
Author: Bonnie S. Glaser, Brad Glosserman
Publisher: CSIS
ISBN: 0892065508
Pages: 28
Year: 2008
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The advent of a new administration in Taiwan under the leadership of President Ma Ying-jeou and his Kuomintang (KMT) party has brought with it promising prospects for improved relations between mainland China and Taiwan. Many mutually satisfactory compromises must be made in order to improve and consolidate the relationship. Critical to this process is the role of confidence-building measures (CBMs)—formal and informal measures that address, prevent, or resolve uncertainties among parties and thus reduce the possibility of accidental conflict and increase mutual understanding and trust.In April 2008, the authors visited Taipei and Beijing with a delegation of U.S. and Canadian experts to discuss prospects and constructive suggestions for cross-strait confidence-building measures. This report presents the authors' reflection on what they learned during the trip and their assessment of the possibilities for and main obstacles to confidence building across the Taiwan Strait.American, Taiwanese, and Chinese participants all agreed that a strategic opportunity now exists to improve relations across the strait. There are emerging opportunities for confidence building in nontraditional security areas, such as the environment and public health. Establishing patterns of cooperation in these areas could precede the negotiation of more difficult military CBMs and build habits of collaboration. The biggest obstacle to CBMs, however, is the deep-seated suspicion on both sides of the strait. The United States, Taiwan, and China should all take steps to promote mutual trust and seek win-win-win solutions, and CBMs can play a critical role in that process.
Enlightenment Orpheus
Author: Vanessa Agnew
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198044356
Pages: 280
Year: 2008-05-01
View: 543
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The Enlightenment saw a critical engagement with the ancient idea that music carries certain powers - it heals and pacifies, civilizes and educates. Yet this interest in musical utility seems to conflict with larger notions of aesthetic autonomy that emerged at the same time. In Enlightenment Orpheus, Vanessa Agnew examines this apparent conflict, and provocatively questions the notion of an aesthetic-philosophical break between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Agnew persuasively connects the English traveler and music scholar Charles Burney with the ancient myth of Orpheus. She uses Burney as a guide through wide-ranging discussions of eighteenth-century musical travel, views on music's curative powers, interest in non-European music, and concerns about cultural identity. Arguing that what people said about music was central to some of the great Enlightenment debates surrounding such issues as human agency, cultural difference, and national identity, Agnew adds a new dimension to postcolonial studies, which has typically emphasized the literary and visual at the expense of the aural. She also demonstrates that these discussions must be viewed in context at the era's broad and well-entrenched transnational network, and emphasizes the importance of travel literature in generating knowledge at the time. A new and radically interdisciplinary approach to the question of the power of music - its aesthetic and historical interpretations and political uses - Enlightenment Orpheus will appeal to students and scholars in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, German studies, eighteenth-century history, and comparative studies.
The Brute
Author: Frederic Kummer
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5040515170
Year: 2017-09-05
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The Follinglo Dog Book
Author: Peder Gustav Tjernal
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1609380061
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-09-13
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From Inside the Berlin Wall
Author: Helen T. Yap
Publisher: UP Press
ISBN: 971542516X
Pages: 220
Year: 2006
View: 1009
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"In cooperation with Likhaan: the UP Institute of Creative Writing"--T.p. verso.
Tampa Bay Rays 101
Author: Brad M. Epstein
Publisher: 101 Books
ISBN: 1932530789
Pages: 18
Year: 2008-06-01
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Presents very basic information and background on baseball and the Tampa Bay Rays. On board pages.