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Market-Driven Journalism
Author: John H. McManus
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
ISBN: 0803952538
Pages: 264
Year: 1994-04-29
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This book provides a comprehensive theory of commercial news production. The author's systematic study of the way in which firms deploy resources, such as reporters and photographers, to maximize return to shareholders leads to an examination of the ways such practices affect journalistic quality. John H McManus examines the application of market logic to news and its growing importance to local broadcast media. Until the mid-1980s, local television news tended to be viewed by journalists in other media as an inconsequential, market-driven medium. During the last decade, however, newspapers and network television have also found themselves to be prey to market forces as a consequence of increasing competition and a shrinking advertising market.
Reading Women's Magazines
Author: Joke Hermes
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745612717
Pages: 240
Year: 1995-06-08
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This book focuses on women's magazines, on how they are read and the role they play in their readers' lives.
Islands of Slaves
Author: Hansen, Thorkild
Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers
ISBN: 9988550626
Pages: 462
Year: 2017-01-17
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This is third title in Thorkild Hansen's classic trilogy on the Atlantic slave trade, originally published in Danish in 1967; and the first major translation and publication of the work in English. In Europe and North America, few are aware that the beautiful and now wealthy Virgin Islands of St Thomas, St Croix and St Jan were once Danish settlements and outposts of the slave trade. Moreover that the question of the independence of the islands was never seriously considered by the Danes, who instead sold them to the US in 1917 for 25 million dollars, several decades after the official end of slavery. This was against the will of the majority of the islanders, who were opposed to rule by the Americans, wary of their iniquitous treatment of blacks. In Denmark meanwhile, the popular view of national history presides that Denmark was the first of the imperial powers to abolish the slave trade. Thorkild Hansen's work breaks with these miss- representations of Denmark's role in the Atlantic slave trade. The third and biggest volume in the trilogy covers the period from the introduction of African slaves to the Danish islands, their official emancipation in 1848, subsequent sale to the Americans in the twentieth century, and reactions and resistance to these processes. Scrutinizing Denmark's moral obligation towards the islanders, the author draws extensively on primary sources, dramatizing and depicting real life characters into a moving and descriptive narrative. The introduction is provided by the historian A.V. Adams who states that ' Hansen's trilogy and Dako's scholarly initiative and competence in translating it contributes not only to Danes' re-reading of their own history, but also to West Indians' understanding of theirs... Hansen and Darko's contribution reaches beyond the Caribbean into the larger history of African-diaspora slave resistance... And inasmuch as the islands under consideration of the United States of America, this book through its translation becomes a text of US historiography...'
Author: Marx W. Wartofsky
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400993579
Pages: 398
Year: 2012-12-06
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Marx Wartofsky has been working for many years within an unusual confluence of philosophical problems. He brings to these intersecting problems his comprehensive intelligence, at once imaginative and rigorous, analytic and historical. He is a philosopher's philosopher, but also Everyman's. Wartofsky is philosopher of the natural and the social sciences, of perception, esthetics and the creative arts, of the 18th century French and the 19th century Germans, of politics and morality, ofthe methods and morals of medicine, and it is plain, of all human existence. To a colleague, he seems Jack-of-all-philosophical-trades, and master of them too. The reader soon will learn that Wartofsky is a genial, lucid and relaxed philosophical companion, deeply serious but without noticeable anxiety. I need not highlight these selected epistemological papers gathered as, and about, Models, since Wartofsky's own introductory remarks are helpful and stimulating in that respect. I need only, after 21 years of friendship and collaboration with him, warn the reader to beware of how profound and provocative these papers will show themselves to be beneath their good-humored and swiftly-flowing surface. And I must publicly note the pleasure with which I welcome Marx Wartofsky's volume to our Boston Studies. Boston University R.S.C. Center for the Philosophy and History of Science September 1979 vii TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL PREFACE VII xi AC K NOWLEDGEMENTS xiii INTRODUCTION The Model Muddle: Proposals for an Immodest Realism 1.
The Seed
Author: Tarjei Vesaas
Publisher: Peter Owen Publishers
ISBN: 0720616387
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-04-01
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From the author of The Ice Palace, winner of Bookslut's Daphne Award for fiction, comes a new addition to the Peter Owen Modern Classics series The themes of 1940's The Seed are violence and guilt. A maniac visiting an island murders a girl. He is pursued by the islanders and killed by the victim's brother. Too late, the avengers become aware of their own guilt, with its attendant mutual mistrust, and they attempt to expiate their crime. Vesaas's graphic evocation of nature and his parallel between the violence of savage animals and humanity make this a book of unusual literary distinction.
Modern Norwegian Architecture
Author: Christian Norberg-Schulz
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Pages: 159
Year: 1986
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European Architecture, 1750-1890
Author: Barry Bergdoll
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0192842226
Pages: 326
Year: 2000
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it has an unrivalled consistency of argument... this book makes a substantial contribution to present knowledge and provides a clear window on the one art form you cannot ignore.
Forever feminine
Author: Marjorie Ferguson
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
Pages: 243
Year: 1983-07
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Author: Khalid Hussain
ISBN: 0977271471
Pages: 90
Year: 2013
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Romanticism and the Gothic Revival
Author: Agnes Addison Gilchrist
Pages: 187
Year: 1938
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