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The Carry Home
Author: Gary Ferguson
Publisher: Catapult
ISBN: 1619024020
Pages: 246
Year: 2014-10-20
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The nature writing of Gary Ferguson arises out of intimate experience. He trekked 500 miles through Yellowstone to write Walking Down the Wild and spent a season in the field at a wilderness therapy program for Shouting at the Sky. He journeyed 250 miles on foot for Hawks Rest and followed through the seasons the first fourteen wolves released into Yellowstone National Park for The Yellowstone Wolves. But nothing could prepare him for the experience he details in his new book. The Carry Home is both a moving celebration of the outdoor life shared between Ferguson and his wife Jane, who died tragically in a canoeing accident in northern Ontario in 2005, and a chronicle of the mending, uplifting power of nature. Confronting his unthinkable loss, Ferguson set out to fulfill Jane's final wish: the scattering of her ashes in five remote, wild locations they loved and shared. The act of the carry home allows Ferguson the opportunity to ruminate on their life together as well as explore deeply the impactful presence of nature in all of our lives. Theirs was a love borne of wild places, and The Carry Home offers a powerful glimpse into how the natural world can be a critical prompt for moving through cycles of immeasurable grief, how bereavement can turn to wonder, and how one man rediscovered himself in the process of saying goodbye.
Carry Me Home
Author: Diane McWhorter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743226488
Pages: 704
Year: 2001-06-29
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Now with a new afterword, the Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatic account of the civil rights era’s climactic battle in Birmingham as the movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., brought down the institutions of segregation. "The Year of Birmingham," 1963, was a cataclysmic turning point in America’s long civil rights struggle. Child demonstrators faced down police dogs and fire hoses in huge nonviolent marches against segregation. Ku Klux Klansmen retaliated by bombing the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing four young black girls. Diane McWhorter, daughter of a prominent Birmingham family, weaves together police and FBI records, archival documents, interviews with black activists and Klansmen, and personal memories into an extraordinary narrative of the personalities and events that brought about America’s second emancipation. In a new afterword—reporting last encounters with hero Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and describing the current drastic anti-immigration laws in Alabama—the author demonstrates that Alabama remains a civil rights crucible.
Carry Me Home
Author: Jessica Therrien
Publisher: Acorn Publishing
Pages: 358
Year: 2017-08-15
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“A riveting page-turner…Jessica Therrien broke my heart into a million pieces—and then put it back together again. This book will haunt and uplift readers long after they turn the last page.” -KAT ROSS, best-selling author of The Midnight Sea CARRY ME HOME is a work of fiction inspired by the true story of a teenage girl’s involvement in several Mexican gangs in San Jose and Los Angeles. The members of her crew call her, Guera, Spanish for “white girl” and it doesn’t take long for her to get lost in their world of guns and drugs. * * * Lucy and Ruth are country girls from a broken home. When they move to the city with their mother, leaving behind their family ranch and dead-beat father, Lucy unravels. They run to their grandparents’ place, a trailer park mobile home in the barrio of San Jose. Lucy’s barrio friends have changed since her last visit. They’ve joined a gang called VC. They teach her to fight, to shank, to beat a person unconscious and play with guns. When things get too heavy, and lives are at stake, the three girls head for LA seeking a better life. But trouble always follows Lucy. She befriends the wrong people, members of another gang, and every bad choice she makes drags the family into her dangerous world. Told from three points of view, the story follows Lucy down the rabbit hole, along with her mother and sister as they sacrifice dreams and happiness, friendships and futures. Love is waiting for all of them in LA, but pursuing a life without Lucy could mean losing her forever. Ultimately it’s their bond with each other that holds them together, in a true test of love, loss and survival.
The Heart You Carry Home
Author: Jennifer Miller
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0544290151
Pages: 288
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 707
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A novel about men returning from war, and the women who love them, by “a young writer full of energy and promise” (Jennifer Egan, author of Manhattan Beach). Becca Keller is no stranger to the way war can change a man. Her Vietnam veteran father, King, suffered after his service, and as a result played only a limited role in his daughter’s life. Now Becca is marrying Ben, who is also just back from battle—and her mother, convinced that Becca is making the same mistakes she did, boycotts the wedding. Ben does indeed seem different after his second tour, and only days after she marries him, he turns dangerous. Desperate, Becca turns to her father for help. But he is heading west with his motorcycle buddies—out to a place they call Kleos, a mysterious desert compound ruled over by a guru-like commanding officer. It serves as a refuge for some soldiers, but it might be the death of others. There, Becca will be faced with the possibility that she may not know the real damage in her loved ones’ hearts. In finally seeing her father’s demons, she might just be able to start a journey back to peace with her husband.
Carry Me Home
Author: Sandra Kring
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 0385338139
Pages: 260
Year: 2005
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Growing up in Willowridge, Wisconsin, Earl "Earwig" Gunderman, a simple-minded teenager, has always depended on his older brother, Jimmy, for guidance and protection, but when Jimmy is sent off to war in the Pacific, only to return after three years as a prisoner of war, Earwig is thrust into the unexpected role of protector. A first novel. Reader's Guide available. Original. 20,000 first printing.
Carry Me Home
Author: John M Del Vecchio
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480401900
Pages: 720
Year: 2013-02-26
View: 333
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In this powerful and poignant epic, Del Vecchio transports the soldiers of the Vietnam experience to their final battlefield—the home front. High Meadow Farm, in the fertile hill country of central Pennsylvania, would be their salvation. In Vietnam they had fought side by side, brothers in arms. Now in the face of personal tragedy and bureaucratic deception, they would create a more enduring allegiance, an alliance of the spirit and the soil. Carry Me Home is the remarkable story of their struggle to find each other and themselves, a saga spanning fifteen years—fifteen years lost in a wilderness called America. In its scope, breadth, and brilliance, Carry Me Home is much more than a novel about Vietnam and Vietnam veterans. It is a testament to history and hope, to hometowns and homecomings, to love and lost, to faith and family. It is a novel about two decades in our collective lives and the cleansing of our spirit—and inspiring and unforgettable novel about American itself.
Carry the One
Author: Carol Anshaw
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 145163689X
Pages: 272
Year: 2012-03-06
View: 202
Read: 503
Carry the One begins in the hours following Carmen’s wedding reception, when a car filled with stoned, drunk, and sleepy guests accidentally hits and kills a girl on a dark country road. For the next twenty-five years, those involved, including Carmen and her brother and sister, craft their lives in response to this single tragic moment. As one character says, “When you add us up, you always have to carry the one.” Through friendships and love affairs; marriage and divorce; parenthood, holidays, and the modest calamities and triumphs of ordinary days, Carry the One shows how one life affects another and how those who thrive and those who self-destruct are closer to each other than we’d expect. As they seek redemption through addiction, social justice, and art, Anshaw’s characters reflect our deepest pain and longings, our joys, and our transcendent moments of understanding. This wise, wry, and erotically charged novel derives its power and appeal from the author’s exquisite use of language; her sympathy for her recognizable, very flawed characters; and her persuasive belief in the transforming forces of time and love.
We Carry Our Homes with Us
Author: Marisella Veiga
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
ISBN: 1681340070
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-04-15
View: 944
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On December 30, 1960, Marisella Veiga with her mother and two brothers boarded a plane from Havana to Miami. Her father fled a few months later, joining his family with a total of fourteen U.S. cents in his pocket and an understanding that he would never see his homeland again. Seeking a less competitive job market and thanks largely to the sponsorship of a host family in St. Paul, the Veigas resettled in Minnesota, miles away from the Caribbean subtropics, where the climate was similar to home, Spanish was spoken, and thousands of exiles arrived each month. Veiga’s stories are rich with detail and character as she describes her integration into a northern midwestern landscape she grew to love, from adapting to the cold—learning to ice-skate before learning to speak English—to her obsession with Davy Jones. Yet, the weight of her biculturalism—being of two worlds but an outsider to both—has been central to her quest for identity: “Sometimes, I dream that if I can get in touch with the essence of that monolingual child with one set of customs, I would be satisfied. I would be complete, whole.” In this honest memoir, readers will find a resonant story of an exile’s journey, one that ultimately embraces those two worlds: a life of conflict and limbo but also one of richness and understanding.
Coming for to Carry Me Home
Author: J. Michael Martinez
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1442215003
Pages: 334
Year: 2011-12-22
View: 221
Read: 436
Coming for to Carry Me Home examines the concept of race in the United States from the 1830s, when the abolitionists rose to prominence, until the 1880s, when the Jim Crow regime commenced. J. Michael Martinez argues that Lincoln and the Radical Republicans were the pivotal actors, albeit not the architects, that influenced this evolution.
Carry Me Home
Author: Virginia Gaffney
Publisher: Harvest House Pub
ISBN: 1565075625
Pages: 450
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 496
Read: 357

The Carry Book: Minnesota Edition
Author: Joel Rosenberg
ISBN: 125701594X
Year: 2011
View: 1059
Read: 763

Carry Me Home
Author: William Lee Carter, Wm. Lee Carter
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN: 0785278583
Pages: 282
Year: 1995
View: 675
Read: 603
Growing up in a small Southern town in the 1930s, LeRoy Evans, a white teenager, finds consolation and good advice from Woody Woodrow, an African American who works at the barber shop
How to Carry Bigfoot Home
Author: Chris Tarry
ISBN: 1597093017
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-03-17
View: 399
Read: 200
The thirteen stories in Chris Tarry’s richly imagined debut, How To Carry Bigfoot Home, lay bare the insurmountable forces that determine who we are and who we become. From an out-of-work dragon-slaying father in “Here Be Dragons” to a family arguing aboard a rocket ship in “Topics in Advanced Rocketry,” the stories use fantastic settings, blazing wit, and imaginative circumstances to explore very human truths. The stories work to reconcile the public self with the private heart. To contemplate the monsters we carry home and lay bare for the ones we love the most.
Land on Fire
Author: Gary Ferguson
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604698128
Pages: 212
Year: 2017-06-21
View: 876
Read: 1058
“This comprehensive book offers a fascinating overview of how those fires are fought, and some conversation-starters for how we might reimagine our relationship with the woods.” —Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet Wildfire season is burning longer and hotter, affecting more and more people, especially in the west. Land on Fire explores the fascinating science behind this phenomenon and the ongoing research to find a solution. This gripping narrative details how years of fire suppression and chronic drought have combined to make the situation so dire. Award-winning nature writer Gary Ferguson brings to life the extraordinary efforts of those responsible for fighting wildfires, and deftly explains how nature reacts in the aftermath of flames. Dramatic photographs reveal the terror and beauty of fire, as well as the staggering effect it has on the landscape.
Carry Me Home
Author: Ben Cohen
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1785031279
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-09-10
View: 1207
Read: 388
Ben Cohenâe(tm)s dad didnâe(tm)t know anything about the sport his young son had taken up, but he was happy to drive him to practice, and was soon helping out at the club. When his business went bankrupt money was tight, but Benâe(tm)s hard working parents inspired their son to put his all into rugby. Then, when Ben was 20, his father intervened in a fight in the nightclub where he worked. He was viciously beaten and one month later he died in hospital. Ben was doing an England press conference at the time, and it was down to coach Clive Woodward to deliver the devastating news. But the ordeal was far from over. The inquest lasted five months before the funeral could be held, and it was a year before the family were in court, facing Peterâe(tm)s assailants. Ben put all of the anger and pain from his fatherâe(tm)s death into his rugby. Fast and powerful on the wing, he was soon the best in the world in his position and a cornerstone of the England team, culminating in the legendary World Cup win in Sydney in 2003. And yet he always felt like an outsider. Most people didnâe(tm)t know that Ben is clinically deaf. His sixth sense for the game got him through on the pitch, but off it his poor hearing was often taken for arrogance. This is an inspirational story of passion and pain; of the highs of achieving your goals, and the grief of losing something you can never get back.