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Storia del colonialismo
Author: Roberto Ivaldi
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854148415
Pages: 120
Year: 2012-12-12
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Un ritratto dell'epoca coloniale e dei suoi protagonistiDal XIV secolo in poi la storia del mondo occidentale è stata caratterizzata dalla spasmodica ricerca di "una via per le Indie" alternativa alla via di terra, troppo irta di difficoltà. Protagonisti: "conquistadores", coloni, padri pellegrini, mercanti, bucanieri,agenti della Compagnia delle Indie e, infine, emigranti in cerca di fortuna. In queste pagine se ne rievoca la storia eroica e tormentata, e insieme si traccia anche l'altra storia, quella dura e senza scampo delle popolazioni colonizzate, oggi finalmente indipendenti.Roberto Ivaldiingegnere, ha insegnato Cibernetica e Teoria dell'informazione all'Università di Roma "La Sapienza'. Si occupa da anni di informatica, ma ha sempre coltivato interesse per argomenti storici, in particolare per la storia coloniale.
A Short History of Colonialism
Author: Wolfgang Reinhard
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 0719083273
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-12-15
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This well-written and comprehensive book by an outstanding expert provides students of history and the general reader with reliable, up-to-date information on an essential part of the history of mankind. It deals with the discoveries; with Portuguese, Dutch, and English trade systems in Asia; with the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and British Colonies in America; the American plantation economy and the trade in African slaves; with settler colonies in the southern hemisphere; with US, Russian, and Chinese continental imperialism; with Western colonial rule in Asia and Africa; and the several waves of decolonization between 1775 and 1989. Twenty-four maps illustrate the narrative. A useful teaching text, it combines traditional and more recent perspectives to produce a final balance sheet of Western colonialism and its global heritage. A carefully selected bibliography encourages further reading.
The Tea Planter's Wife
Author: Dinah Jefferies
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0451495993
Pages: 448
Year: 2016-09-13
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#1 International bestselling novel set in 1920s Ceylon, about a young Englishwoman who marries a charming tea plantation owner and widower, only to discover he's keeping terrible secrets about his past, including what happened to his first wife, that lead to devastating consequences.
Storia della letteratura italiana
Author: Enrico Malato
Pages: 1028
Year: 1998
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Le guerre dell'Italia unita
Author: Andrea Frediani
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854148393
Pages: 95
Year: 2012-12-12
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La storia dei conflitti militari italiani dopo l'UnitàPer secoli la nostra penisola, divisa in numerosi potentati, è stata una terra di conquista, costretta a subire conflitti che non aveva provocato. Nell'epoca della sua unità, al contrario, l'Italia non ha dovuto affrontare alcuna guerra difensiva, se non a causa delle ritorsioni alle sue velleità di espansione. Tutte le guerre descritte in questo volume sono state, infatti, di carattere offensivo: la terza guerra d'indipendenza, le guerre abissine di fine secolo e quella di Libia, la prima guerra mondiale. Guerre di aggressione sono anche quelle del fascismo, cui è dedicato ampio spazio: quella d'Etiopia, quella di Spagna, e la seconda guerra mondiale nei suoi vari fronti, africano, greco, russo e, dopo il rovesciamento delle alleanze, italiano. Non si tratta di un elenco di successi, tutt'altro. Da Custoza a Adua, da Caporetto a Guadalajara, da El Alamein all'8 settembre, è una serie di disfatte, riscattate però, più spesso di quanto si creda, dall'eroico comportamento dei comandanti subalterni e di alcuni reparti, a fronte dei limiti della classe dirigente e dell'impreparazione delle forze armate.Andrea FredianiÈ nato a Roma nel 1963. Consulente scientifico della rivista «Focus Wars», ha collaborato con numerose riviste specializzate. Con la Newton Compton ha pubblicato numerosi saggi e i romanzi storici 300 guerrieri; Un eroe per l’impero romano; la trilogia Dictator (L’ombra di Cesare, Il nemico di Cesare e Il trionfo di Cesare, quest’ultimo vincitore del Premio Selezione Bancarella 2011), Marathon e La dinastia. Le sue opere sono state tradotte in cinque lingue.
The Space Telescope
Author: David Ghitelman
ISBN: 0831779713
Pages: 143
Year: 1987-01-01
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Gives an account of the development of a telescope operating in space, above the limiting influences of the earth's turbulent atmosphere
L'Italia nella politica europea
Author: Giovanni Battista Plini
Pages: 417
Year: 1899
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History of the War of the Sicilian Vespers
Author: Michele Amari
Year: 1850
View: 524
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If this Were Real
Author: Gerda Stevenson
Publisher: Smokestack Books
ISBN: 0957172273
Pages: 98
Year: 2013
View: 372
Read: 848
An autobiography in verse, informed by intense relationships with people and places, the political and the personal.
King Leopold's Ghost
Author: Adam Hochschild
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547525737
Pages: 400
Year: 1999-09-03
View: 704
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In the 1880s, as the European powers were carving up Africa, King Leopold II of Belgium seized for himself the vast and mostly unexplored territory surrounding the Congo River. Carrying out a genocidal plundering of the Congo, he looted its rubber, brutalized its people, and ultimately slashed its population by ten million—all the while shrewdly cultivating his reputation as a great humanitarian. Heroic efforts to expose these crimes eventually led to the first great human rights movement of the twentieth century, in which everyone from Mark Twain to the Archbishop of Canterbury participated. King Leopold's Ghost is the haunting account of a megalomaniac of monstrous proportions, a man as cunning, charming, and cruel as any of the great Shakespearean villains. It is also the deeply moving portrait of those who fought Leopold: a brave handful of missionaries, travelers, and young idealists who went to Africa for work or adventure and unexpectedly found themselves witnesses to a holocaust. Adam Hochschild brings this largely untold story alive with the wit and skill of a Barbara Tuchman. Like her, he knows that history often provides a far richer cast of characters than any novelist could invent. Chief among them is Edmund Morel, a young British shipping agent who went on to lead the international crusade against Leopold. Another hero of this tale, the Irish patriot Roger Casement, ended his life on a London gallows. Two courageous black Americans, George Washington Williams and William Sheppard, risked much to bring evidence of the Congo atrocities to the outside world. Sailing into the middle of the story was a young Congo River steamboat officer named Joseph Conrad. And looming above them all, the duplicitous billionaire King Leopold II. With great power and compassion, King Leopold's Ghost will brand the tragedy of the Congo—too long forgotten—onto the conscience of the West.

Bay of Tigers
Author: Pedro Rosa Mendes
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Pages: 321
Year: 2003
View: 368
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The Portuguese journalist tells the story of his 1997 journey from Angola to Mozambique, describing the war-torn landscape and people of the shattered country of Angola, where land mines outnumber people and misery is the norm.
Charting the Roots of Anti-Chinese Populism in Africa
Author: Steve Hess, Richard Aidoo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319176293
Pages: 154
Year: 2015-07-13
View: 392
Read: 528
This book investigates China’s emergence as an outside player in SSA over the last several decades and the current understanding of the impact of Beijing’s growing presence on the continent, including several case studies focused on specific SSA countries. China’s accelerating economic and political engagement with sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has gained growing attention in political and academic circles as a topic of both praise and derision. China has become the standard bearer of rising powers emerging from the developing world, and has begun to make inroads in its effort to secure strategic natural resources in a region traditionally dominated by the status quo powers of the West. Publications concerning Sino-African relations have increased rapidly over the last decade. Instead of asking whether or not China’s role in SSA is a positive for the continent’s political, economic and social development, this book focuses on often overlooked African publics and how they perceive China’s engagement. Moreover, instead of constructing a uniform “China meets Africa” narrative, this work examines China’s presence in sub-Saharan Africa on a country-by-country basis, accounting for the intensity of Chinese engagement, the country’s domestic political institutions, and the way in which political entrepreneurs within these systems choose to utilize Chinese involvement as an instrument of political mobilization. It will be of interest to scholars and policy-makers concerned with Africa and China's development and international relations. ​
Brazzà, a Life for Africa
Author: Maria Petringa
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452076057
Pages: 280
Year: 2006-01-13
View: 416
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In 1905, scandalous reports of torture in France's overseas colonies rocked Paris. Brazza was sent to investigate. Born an Italian nobleman, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza had spent twenty years exploring equatorial Africa as a French naval officer. His attempts to reconcile African development and prosperity with French colonial policy had already cost him his career. Now his commitment to expose colonial abuses would cost him his life. Already divided by the anti-Semitic currents of the Dreyfus Affair, France was about to discover the reality of its administration in central Africa. The European economy's greed for rubber had created a hidden world of slave labor and violence, with scenes that inspired the "horror" of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Brazza, A Life for Africa is the first English-language biography of a man who lived an extraordinary life. Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza was a nobleman, a naval cadet, an explorer, a glamorous idol to 19th-century Parisians, a colonial governor, and a human rights investigator, as well as a husband, father, and friend. By turns thrilling, romantic, and tragic, Brazza's story blends exotic adventures with all-too-human emotions and experiences.
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
Author: Richard Phillips Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, Matthew Linzee Sands
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0805390499
Pages: 384
Year: 1963
View: 1057
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This revised edition of Feynman’s legendary lectures includes extensive corrections Feynman and his colleagues received and Caltech approved, making this the definitive edition ofThe Feynman Lectures on Physics. For all readers interested in physics.