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Marriage Behind the Facade
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373528981
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-01-02
View: 524
Read: 832
Dreaming of being a princess in a faraway land, American real estate agent Sydney Reed entered into a marriage of convenience with Sheikh Malik, but she can no longer live in a loveless relationship. Malik insists that they live forty days together as man and wife in his country before he will sign the divorce papers.
Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child
Author: Annie West
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426860064
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-07-01
View: 823
Read: 1019
Speculation surrounding exiled rebel Prince Tahir Al'Ramiz has reached fever pitch! After being spotted causing mayhem in an exclusive Monte Carlo casino, Tahir decides to fly home for his brother's coronation. But when the remains of his helicopter are discovered, the worst is assumed…. Until he comes back from the dead, with no explanation as to how he survived! Now a mysterious beauty has moved into the palace. Rumors of a pregnancy abound…. Could it be that this notorious playboy prince's lost days in the desert camouflaged a secret affair?
The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress
Author: Maya Banks
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426826486
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 761
Read: 536
Greek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis's former mistress was pregnant? And had amnesia? That meant Marley Jameson didn't remember betraying him by selling company secrets. Or that he'd thrown her out of his life. So he told her a little white lie: they were engaged. Then he swept her away to his Greek island to await the birth of his baby and enjoy her sudden devotion…before tossing her out. But he didn't count on Marley regaining her memory so soon.
Fiancee for One Night
Author: Trish Morey
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373130511
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-01-24
View: 1177
Read: 1321
"Leo Zamos persuades his virtual PA, Eve Carmichael, to act as his fake fiancee at a business dinner. Thinking he's never met her before, Leo assumes that Eve's appearance will be as neat and professional as the work she's so efficiently performed for him. But soon he realizes how wrong he's been! With her soft curves, and lips that beg to be kissed, Eve is every bit as tempting as her namesake ... Eve has accepted Leo's commission reluctantly--how can she, a single mom, refuse the fee he's offering her? But will he recognize her as the girl he once briefly met and for whom he felt a simmering attraction? When Eve sees Leo again, she knows that the one-evening masquerade she's signed up for is about to become a whole passionate night ... in his bed"--P. [4] of cover.
The Banker's Convenient Wife
Author: Lynne Graham
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596648808
Year: 2014-12-30
View: 308
Read: 1222
Four years ago, Hilary and her husband, Roel, married for money…without ever having met! But he’s been in a car accident, and Hilary soon receives word that he’s been calling for…her? Confused, she hurries to the Swiss hospital he’s being treated at to discover what exactly is going on. She finds Roel suffering from amnesia, and in his state he seems to really cherish her as a wife…and possibly even love her! Hilary is torn… Will his powerful feelings survive if he regains his memories?
The Innocents Abroad
Author: Mark Twain
Pages: 651
Year: 1879
View: 1319
Read: 548

Public Wife, Private Mistress
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426858124
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-03-01
View: 469
Read: 926
Only one woman can help arrogant Rico Crisanti's injured sister: his estranged wife, Anastasia. In public: Rico demands that Stasia be the perfect wife--loyal, doting and faithful! In private: She will be a slave to his passionate demands. However, Rico hadn't bargained on becoming infatuated with Stasia. Stasia fears that once Rico's sister recovers she will be cast aside.... Will her role as Rico's wife be over for good?
Strangers in the Desert
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596648964
Year: 2014-12-30
View: 151
Read: 887
One fateful day a devilishly handsome man crashes into Isabella’s life, claiming to be her husband. An accident a couple years earlier left her memories more than a little fuzzy, but she refuses to believe she could have forgotten the fact that she was married. As if suddenly becoming this overbearing man’s wife wasn’t enough to throw the independent Isabella for a loop, she soon discovers that he’s the future king of the desert kingdom of Jahfar…and about to marry another woman! One final, earth-shattering revelation leads Isabella to accompany this man back to Jahfar. But what’s waiting there for her? And why does her husband seem so disgusted with her existence?
The Sheikh Who Married Her: One Desert Night / Strangers in the Desert / Desert Doctor, Secret Sheikh (Mills & Boon M&B)
Author: Maggie Cox, Lynn Raye Harris, Meredith Webber
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1472041321
Pages: 560
Year: 2013-10-04
View: 700
Read: 600
Author: Annie West
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596685142
Year: 2015-09-25
View: 769
Read: 1209

Chatsfield's Ultimate Acquisition
Author: Melanie Milburne
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460386256
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-08-01
View: 1075
Read: 839
He won't take no for an answer! Isabelle Harrington is furious when arrogant playboy Spencer Chatsfield becomes her new boss. He's also the man who shattered her heart years ago. The only thing she can't stand more than Spencer is the sizzling chemistry still burning between them! Months of meticulous planning has led Spencer to this ultimate acquisition. The only thing standing in his way is the delicious Isabelle. He'll just have to seduce her into compliance! Except Isabelle is keeping a secret…one that will raise the stakes higher than ever before. Welcome The Chatsfield, New York!
Author: Benjamin Disraeli (Earl of Beaconsfield)
Pages: 583
Year: 1904
View: 1001
Read: 347

Author: Suelette Dreyfus, Julian Assange
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 085786260X
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-01-05
View: 1217
Read: 1208
Suelette Dreyfus and her co-author, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, tell the extraordinary true story of the computer underground, and the bizarre lives and crimes of an elite ring of international hackers who took on the establishment. Spanning three continents and a decade of high level infiltration, they created chaos amongst some of the world's biggest and most powerful organisations, including NASA and the US military. Brilliant and obsessed, many of them found themselves addicted to hacking and phreaking. Some descended into drugs and madness, others ended up in jail. As riveting as the finest detective novel and meticulously researched, Underground follows the hackers through their crimes, their betrayals, the hunt, raids and investigations. It is a gripping tale of the digital underground.
The Fifth Day of Christmas
Author: Betty Neels
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459239687
Pages: 186
Year: 2012-04-16
View: 1317
Read: 155
For her own sake she had to back off It hadn't taken Julia Pennyfeather long to fall in love with Ivo van den Werff But as soon as she met Marcia Jason she realized she had to fall out of love just as quickly. Clearly the other woman had a much stronger claim on Ivo's affection—or did she?
The Highlands of Ethiopia
Author: Sir William Cornwallis Harris
Pages: 392
Year: 1844*
View: 1250
Read: 208