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Vegane Ernährung: Schwangerschaft, Stillzeit und Beikost
Author: Markus Keller, Edith Gätjen
ISBN: 380015126X
Pages: 160
Year: 2017-01-19
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Breifrei! Das Veggie-Kochbuch
Author: Loretta Stern, Anja Constance Gaca, Björn Moschinski
Publisher: Kösel-Verlag
ISBN: 364121825X
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-10-23
View: 648
Read: 980
Vegan mit Baby - geht das überhaupt? Ja, sagen internationale Ernährungsinstitute. Wer gut informiert ist, kann auch kleine Essanfänger ohne Fleisch, Milch und Eier ernähren. Das neue Buch des Erfolgsduos Loretta Stern und Anja Gaca wagt sich wieder einmal unerschrocken an die Töpfe: Zusammen mit dem Spitzenkoch Björn Moschinski stellen sie breifreie Beikost vor, vegetarisch bis vegan und alltagstauglich. Dabei nehmen sie die nötigen Nährstoffzusammensetzungen genau unter die Lupe, sodass Eltern auf ein schlechtes Gewissen ein für alle Mal verzichten können. 80 tolle Rezepte fürs Baby und die ganze Familie – selbstverständlich, dass da alle Spaß am gemeinsamen Essen haben. Typisch breifrei! Der neue breifrei!-Bestseller Mit tollen Rezepten von Vegan-Star Björn Moschinski
The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book
Author: Reed Mangels
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440526079
Pages: 304
Year: 2011-08-18
View: 384
Read: 863
Do I need more protein? Am I getting enough nutrients for the baby? How do I defend my decision to stay vegan? These questions and more are on the minds of vegan moms-to-be who want to maintain their lifestyle but still nurture a healthy baby. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because a vegan pregnancy is not only possible, it's also healthy and completely safe. With this helpful guide, you will learn about all aspects of vegan pregnancy from conception to bringing home baby, including: Which foods to eat (and avoid!) to get optimum nutrients for you and baby How to deal with disapproval from family and friends Methods to ensure a vegan-friendly hospital birth Setting up a vegan nursery for the baby Packed with information for both moms and dads, including 150 nutritious and healthy recipes for the whole family, this book is the ultimate resource for parents who want the best for their baby--without sacrificing the vegan life!
Vegane Erziehung in einer speziesistischen Welt - Handbuch für Eltern
Author: Joseph de la Paz
Publisher: Babelcube Inc.
ISBN: 1547518189
Pages: 465
Year: 2018-04-08
View: 991
Read: 555
Ein Ratgeber für vegane Eltern mit theoretischen und praktischen Tipps „Wenn du dein Baby in den Armen wiegst, hältst du buchstäblich die Zukunft der Menschheit in deinen Händen.“ Unsere Kinder gemäß unseren Werten zu erziehen sollte das Natürlichste und Einfachste der Welt sein. Doch wir leben in einer Gesellschaft, die Veganismus mit Argwohn betrachtet und die immer noch tief in den speziesistischen Ernährungsmythen der Vergangenheit versunken ist. Aus diesem Grund müssen sich vegane Väter und Mütter mit unzähligen verschiedenen Situationen konfrontieren, die ihnen eine besondere Vorbereitung abverlangen. Für diese Eltern bietet dieses Buch theoretische und praktische Hilfestellungen. Der Fokus wird dabei nicht auf Ernährung gelegt – nur ein Kapitel gibt Überblick über die Grundsätze dieses Themas – sondern bezieht sich auf all jene pädagogischen, emotionalen und sozialen Aspekte, die es mit sich bringt, ein Kind gemäß unseren veganen Überzeugungen zu erziehen. Zwei Jahre voller Gespräche und Interviews mit veganen Eltern von überall auf der Welt, sowie die eigene Erfahrung als Vater zweier Töchter und Kindergarten-Pädagoge brachten den Autor dazu, dieses direkte, mit Information und Inspiration gefüllte Buch zu schreiben. Darin erfährst du: •Wie du das soziale Umfeld optimieren kannst, in dem dein Kind aufwächst •Wie du ganzheitlich, human und gemäß den Werten des Veganismus erziehst •Wie du die Werte der Gleichberechtigung von Tieren und des Respekts gegenüber dem Leben und der Freiheit vermittelst •Wie du den Zyklus durch Schaffung eines Bewusstseins über Ernährung und die Umwelt vervollständigst •Wie du deinen Kindern Veganismus und Speziesismus erklärst •Wie du tägliche Konflikte in der Schule, im Park oder im Haus der Großeltern löst •Wie du an den Umstieg auf Veganismu
Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide
Author: Sayward Rebhal
Publisher: Herbivore Magazine
ISBN: 0980144035
Pages: 116
Year: 2011
View: 1082
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Welcome to this fun, informative, and totally comprehensive reference manual. This pocket guide gives readers quick answers to their most pressing pregnancy problems-from straight-forward nutrition information and strategies for maximizing meal plans, to tips on choosing cruelty-free antacids (by brand name) and advice on how to throw a vegan baby shower. Written in an upbeat and casual tone, reading the Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide is like having an awesome conversation with a super-supportive and super positive girlfriend who happens to know a ton about vegan nutrition and pregnancy.
Epidemiology Of Diet And Cancer
Author: M.J. Hill, A. Giacosa, Christine P.J. Caygill
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203168925
Pages: 411
Year: 2003-09-02
View: 419
Read: 790
This volume investigates the links between the incidence of diet-related cancers and dietary patterns within Europe. It presents current understanding of the major cancers thought to be caused by diet alongside detailed data on regional variations in dietary composition, and collates these sets of information to illustrate associations between foods and nutrients and the risk of cancer at specific sites. There is particular discussion of the role of fat, meat, fibre, cereals and fresh vegetables. The importance of the "Mediterranean diet", and regional variance in this diet within Europe, is examined. Japanese and US dietary evidence is also considered. This book highlights the debate on cancer and diet, and points the way ahead for important new research.
Road to Health Care
Author: Dr. Seema Kumar
Publisher: V&S Publishers
ISBN: 9350572982
Pages: 176
Year: 2012-04-01
View: 885
Read: 872
With ever-rising ground, water and atmospheric pollution, every other day one hears the name of a new disease. In fact, ever since man began drifting away from Nature, he has been falling into the trap of a materialistic lifestyle that has desensitised him. Today, we breathe air thick with exhaust fumes, eat processed junk food that has no nutritive value, drink toxic carbonated beverages and lead sedentary lives. In fact, all of these have contributed to different kinds of problems for us at regular intervals. This book shows you how to go back to Mother Nature to beat even the most troublesome and chronic ailments. With natural preventive measures that emphasise Diet and Nutrition, exercise and herbal remedies, there are no fear of side- effects. This book shows you a safe, natural and enjoyable means to overcome it. Most of the ingredients mentioned in the book are the kind available in home gardens or off the kitchen shelf. The book also includes hints for different stages in life. A separate section deals with varied problems in - a woman's life through adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and general ailments. Once you have read this book from cover to cover, you need not rush to the doctor every now and then, but will be able to take care of your own and your family's health yourself
At First Sight
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759514380
Pages: 304
Year: 2005-10-01
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From Nicholas Sparks comes a novel that beautifully portrays how the emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it. There are a few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he'd never do: he'd never leave New York City; never give his heart away again after barely surviving one failed marriage; and, most of all, never become a parent. Now, Jeremy is living in the tiny town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, married to Lexie Darnell, the love of his life, and anticipating the birth of their daughter. But just as his life seems to be settling into a blissful pattern, an unsettling and mysterious message re-opens old wounds and sets off a chain of events that will forever change the course of this young couple's marriage. Dramatic, heartbreaking and surprising, this is a story about the love between a man and a woman and between a parent and a child. While the novel picks up the tale of Lexie Darnell and Jeremy Marsh that started in True Believer and will delight fans of that novel, it stands on its own as one of Nicholas Sparks's most deeply moving love stories.
The End of Dieting
Author: Donna Aston
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN: 1742736726
Pages: 222
Year: 2011-09-01
View: 1272
Read: 829
Looking to go to diet rehab? Need to understand what makes you ‘tick’? Want to know why fad dieting simply fuels the obesity epidemic? Look no further, the answers are here! Donna Aston, champion body sculptor and trainer to the stars, reveals the three keys to changing your body composition FOREVER. Learn what you need to do to lose weight and tone up NOW. A practical guide to self-transformation, The End of Dieting is the instruction manual for body maintenance that we didn’t get. Donna’s expert advice is presented in a commonsense way that demystifies metabolism and nutrition. The book includes easy-to-follow steps, explanatory case studies, and a flexible menu planner to give you all the help you’ll need. Finally, the advice we’ve all been waiting for. With endorsements from celebrities such as Jane Kennedy and Dave Hughes, The End of Dieting offers a blueprint for change - from dropping a dress size to a more radical transformation. Turn the first page towards a healthier, happier self.
Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven
Author: Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 0786731710
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 539
Read: 541
Skinny Bitch created a movement when it exposed the horrors of the food industry, while inspiring people across the world to stop eating “crap.” Now the “Bitches” are back—this time with a book geared to pregnant women. And just because their audience is in a “delicate condition” doesn’t mean they’ll deliver a gentle message. As they did with Skinny Bitch, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin expose the truth about the food we eat—with its hormones, chemicals, and other funky stuff. But even though they are “Skinny,” they want women to chow down on the right foods and gain their fair share of weight through their pregnancies. They also won’t mince words on these topics: • the best foods for a healthy baby and mommy • the dangers of common lotions, creams, and beauty products that women slather on their bodies (many contain carcinogens) • why every mother should “suck it up” and breastfeed • the lowdown on what really happens “post-push” (after birth) • how the companies we trust don’t care about children (choosing baby food and other products carefully) With the same sassy tone that made Skinny Bitch laugh-out-loud funny, Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven will give expectant moms the information they need to “use their head” and have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Help, Comfort, And Hope After Losing Your Baby In Pregnancy Or The First Year
Author: Hannah Lothrop
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0786729929
Pages: 144
Year: 2009-04-13
View: 935
Read: 1221
Through her own experience with miscarriage as well as through the voices of other parents who have suffered the devastation of their baby's death, psychologist Hannah Lothrop guides parents through the experience of bereavement, from shock and disbelief to renewal and growth. This warm, insightful book also provides specific information for caregivers: hospital staff, clergy, relatives, or counselors. Thoughtful questions throughout help readers assess their emotions and identify their needs, and an extensive list of resources provides additional sources of support.
Mind Your Diet
Author: Melinda Blackman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462842577
Pages: 135
Year: 2008-02-14
View: 1182
Read: 972
So many diet plans give tremendous details about the physiological processes that make their particular diet successful, but fail to include the psychological elements that are also necessary for adherence to the diet plan. Hence, the goal of this book is to provide you with the life-long mental tool to adhere to your diet plan. During the course of this book, I will point out several marketing techniques that thwart our efforts toward having a balanced daily diet. Then, I will show you how to apply psychological techniques the right way to help you stick to your diet plans and live a healthy lifestyle. This book will help you learn to control the many situations and thoughts, related to eating, that our parents helped to control when we were children. Long after you have read this book, your self-created wristband with the acronym DIET (Do I Eat This?) will help remind you of the psychological eating strategies presented in this book. Wristbands with the acronym, D. I. E. T. "Do I Eat This?" inscribed on them can be purchased for $6.00 each. All proceeds will go to the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. Please send cash or a check payable to Dr. Melinda Blackman, Department of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton, CA 92834. Please include the number of wristbands that you would like to purchase and a shipping address.
The Science of Grapevines
Author: Markus Keller
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0124200087
Pages: 522
Year: 2015-02-02
View: 516
Read: 1189
The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology is an introduction to the physical structure of the grapevine, its various organs, their functions and their interactions with the environment. Beginning with a brief overview of the botanical classification (including an introduction to the concepts of species, cultivars, clones, and rootstocks), plant morphology and anatomy, and growth cycles of grapevines, The Science of Grapevines covers the basic concepts in growth and development, water relations, photosynthesis and respiration, mineral uptake and utilization, and carbon partitioning. These concepts are put to use to understand plant-environment interactions including canopy dynamics, yield formation, and fruit composition, and concludes with an introduction to stress physiology, including water stress (drought and flooding), nutrient deficiency and excess, extreme temperatures (heat and cold), and the impact and response to of other organisms. Based on the author’s years of teaching grapevine anatomy as well as his research experience with grapevines and practical experience growing grapes, this book provides an important guide to understanding the entire plant. Chapter 7 broken into two chapters, now "Environmental Constraints and Stress Physiology and Chapter 8 "Living with Other Organisms" to better reflect specific concepts Integration of new research results including: Latest research on implementing drip irrigation to maximize sugar accumulation within grapes Effect of drought stress on grapevine’s hydraulic system and options for optimum plant maintenance in drought conditions The recently discovered plant hormone – strigolactones – and their contribution of apical dominance that has suddenly outdated dogma on apical dominance control Chapter summaries added Key literature references missed in the first edition as well as references to research completed since the 1e publication will be added
Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook
Author: Ella Mills (Woodward)
Publisher: Yellow Kite
ISBN: 1473639220
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-08-23
View: 1154
Read: 982
The Sunday Times number one bestselling cookbook and the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time. 'She has become the biggest thing in healthy eating' - The Times 100 all-new plant-based recipes - by bestselling author Deliciously Ella. Ella's latest book features the most popular, tried and tested recipes from her supper clubs, pop-ups and deli to show how delicious and abundant plant-based cooking can be. The simple vegan recipes cover everything from colourful salads to veggie burgers and falafel, creamy dips and sides, hearty one-pot curries and stews, speedy breakfasts, weekend brunches, muffins, cakes and brownies. They're the recipes that Ella's thousands of customers have been asking for since the deli first launched in 2015, and each recipe has a beautiful photograph to show you how it should look. In addition to over 100 brand new plant-based recipes, for the first time we are treated to a personal insight into Ella's journey - how she grew her blog, which she began writing to help get herself well while suffering from illness, into a wellbeing brand - and all that she has learnt along the way, as well as what drives the Deliciously Ella philosophy and her team's passion for creating delicious healthy food. With diary excerpts that document the incredible journey that Deliciously Ella has taken and over 100 tried-and-tested irresistible recipes for every day, using simple, nourishing ingredients, this vegan bible will be a must-have for fans and food-lovers alike, it's also perfect for anyone looking to experiment with vegan cooking for the first time.
The Kind Mama
Author: Alicia Silverstone
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1623360412
Pages: 368
Year: 2014-04-15
View: 191
Read: 1078
When did making babies get to be so hard? Infertility is on the rise globally, affecting as many as one in six couples. But instead of considering diet and lifestyle factors, doctors pump their patients full of expensive and invasive fertility treatments. Once pregnant, women just accept that carrying a baby will be the gassy, swollen, irritable, sleepless nightmare that has become the new normal—and then assume that new motherhood will be just as challenging, from breastfeeding woes to screaming fits. It doesn't have to be that way. In The Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone has created a comprehensive and practical guide empowering women to take charge of their fertility, pregnancy, and first 6 months with baby. Drawing on her own experience, as well as that of obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, holistic health counselors, and others, Silverstone offers advice on getting one's "baby house" in order through nutrient-rocking foods that heal and nourish, and, once pregnant, gentle ways to boost comfort, energy, and health during each trimester. She helps readers navigate everything from prenatal testing and birth plans to successful breastfeeding and creating a supportive "baby nest." The result is an authoritative, one-stop guide that empowers women to trust their instincts during this vital milestone, while helping them embark on a healthy and more vibrant path to motherhood.