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Total War - La spada di Attila
Author: Gibbins David
Publisher: Salani
ISBN: 886821587X
Pages: 334
Year: 2015-02-19T00:00:00+01:00
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439 d.C.: l’Impero Romano è sull’orlo del collasso. Un’armata di vandali ha invaso con incredibile velocità le province romane di Spagna e Nordafrica, espugnando Cartagine e insidiando il dominio romano sul Mediterraneo. Ma una minaccia ancora più grande incombe da oriente: gli unni di Attila, barbari provenienti dalle gelide steppe dell’Asia, guerrieri guidati da una ferocia e da una sete di conquista senza pari, capaci di spazzare via ogni cosa sul loro cammino. Per uno sparuto manipolo di soldati romani e un misterioso monaco britannico, l’unico modo per difendersi è preservarsi dalla corruzione degli imperatori e richiamare alla memoria la gloria dell’antico esercito di Roma per ritrovarne la forza. Escogiteranno un piano sorprendentemente audace che li porterà nel cuore delle tenebre, nella roccaforte del più temuto re guerriero che il mondo abbia conosciuto. Nella più grande battaglia mai combattuta da Roma, la vittoria arriderà a chi brandirà il più potente simbolo di guerra creato dall’uomo: la sacra spada di Attila.
The Sword of Attila
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466834250
Pages: 288
Year: 2015-01-27
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AD 439: The Roman Empire is on the brink of collapse. With terrifying speed a Vandal army has swept through the Roman provinces of Spain and North Africa, conquering Carthage and threatening Roman control of the Mediterranean. But a far greater threat lies to the east, a barbarian force born in the harsh steppelands of central Asia, warriors of unparalleled savagery who will sweep all before them in their thirst for conquest - the army of Attila the Hun. For a small group of Roman soldiers and a mysterious British monk, the only defense is to rise above the corruption and weakness of the Roman emperors and hark back to the glory days of the army centuries before, to find strength in history. Led by Flavius, a young tribune, and his trusty centurion Macrobius, they fight a last-ditch battle against the Vandals in North Africa before falling back to Rome, where they regroup and prepare for the onslaught to come. Flavius learns that the British monk who had fled with them from Carthage is more than he seems, and he is drawn into a shady world of intelligence and intrigue under the aegis of Flavius' uncle Aetius, commander-in-chief of the Roman armies in the west, the man who alone has the power to rally Rome and her allies and save the western empire from annihilation. Aetius is desperate to buy time until his army is strong enough to confront the Huns on the field of battle, and meanwhile will do anything to undermine their strength. Together they devise a plan of astonishing audacity that will take Flavius and Macrobius across the frontier and far up the river Danube to the heart of darkness itself, to the stronghold of the most feared warrior-emperor the world has ever known – and into alliance with the emperor's daughter, a warrior-princess who has sworn vengeance against her father for the death of her mother. In the showdown to come, in the greatest battle the Romans have ever fought, victory will go to those who can hold high the most potent symbol of war ever wrought by man - the sacred sword of Attila.
Total War Rome: Destroy Carthage
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250038650
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-09-03
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How far would you go for Rome? Carthage, 146 BC. This is the story of Fabius Petronius Secundus – Roman legionary and centurion – and of his general Scipio Aemilianus, and his rise to power: from his first battle against the Macedonians, that seals the fate of Alexander the Great's Empire, to total war in North Africa and the Siege of Carthage. Scipio's success brings him admiration and respect, but also attracts greed and jealousy – for the closest allies can become the bitterest of enemies. And then there is the dark horse, Julia, of the Caesar family – in love with Scipio but betrothed to his rival Paullus – who causes a vicious feud. Ultimately for Scipio it will come down to one question: how much is he prepared to sacrifice for his vision of Rome? Inspired by Total War: Rome II, from the bestselling Total War computer strategy game series, Destroy Carthage is the first in an epic series of novels. Not only the tale of one man's fate, it is also a journey to the core of Roman times, through a world of extraordinary military tactics and political intrigue that Rome's warriors and citizens used to cheat death.
Verdi, Opera, Women
Author: Susan Rutherford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107043824
Pages: 303
Year: 2013-11-07
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Verdi's operas - composed between 1839 and 1893 - portray a striking diversity of female protagonists: warrior women and peacemakers, virgins and courtesans, princesses and slaves, witches and gypsies, mothers and daughters, erring and idealised wives, and, last of all, a feisty quartet of Tudor townswomen in Verdi's final opera, Falstaff. Yet what meanings did the impassioned crises and dilemmas of these characters hold for the nineteenth-century female spectator, especially during such a turbulent span in the history of the Italian peninsula? How was opera shaped by society - and was society similarly influenced by opera? Contextualising Verdi's female roles within aspects of women's social, cultural and political history, Susan Rutherford explores the interface between the reality of the spectators' lives and the imaginary of the fictional world before them on the operatic stage.
Crusader Gold
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0440337194
Pages: 416
Year: 2007-09-25
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From the fall of the Roman Empire to the last days of Nazi power, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his team of adventurers are hot on the trail of history’s most elusive and desired treasure: the lost golden menorah of Jerusalem. And what they discover could change the world forever…. Deep beneath the windswept waters near Istanbul, Jack and his crack team of experts have uncovered a surprising clue to the location of the fabled treasure plundered during the Crusades. Meanwhile, in a dusty cathedral library, someone unearths a long-forgotten medieval map. Together the two discoveries will solve an ancient mystery—and spark a race to stop a present-day conspiracy of staggering proportions. From diving into the core of an arctic iceberg to the last stand of a Viking warship to an extraordinary revelation deep in the jungles of Central America, Jack is headed straight into a globe-spanning clash of civilizations, into an astounding underground labyrinth steeped in blood and horrors—and to a confrontation with a killer on a shattering crusade of his own. From the Paperback edition.
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0440335760
Pages: 480
Year: 2006-09-26
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from David Gibbins's The Mask of Troy. From an extraordinary discovery in a remote desert oasis to a desperate race against time in the ocean depths, a team of adventurers is about to find the truth behind the most baffling legend in history. The hunt is on for… Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has stumbled upon the keys to an ancient puzzle. With a crack team of scientific experts and ex–Special Forces commandos, he is heading for what he believes could be the greatest archaeological find of all time—the site of fabled Atlantis—while a ruthless adversary watches his every move and prepares to strike. But neither of them could have imagined what awaits them in the murky depths. Not only a shocking truth about a lost world, but an explosive secret that could have devastating consequences today. Jack is determined to stop the legacy of Atlantis from falling into the wrong hands, whatever the cost. But first he must do battle to prevent a global catastrophe.
Perceiving War and the Military in Early Christian Gaul (ca. 400–700 A.D.)
Author: Laury Sarti
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004258051
Pages: 444
Year: 2013-09-13
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In Perceiving War and the Military, Laury Sarti highlights the significance of a permanently increasing contact with armed violence for the gradual transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, analysing contemporary ideas and concepts of war and the military.
The Last Gospel
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 0755375211
Pages: 576
Year: 2010-03-04
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Jack Howard is about to discover a secret. Perhaps the greatest secret ever kept. What if one of the Ancient World's greatest libraries was buried in volcanic ash and then re-discovered two thousand years later? What if what was found there was a document that could shatter the very foundations of the Western World? What if you were the one who discovered this secret? And were then forced to confront terrifying enemies determined to destroy you to ensure it goes no further? This is the story of one last Gospel, left behind in the age of the New Testament, in the greatest days of the Roman Empire, and of its extraordinary secret, one that has lain concealed for years. Follow Jack Howard as he discovers the secret and must prevent others from doing the same...
The Story of Siena and San Gimignano
Author: Edmund Garratt Gardner
Pages: 391
Year: 1902
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The Sword and the Crucible. Count Boldizsár Batthyány and Natural Philosophy in Sixteenth-Century Hungary
Author: Dóra Bobory
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443810932
Pages: 245
Year: 2009-05-05
View: 1197
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In the sixteenth century a new type of practitioner emerges in Europe: the aristocrat who not only supports creative activities, but is personally involved in the projects he finances. The courts of noblemen and other wealthy individuals are transformed into new sites of knowledge production where medicinal waters are distilled, exotic plants cultivated, and alchemical experiments pursued. This new fascination with nature, and the wish to explore and exploit its explicit and hidden mechanisms, was an intellectual trend that spread all over Europe, reaching even the easternmost parts of the Habsburg Monarchy. The Hungarian Count Boldizsár Batthyány (c.1542–1590), a powerful aristocrat and formidable warrior, was also a passionate devotee of natural philosophy. His Western Hungarian court was the focal point of an intellectual network which comprised scholars—such as the renowned botanist Carolus Clusius—physicians, book dealers, and fellow aristocrats from Central Europe and used his connections to exchange objects and information. Batthyány’s biography, his extensive correspondence and up-to-date book collection on natural philosophy—especially alchemy, Paracelsian medicine, and botany—reveals that wealth, mobility and intellectual curiosity allowed him to share the enthusiasms of his Western European counterparts, and make the Muses speak even among arms.
Killing and Being Killed: Bodies in Battle
Author: Jörg Rogge
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839437830
Pages: 272
Year: 2018-01
View: 1048
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What bodily experiences did fighters make through their lifetime and especially in violent conflicts? How were the bodies of fighters trained, nourished, and prepared for combat? How did they respond to wounds, torture and the ubiquitous risk of death? The articles present examples of body techniques of fighters and their perception throughout the Middle Ages. The geographical scope ranges from the Anglo-Scottish borderlands over Central Europe up to the Mediterranean World. This larger framework enables the reader to trace the similarities and differences of the cultural practice of "Killing and Being Killed" in various contexts. Contributions by Iain MacInnes, Alastair J. Macdonald, Bogdan-Petru Maleon, and others.
Na Drini ćuprija
Author: Ivo Andríc
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226020452
Pages: 314
Year: 1977
View: 1158
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Portrays the dramatic lives of the people living in a small town near a huge stone bridge in the Balkans
The Story of Florence
Author: Edmund G. Gardner
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465506233
Pages: 435
Year: 1903
View: 1183
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Selected Letters
Author: Marie de Rabutin-Chantal marquise de Sévigné
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 014044405X
Pages: 319
Year: 1982
View: 863
Read: 984
Describes the social and intellectual life of seventeenth-century France, including gossip about the court of King Louis XIV
The Gods of Atlantis
Author: David Gibbins
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755374320
Pages: 401
Year: 2011-08-18
View: 477
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A thrilling standalone sequel to ATLANTIS, David Gibbins' international bestseller of high-action adventure, marine archaeology and the exploration of one of history's most fascinating and enduring mysteries. A lost Nazi bunker in a forest in Germany contains a dreadful secret. But is there a horrifying new dimension - another ingredient in the Nazi's rule of terror? Marine archaeologist Jack Howard returns to the lost island of Atlantis in the Black Sea to answer questions about the Atlantis priests that have plagued him. Then by tracking down the 1930s expeditions of Himmler's Ahnenerbe - the Nazi's Department of Cultural Heritage - and its link with Atlantis, Jack realises he is not just on the trail of the greatest lost relics from the past. Could there possibly be a terrifying new version of 'Atlantis', a priesthood of evil? Jack must uncover the truth before it is too late.