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Stations of the Cross with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
Author: Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, William Prospero
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594716390
Pages: 64
Year: 2015-10-16
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This personal Way of the Cross from the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network beautifully expresses the deep connection between the Eucharist and the Cross. At each of the fourteen stations, readers are encouraged to offer themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by uniting their sufferings with his in the Eucharist. The spirituality of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network comes to life in meditations on the classic Catholic Lenten devotion, the Stations of the Cross. Recalling the dramatic events of Jesus’ passion and death helps readers enter more fully into the celebration of the Mass that makes these events present in a real way. Focusing on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the stations affirm how he gave up his body—his very heart—out of love for all. Originally written by Rev. Will Prospero, S.J. (1965-2014), and edited by Rev. James Kubicki, S.J., former national director of the Apostleship of Prayer (now the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network), these stations are already beloved by followers of the ministry. Stations of the Cross with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is beautifully illustrated with artwork of the Stations of the Cross located in the School Sisters of St. Francis’s St. Joseph Chapel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
A Heart on Fire
Author: James Kubicki S. J., James Kubicki
ISBN: 1594712875
Pages: 198
Year: 2012
View: 196
Read: 1144
Rev. James Kubicki, S.J., national director of the Apostleship of Prayer, offers a lively introduction to one of the greatest Catholic devotionsthe Sacred Heart of Jesusshowing how the Heart of Christ can be a source of joyful transformation for contemp
Around the Table
Author: R. Scott Hurd
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594716560
Pages: 160
Year: 2016-11-07
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Award-winning author R. Scott Hurd employs the unique and imaginative stories of fourteen biblical characters who were close to Jesus—including Thomas, Barnabas, and Mary Magdalene—in order to help you know Christ better and to contemplate the mystery present in the Eucharist. The scriptures are filled with familiar and not-so-familiar references to the Eucharist—including the narratives of the Last Supper, Jesus calling himself the Bread of Life, and the accounts of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. In Around the Table, you will begin to better understand the mysteries of the Eucharist in a deeper way through the eyes of Thomas, who was with Jesus as he raised the widow’s son at Nain and Lazarus at Bethany. You will explore the Eucharist as a foretaste of heaven alongside Bartholomew in the upper room and the precious gift of forgiveness that the Eucharist brings with Matthew as he first meets Jesus at Capernaum. You will find courage to share the Good News in the powerful story of Mary Magdalene’s crushing sorrow and exuberant joy at the death and resurrection of Jesus. R. Scott Hurd, senior director for leadership formation at Catholic Charities USA, helps you discover the meaning of the sacrament through the help of stories about those who accompanied Jesus during his time on Earth. In each chapter, you’ll take the place of a specific friend, follower, or family member of Jesus in order to know him better, contemplate scripture, and deepen your understanding of the Eucharistic mystery we celebrate today. In addition to these scripture-inspired stories, Hurd provides you with tools to guide your reading: A biographical sketch of each biblical character Questions for journaling, contemplation, or conversation Scripture citations for reference and further reading A prayer to close each chapter Hurd incorporates the tradition of the Church and his own lifelong fascination with the Eucharist to help you come to a richer understanding and deeper gratitude for this tremendous gift by which we are healed, strengthened, renewed, and challenged to become the loving persons God has created us to be.
Everyone's Way of the Cross
Author: Clarence Enzler
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 159471455X
Pages: 32
Year: 2014-01-27
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For almost fifty years, the simple, intimate, and powerful words of Clarence Enzler’s perennially bestselling Stations of the Cross booklet have invited readers to grow closer to Christ by embracing the mystery of suffering in the world. Beautiful, bold commissioned woodcuts by Annika Nelson and her mother Gertrud Mueller Nelson help us meditate on the passion and death of Christ and to see how Christ is among us—often in unexpected places. Also available in Spanish, the booklet is ideal for personal or parish-wide use during the Lenten observance of the Stations of the Cross.
Eucharistic Adoration
Author: Charles M. Murphy
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594713529
Pages: 128
Year: 2012-10-08
View: 888
Read: 1239
As a creative prayer compendium, Eucharistic Adoration: Holy Hour Meditations on the Seven Last Words of Christ invites readers to spend a holy hour in eucharistic adoration while meditating on the seven last words of Jesus and shows them how to do it. Like many devotions that fell out of favor after the Second Vatican Council, eucharistic adoration has seen swelling popularity in recent years. Msgr. Charles Murphy, author of the acclaimed The Spirituality of Fasting, reintroduces this practice for today. Offering a simple guide for those new to eucharistic devotion, he brings together insightful holy hour meditations on the seven last words of Jesus with the profiles of seven modern Christians known for their devotion to the eucharist, including Simone Weil, Edith Stein, Dorothy Day, Blessed John XXIII, Blessed John Paul II, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.
Stations of the Cross
Author: Timothy Radcliffe
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814647316
Pages: 32
Year: 2015-11-06
View: 849
Read: 1134
Stations of the Cross: Community Prayer Edition offers parishes and other communities a unique and contemporary way to pray the Stations. It includes new prayers composed by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, along with excerpts from his full-length meditations and the remarkable images that accompanied them in the original edition of Stations of the Cross. This profound and beautiful resource will guide the faithful to enter more deeply into communion with the crucified Jesus. It is ideal for parishes, parish-based organizations, prayer groups, youth groups, school and campus ministry programs, families, and individual faithful to experience.
Catholic Cults and Devotions
Author: Michael P. Carroll
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773506934
Pages: 230
Year: 1989-04-01
View: 964
Read: 423
Imagine a heart which has been ripped from a man's body, wrapped with thorns, pierced with a knife, and then placed on the man's chest; or a group of people who believe that wearing a small rectangle of wool next to their skin ensures that they will go to heaven - as long as it is brown wool and worn continuously. Although psychoanalysts have long investigated similar ideas and beliefs, they have ignored popular Catholicism, even though behaviour such as this occurs over and over again in the history of Catholic cults and devotions.
Walk with Jesus
Author: Nouwen, Henri
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 1608334627
Year: 2015-02-01
View: 262
Read: 334

You Have Redeemed the World
Author: Andrew Gawrych, Kevin Grove
ISBN: 159471262X
Pages: 32
Year: 2011-01
View: 689
Read: 1224
Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, wrote Human life is like a great way of the cross. This way of the cross is everywhere and we travel it every day, even in spite of ourselves and without being aware of it. This booklet is written from the depths of that understanding. The fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross are presented through depictions of contemporary human lives as witnessed by members of Holy Cross religious communities in ministry around the world. Contributors include James Phalen, Joan Marie Steadman, Arthur J. Colgan, Peter Jarret, and Mary Kay Kinberger. Available in both English and Spanish.
A Walk of Mercy
Author: Fr Kevin James Finnegan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1518799116
Pages: 52
Year: 2016-01-31
View: 707
Read: 447
A Walk of Mercy is a beautiful devotional stations of the cross inspired by the prayers of St. Faustina. Pulling from various Catholic Saints and writers the reflections create a moving devotional for personal use or in communal stations of the cross.
Sacred Reading
Author: Apostleship of Prayer, Douglas Leonard
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594717745
Pages: 416
Year: 2017-08-11
View: 1180
Read: 694
This powerful and inspiring prayer book from the Apostleship of Prayer (The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network) engages readers with the daily scripture readings and introduces Catholics and other Christians to the traditional spiritual devotion known as the lectio divina, or "sacred reading," in a new way. Led in your daily journey by the international pontifical prayer ministry, you’ll use an accessible, six-step process inspired by Ignatian spirituality that will enhance your reading of scripture and provide you with practical applications that will change your heart and enrich your prayer life by making it a natural part of your day. Sacred Reading: The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer guides you through the Church’s daily gospel readings, as well as readings for solemnities and feast days, asking you to know that God is present; read the gospel; notice what you think and feel; pray for yourself and others; listen to Jesus; and ask God to show you how to live today. Beginning with the first Sunday in Advent and continuing through the entire Church year, this book is a catalyst for an intimate encounter with Christ by reading, reflecting, praying, and responding to the Word of God in a way that is both familiar and fresh.
Walk with Me the Way of the Cross
Author: Rev. J. Francis Sofie Jr.
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 0819883344
Pages: 32
Year: 2012-04-12
View: 625
Read: 582
Walk with Me the Way of the Cross includes the Stations of the Cross in a traditional format, with the addition of Jesus and/or God the Father speaking directly to the reader. This personal approach provides for a more personalized spiritual experience of praying the stations. Breathe new life into this timeless devotional practice!
The Biblical Way of the Cross
Author: Michael A. Dubruiel, Amy Welborn
ISBN: 087793519X
Pages: 33
Year: 1993-12-01
View: 645
Read: 759
This presentation is inspired by Pope John Paul II's scriptural way of the cross celebrated in Rome on Good Friday each year and are based on events in Scripture.
The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ:
Author: Roman Malek
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351545671
Pages: 658
Year: 2017-07-05
View: 240
Read: 1067
This volume provides an annotated bibliography of the Western and Chinese literature on Jesus Christ in China. It is a sequel to the interdisciplinary collection on the manifold faces and images of Jesus throughout Chinese history, from the Tang dynasty (618?907) to the present time.The present bibliography broadens and deepens the above-mentioned subject matter, and also points out aspects which have been addressed in the contributions and anthologies of the previous volumes of The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ, but which have not been treated thoroughly. Another aim of this bibliography is to initiate and enable further research, particularly in China. It includes bibliographical data from the beginning of the introduction of Christianity to China until the year 2013, occasionally also until 2014. A list of ?Key References? enables the reader to identify important works on main topics related to Jesus Christ in China. Some examples of book covers and title pages are included in the section of ?Illustrations.?Other volumes of the collection The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ are in preparation: Vol. 3c will present longer quotations from the sources listed in the present bibliography, Vol. 4b will contain a general index with glossary, and Vol. 5 will deal with the iconography of Jesus Christ in China.
The Sacred Heart of the World
Author: David Richo
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 1616435496
Year: 2016-09-08
View: 644
Read: 182