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Sit Stay Heal
Author: Mel Miskimen
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492632287
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-09-06
View: 197
Read: 745
Rowdy, reckless Seamus is the last dog you'd find in a training field. Instead of obediently retrieving, he stubbornly follows his heart, wherever it may lead. Mel Miskimen's heart is heavy. Her mom, the family rock, the provider of apple pies and stubborn fan of Brett Favre, just died. Even more, her curmudgeon of a father isn't really coping. How can Mel reconnect with an old man more interested in field dog training than discussing his feelings? Enter Seamus. The hapless black lab throws their grief into joyful disarray. Mel encourages her dad to mold Seamus into a champion retriever.. But as the seasons change, and memories follow, Mel realizes she must face her own fears, and that the road to Seamus's field trials might just heal them all. At turns hilarious and heart breaking, Sit Stay Heal will touch the souls of dog lovers everything, and speak to anyone seeking a way to connect with those they've lost.
A Girl Walks into a Book
Author: Miranda Pennington
Publisher: Seal Press
ISBN: 158005658X
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-05-16
View: 1238
Read: 741
How many times have you heard readers argue about which is better, Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights? The works of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne continue to provoke passionate fandom over a century after their deaths. Brontë enthusiasts, as well as those of us who never made it further than those oft-cited classics, will devour Miranda Pennington's delightful literary memoir. Pennington, today a writer and teacher in New York, was a precocious reader. Her father gave her Jane Eyre at the age of 10, sparking what would become a lifelong devotion and multiple re-readings. She began to delve into the work and lives of the Brontës, finding that the sisters were at times her lifeline, her sounding board, even her closest friends. In this charming, offbeat memoir, Pennington traces the development of the Brontës as women, as sisters, and as writers, as she recounts her own struggles to fit in as a bookish, introverted, bisexual woman. In the Brontës and their characters, Pennington finally finds the heroines she needs, and she becomes obsessed with their wisdom, courage, and fearlessness. Her obsession makes for an entirely absorbing and unique read. A Girl Walks Into a Book is a candid and emotional love affair that braids criticism, biography and literature into a quest that helps us understand the place of literature in our lives; how it affects and inspires us.
Saving Sadie
Author: Joal Derse Dauer, Elizabeth Ridley
Publisher: Citadel
ISBN: 0806538392
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-09-26
View: 728
Read: 1049
“An uplifting story with tremendous heart. I couldn't put it down.” —Helen Brown Joal Derse Dauer was donating blankets at a local no-kill shelter when an injured and despondent dog caught her eye. With three “fur babies” already at home, Joal wasn’t looking to adopt another dog. But there was something special about Sadie . . . With patience, hope, and plenty of love, Joal saw her canine companion grow in strength and joy. And before long, she discovered that sweet Sadie had transformed her life in ways she never could have imagined. Joyous and inspiring, Saving Sadie is a triumphant story about the power of unconditional love and second chances—for humans and animals alike. “A triumphant tale of second chances that shows how patience, hope, compassion and love can truly transform lives.” —Modern Dog “I fell in love with Sadie as you will, too.”—Fern Michaels “Saving Sadie will lift your spirit and open your heart. A must-read.”—Jodee Blanco “What a wonderful book—moving and inspirational, touching and heartwarming.” —Sue Pethick
How to Be a Complete and Utter Failure in Life, Work & Everything
Author: Steve McDermott
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 0132703912
Pages: 208
Year: 2008-01-10
View: 597
Read: 390
Really want to know how to fail? Consistently? Massively? Irrevocably? Steve McDermott’s spent years studying the world’s greatest failures: those extraordinary individuals who’ve spectacularly underachieved in every walk of life. They all use the exact same skills and strategies--and you can learn them, too. (Maybe you know some already!) In this quick, incredibly practical guide to failure, McDermott brings together dozens of state-of-the-art techniques guaranteed to help you crash, burn, and disappoint everyone in your life. In just minutes, discover how to fail at... • Leadership • Relationships • Personal growth • Achieving happiness • Teamwork • Planning • Goal-setting • Careers • Financial security • First impressions • And so much more! DANGER: Do NOT attempt to reverse these techniques. If performed in the opposite fashion, they may cause spectacular success. The publisher and author will not be held responsible for wealth, happiness, or career achievements resulting from the use of these skills and strategies in reverse.
The New American Story
Author: Bill Bradley
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
ISBN: 0812975790
Pages: 362
Year: 2008-01
View: 774
Read: 164
The former New Jersey senator and presidential candidate offers his own perspective on what it will take to make America a better, stronger nation, arguing that we are at a crossroads that requires us to reassess our political system and leadership and offers illuminating suggestions on the changes that need to be made to ensure the promise of our future. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.
The Tank Man's Son
Author: Mark Bouman, D. R. Jacobsen
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414390270
Pages: 348
Year: 2015
View: 828
Read: 1268
Mark Bouman recounts the events of his childhood at the hands of his larger-than-life, Neo-Nazi father in brilliant, startling detail in this memoir. From adventure-filled days complete with real-life war games, artillery fire, and tank races to terror-filled nights marked by vicious tirades, brutal beatings, and psychological torture, Mark paints a chilling portrait of family life that is at once whimsical and horrific, all building to a shocking climax that challenges even the broadest boundaries of love and forgiveness.
Decade of the Wolf
Author: Douglas Smith, Gary Ferguson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762785667
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-04-17
View: 301
Read: 895
In Decade of the Wolf, project leader Douglas W. Smith and acclaimed nature writer Gary Ferguson describe the journey of thirty-one Canadian gray wolves that were released in 1995 and 1996 into Yellowstone National Park and the people who faithfully followed them. The wolves have not only survived but completely changed the ecosystem, spilling a fresh measure of wildness across the world’s first national park. This updated edition includes additional wolf profiles, newinformation on the effects of climate change and disease, and a retrospective on what the scientists have learned during this extended study of the Yellowstone wolves.
Video Games & Your Kids
Author: Hilarie Cash, Kim McDaniel
Pages: 191
Year: 2008
View: 387
Read: 174
Video Games & Your Kids is for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the authors' clinical experience, the book explains what gaming addiction is, how much gaming is too much, and the affects gaming has on the body and brain. The authors give gaming advice on each stage of life; birth-2 years, ages 2-6, elementary school years, adolescence, and adult children still living at home. Where there is a problem, the authors provide parents with tools that will help the them successfully set appropriate limits for their children.
That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week
Author: Ana Homayoun
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101171510
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-01-05
View: 984
Read: 1302
At last, the solution for getting disorganized boys back on track. Missed assignments. Lack of focus and enthusiasm. Falling grades. For too many boys and their frustrated parents, these are the facts of life. But they don't have to be. Top academic couselor Ana Homayoun has helped turn even the most disorganized, scattered, and unfocused boys into successful young people who consistently meet their personal and academic challenges. She does this by getting back to basics- -starting with a simple fact: Most boys needs to be taught how to get organized, how to study, and-- most important--how to visualize, embrace and meet their own goals. With an accessible and no-nonsense approach, Homayoun shows how to: ?Identify their son's disorganizational style ?Help him set academic and personal goals he cares about ?Design and establish the right "tools of the trade" ?Complete assignments without pulling all-nighters ?Help him tune out social pressure and fend off anxiety Much more than a study guide, this insightful, user-friendly book provides a roadmap for the success too many boys have trouble finding--in school and in life.
Discovering Your Soul Signature
Author: Panache Desai
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
ISBN: 0812995597
Pages: 272
Year: 2014-04-29
View: 233
Read: 347
An invitation to change the energy that surrounds you, find the harmony that comes with self-acceptance, and, in the process, discover your life’s purpose and the boundless possibilities that await you. Your soul signature is your spiritual DNA—it is who you are at your core, the most authentic part of you, your singular contribution to this world. And yet we reject our authentic selves. We allow our soul signature to become blocked by any number of emotional obstacles that life throws in our path: anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness, despair. Any or all of these feelings overtake us and create a density, a heaviness that doesn’t permit us to embrace who we truly are, deep inside. We are energetic beings, Panache Desai reminds us, and emotions are energy in motion. When we are blocked we feel unworthy, less than, unloved, incomplete. In Discovering Your Soul Signature, Panache invites us on a 33-day path of meditations—short passages to be read at morning, noon, and night that are designed to dismantle the emotional burden that holds us back and open us up to changing our lives. Through this distilled, poetic, practical, and inspiring course, he invites us to live a life of authenticity, to rediscover purpose and passion, and to believe from our soul in the possibility of all things. From the Hardcover edition.
Sit, Walk, Don't Talk
Author: Jennifer Howd
Publisher: Parallax Press
ISBN: 1941529712
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-05-30
View: 898
Read: 896
Jennifer Howd had been building a mindfulness practice for a few years before taking on the challenge of her first nine-day silent meditation retreat. In this debut memoir, she chronicles the humorous--and often harrowing--adventures of the dueling inner voices that emerge in the silence: one intent on focusing on the seemingly negative aspects of her experiences, and the other on helping her see the positivity that can come from them. Illuminating for those who are new to mindfulness and resonant for those with established practices, Sit, Walk, Don’t Talk: How I Survived a Silent Meditation Retreat also includes a helpful appendix listing tips for preparing for a silent meditation retreat, including a section for undertaking a retreat on your own. Sit, Walk, Don't Talk is written from a secular perspective and will appeal to folks who've never attended a residential retreat but are curious about the experience and want to get a taste of what to expect before possibly taking the plunge. Practitioners who dream of going on retreat but cannot make the time will also get a lot out of Howd's story, as well as folks who've been on many retreats and want to recapture the feeling without leaving home.
Oh No! We're Gonna Die
Author: Bob Bell
Publisher: Publication Consultants
ISBN: 1594332606
Pages: 216
Year: 2006-01-01
View: 1006
Read: 274
Oh No! We’re Gonna Die is a compilation of short stories about close calls in Alaska involving the author and his friends and family. These stories are written in a humorous fashion, but still convey the apprehension, excitement and relief involved in life-threatening adventures. It shows how a relatively small mistake can become a major problem in the remote Alaska bush. It takes the reader on adventures throughout the state with a unique cast of characters who never seem to lack in questionable judgment or bad luck. You will encounter airplane crashes, bears of every size and shape, extreme weather, vicious fish, malfunctioning boats and a host of other challenges. These stories will give you an insight into how rugged, and how fun, life on the last frontier can be for some people. The theme of the book is that Alaska has lots of tools to kill you with, and she used most of them on the author and his friends. They survived, mostly by luck, certainly not by wit. Keep in mind as you read this book that these are true stories involving real people, many of whom are still around and in good health. I hope you enjoy sharing our adventures.
Understanding Wine Chemistry
Author: Andrew L. Waterhouse, Gavin L. Sacks, David W. Jeffery
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118730712
Pages: 472
Year: 2016-06-06
View: 868
Read: 421
Wine chemistry inspires and challenges with its complexity, and while this is intriguing, it can also be a barrier to further understanding. The topic is demystified in Understanding Wine Chemistry, which explains the important chemistry of wine at the level of university education, and provides an accessible reference text for scientists and scientifically trained winemakers alike. Understanding Wine Chemistry: Summarizes the compounds found in wine, their basic chemical properties and their contribution to wine stability and sensory properties Focuses on chemical and biochemical reaction mechanisms that are critical to wine production processes such as fermentation, aging, physiochemical separations and additions Includes case studies showing how chemistry can be harnessed to enhance wine color, aroma, flavor, balance, stability and quality. This descriptive text provides an overview of wine components and explains the key chemical reactions they undergo, such as those controlling the transformation of grape components, those that arise during fermentation, and the evolution of wine flavor and color. The book aims to guide the reader, who perhaps only has a basic knowledge of chemistry, to rationally explain or predict the outcomes of chemical reactions that contribute to the diversity observed among wines. This will help students, winemakers and other interested individuals to anticipate the effects of wine treatments and processes, or interpret experimental results based on an understanding of the major chemical reactions that can occur in wine.
Sister Secrets
Author: Matthew Valan
ISBN: 194616304X
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-03
View: 268
Read: 1256
Sister Secrets: A Brother¿s Reveal is a study in regret and hope for living with family members who suffer from mental illness, in this case, two sisters who grew up in the Red River Valley during a time when mental health was seldom considered part of a wellness plan. One sister is dead. The other is in prison. Sister Secrets is written by their brother, Matthew Valan, who examines family dynamics¿farm life in rural North Dakota and Minnesota, an often-absent father involved in politics, and sexual abuse¿in a time and place where people often did not talk publicly (or even privately) about mental illness. His work is a revelation of glimpses, a quest to understand what may have led his sisters to act in the ways they did. His search for answers led him into dark spaces of their family life, spaces of which as a child and a younger man, he may have been aware but did not comprehend. In the course of Valan¿s research and writing, a measure of wholeness and healing came to him, unearthing a passion to help people unlock the secrets of their own lives.
The New Me
Author: Mary Marcus
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
ISBN: 1943486093
Pages: 219
Year: 2015-06-01
View: 443
Read: 865
“THE NEW ME by Mary Marcus is a revelation. Like Joan Didion she brings to life the nuance and emotion of a sometimes-dysfunctional family life in Southern California with a jaundiced view of Hollywood in her peripheral vision. Like Williams Carlos Williams she knows that precise observation of details can illuminate great depth. Part baby-boom prose poem, part woman’s rebirth, The New Me is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful. What a cool first novel!” – Danny Goldberg, author of BUMPING INTO GENIUSES “THE NEW ME is funny, poignant and deftly written. It is a relatable story that beats with a pulse of a modern marriage paradigm and provides cringe-worthy moments that simultaneously delight and distress. This book made me uncomfortable in all the best ways. I couldn’t put it down.” – Moira Walley-Beckett, Writer/Co-Executive Producer of BREAKING BAD “So you think it’s all sun, surf and smiles. Mary Marcus shows you the dark side of the California dream. A sadly eloquent, painfully honest account of how a mystery woman intrudes on a marriage growing melancholy. Reader beware: you might find yourself in these pages.” – Heywood Gould, author of COCKTAIL, FORT APACHE, THE BRONX, and GREENLIGHT FOR MURDER “Mary Marcus expertly illuminates the world of a lived marriage in this inspired novel. With careful nuance and dark humor in her back pocket, she raises questions women might not dare ask themselves. THE NEW ME will give the old you something to think about. A real treat.” – Rachel Eddey, author of RUNNING OF THE BRIDE Harriet is floundering. She’s in her early forties, her kids have gone to college, her marriage feels empty, her cable TV cooking show has lost its sense of inspiration, and she longs to leave the West Coast for New York. Then one day she meets Lydia, a gorgeous woman in her late twenties. Lydia reminds her so much of herself a decade or so past, and her husband, who hardly likes anything, likes Lydia as well. It slowly dawns on Harriet that Lydia could be the answer to everything that’s ailing her. All she needs to do is turn Lydia into “the new me.” Reminiscent of the work of Susan Isaacs and Nora Ephron, THE NEW ME is a witty, poignant, perceptive, and beautifully written novel about change and the price of becoming who you want to be.