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At the Billionaire's Wedding
Author: Maya Rodale, Caroline Linden, Miranda Neville, Katharine Ashe
Publisher: The Lady Authors
ISBN: 0986053929
Pages: 512
Year: 2014-11-10
View: 1149
Read: 543
The Bad Boy Billionaire is getting married... A stately home in the English countryside seems the ideal place for a bad boy billionaire and his bride to tie the knot. Until the Internet fails. And the oven breaks. And paparazzi invade. And police crash the bachelorette party. And four unlikely couples discover that passion never waits for perfection, and happily ever after is just an “I do” away. "Deliciously sexy… A trip to the contemporary side of romance with historical flare." Catherine Bybee, New York Times best selling author of the Weekday Bride Series The Best Laid Planner by Miranda Neville Arwen Kilpatrick gets her big break when she’s hired to organize the wedding of an old friend—to a billionaire. Arwen doesn’t have time for romance, not even with the sexy hotel handyman, Harry Compton. But putting on the wedding of the year means dealing with one surprise after another, including the discovery that Harry is so much more than he seems. Will You Be My Wi-Fi? by Caroline Linden All Natalie Corcoran wants is peace and quiet while she writes her cookbook. The lavish wedding party at the hotel next door is driving her crazy—especially the sexy lawyer who wants her wi-fi password. But Archer Quinn is swamped with work and will do anything to convince her to take a chance on him… first with her wi-fi, then with her friendship, and then with more. But he only has a week to persuade her they'll be scrumptious together… The Day It Rained Books by Katharine Ashe Swept away by a mysterious benefactor to the wedding of the year, librarian Cali Blake is living a fairytale. The only thing missing is Prince Charming. Instead the guests include the last man she wants to see—her archenemy, millionaire playboy Piers Prescott. Piers is determined to conquer Cali’s resistance to him, and he’ll stop at nothing to have her. As long as she can remember it’s just for one week, could he be the perfect wedding fling? That Moment When You Fall In Love by Maya Rodale Sassy reporter Roxanna Lane might be falling for her date, sexy media mogul Damien Knightly, who just happens to be her boss. But he ruins everything by asking her to report on her best friend’s wedding. Damien Knightly is definitely falling for Roxanna, but thanks to an impulsive wager he must choose between losing the crown jewel of his media empire...or the woman he loves.
Billionaire's Marriage Bargain
Author: Leanne Banks
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426820402
Pages: 192
Year: 2008-08-01
View: 449
Read: 1064
Marry Alex Megalos? Though tempted by the Greek billionaire, Mallory James knew his exploits were legendary. Involving herself with a man like Megalos could only lead to heartbreak. But she hadn't counted on Alex's determination to bed—and wed—the one woman he couldn't have. Forced to the altar by scandal, Mallory found herself almost believing that her new husband was committed to their vows. Until she discovered their marriage was the result of a bargain…with her as the ultimate prize.
The Billionaire's Secret Marriage
Author: Tamie Dearen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1720785597
Pages: 294
Year: 2018-06-15
View: 1293
Read: 918
Stephanie Caldwell made the classic mistake... she fell in love with her boss. The fact that Bran is blind makes no difference to Steph-she thinks he's the most handsome man she's ever laid eyes on. If only she didn't have to see him every day, she could force herself to give up her pipe dreams. But she can't quit--she needs this job to pay for her daughter's medical treatment. To make things worse, he just got engaged! Billionaire Branson Knight is pragmatic about his love life. He knows women don't see him as a man, but as a blind person, worthy of pity. His only value lies in his wealth. So his engagement is merely a means to an end. But the last thing he wants to end is his relationship with Stephanie--he's become dangerously dependent on his efficient personal assistant. When Bran's friends drag him off to Las Vegas, he convinces Steph to go along, to prevent him from panicking in the noisy, crowded environment. His fiancée, however, sees the trip as the perfect opportunity to coerce Bran into a quickie wedding. Steph and his friends are determined to prevent the disastrous union. But everyone has a secret...
The Billionaire's Marriage Mission
Author: Helen Brooks
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426812353
Pages: 192
Year: 2008-02-01
View: 1250
Read: 704
Billionaires always get what they want! Travis Black might be darkly, broodingly handsome, but as far as Beth is concerned he's also very infuriating! What would a rich, successful and charming man like him want with a quiet, vulnerable and oh-so-ordinary woman like her? Travis soon makes that abundantly clear. However, Beth isn't into casual affairs—so this is one billionaire who won't get what he wants. Or will he?
Billionaire's Bride for Revenge
Author: Michelle Smart
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488083428
Pages: 192
Year: 2018-06-01
View: 402
Read: 313
A billionaire seeking retribution… A bride stolen for revenge! Billionaire Benjamin has the ultimate plan for vengeance on those who betrayed him: steal his enemy’s fiancée, Freya, and marry her himself. It’s meant to be a convenient arrangement, yet the cool, collected prima ballerina ignites a passion in his blood! There’s nothing remotely convenient about the red-hot pleasures of their wedding night—and Benjamin is tempted to make Freya his for more than revenge…
The Billionaire's Arranged Marriage
Author: Rochelle Williams
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1533157987
Pages: 264
Year: 2016-05-09
View: 201
Read: 601
A gripping new romance by best selling author Rochelle Williams. Leandra is a successful model-turned-wedding-planner, and she's in love. She met Jaime Morgan while planning her sister's wedding six months ago, but unfortunately nothing's progressed between them. But when Jaime's mother confronts him about taking over the family business, Leandra's luck changes. Jaime's mother will only let him break away from the company and start his own business if he marries a nice woman and gives him grandchildren. Since he already knows Leandra, he thinks she'd be a good candidate, and asks if she'll accept his proposal and arrange their marriage. She does, knowing that while she's getting the man she so badly wants, the love many only be one way. But the more time Jamie spends with his new bride, will he find Leandra really is his perfect match? Find out in this exciting and steamy arranged marriage romance by bestselling author Rochelle Williams, a member of African American Club. This African American novel for adults is suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll desire your own billionaire to marry.
A Wedding to Remember
Author: Gina Robinson
Publisher: Gina Robinson
Pages: 106
Year: 2015-05-12
View: 1163
Read: 1127
First Installment of a new Romantic Comedy Serial Welcome to the exciting and romantic world of the Jet City Billionaires… She always dreamed of a lavish wedding with a handsome groom. So how did she end up married to a billionaire without a wedding at all? SWITCHED AFTER THE ALTAR… Kayla Lucas can't believe she's being divorced by a man she never married. That's some new kind of low. And certainly not by Justin Green, Seattle's youngest billionaire and the city’s most eligible nerd. Sure, Jus had a crush on her in college, but someone has to be pranking her—she hasn’t seen him in years. She's ready to play along until she walks into a meeting with Justin and his lawyer. Justin is much hotter than she remembers. And has proof she's legally married to him. He has a proposal—stay his wife for a year and he's willing to pay. But how are they married? And just what will it cost her to accept? Could she possibly lose her heart to a guy like Jus? Switched at Marriage Serial Novellas A Wedding to Remember—24,500 words/106 pages The Virgin Billionaire—27,000 words/119 pages To Have and To Hold >>>Romantic Comedy >>> New Adult & College Contemporary Romance >>>Contemporary Romance Humorous >>>Women's Fiction Romance The Jet City Billionaires world presents romantic stories full of humor, laughs, secrets, mysteries, and poignancy. The Switched at Marriage serial follows the story of Justin and Kayla in a modern twist on the classic marriage of convenience story. Scroll up and grab a copy today.
Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding
Author: Victoria Davies
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
ISBN: 1633757536
Pages: 250
Year: 2016-10-10
View: 314
Read: 333
Darian King has never met a challenge he couldn’t handle. Running a billion-dollar corporation? Piece of cake. Hostile takeovers? A walk in the park. But Darian finds himself less than prepared to plan his little sister’s wedding. Luckily, he has the perfect personal assistant on call to help him. Working for Darian is a stress-filled 24/7 job that Allison Reed would like nothing more than to quit. But she can’t leave King Enterprises without a glowing reference, so she agrees to help Darian with his sister’s wedding, even if it means getting closer than ever to the billionaire who doesn’t see her as anything more than his assistant. Allison decides that once the wedding is done, she’s out the door, even if Darian starts to look at her a little differently... Each book in the Sexy Billionaires series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding Book #2 The Billionaire’s Bet Book #3 The Billionaire’s Paradise
A Billionaire Boys Club Wedding
Author: Cara Miller
ISBN: 1542898285
Pages: 262
Year: 2017-02-14
View: 843
Read: 1175
In the last, frantic days leading up to the wedding, Kelsey is attempting to mend relationships, so she and Tyler can start their future on a happy note. However, there's one relationship that Kelsey still isn't sure of, and that's her relationship with Lisa Olsen, her mother-in-law to be. Many happy surprises have been planned for the wedding couple, but moments before the ceremony, Kelsey discovers that Lisa has planned a final surprise of her own.
The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain
Author: Carole Mortimer
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460311833
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-12-17
View: 544
Read: 298
What he wants, he usually gets… It broke Kenzie Masters' heart to turn her back on her marriage after nine months, realising that her brooding husband would never give her what she truly wanted—a loving family. But now she needs to resurrect the façade of their marriagefor a final time, knowing that her ruthless husband will drive a hard bargain in return… No one makes a fool of Dominick Masters, and now Kenzie's back, he intends to make her pay. If she wants to wear his ring again, he'll exact a most pleasurable revenge. Yet a temporary arrangement isn't really this billionaire's style—his demand:a more permanent deal from his estranged wife! Look for more Harlequin Presents books from this author and check out our six new titles available every month!
The Virgin Billionaire
Author: Gina Robinson
Publisher: Gina Robinson
Pages: 119
Year: 2015-06-03
View: 1318
Read: 542
Sure, she's married. Sort of. That doesn't mean she's dead. FLIRTING AFTER THE ALTAR… Kayla is in over her head. Being a billionaire’s wife of convenience for a year isn’t the fantasy job she expected. Sure, the pay is good. If she can last the year and not get caught in the lies she and Justin are telling. But she’s off men, so it should all be good. Until she meets Justin’s hot billionaire friend, Lazer Grayson, and the chemistry between them is immediate and undeniable. With such intense competition from his hot friend, can Justin possibly win Kayla’s heart? Second Installment of a new Romantic Comedy Serial Welcome back to the exciting and romantic world of the Jet City Billionaires… Switched at Marriage Serial Novellas NOTE: These novellas must be read in the order listed below. If you haven't started the serial yet, pick up an ebook of the first episode, A Wedding to Remember, for FREE on this site! A Wedding to Remember—24,500 words/106 pages The Virgin Billionaire—27,000 words/119 pages To Have and To Hold—28,000 words/120 pages From This Day Forward—26,500 words/113 pages For Richer, For Richest—26,400 words >>>Romantic Comedy >>>New Adult & College Contemporary Romance >>>Contemporary Romance Humor >>> Women's Fiction Romance The Jet City Billionaires world presents romantic stories full of humor, laughs, secrets, mysteries, and poignancy. The Switched at Marriage serial follows the story of Justin and Kayla in a modern twist on the classic marriage of convenience story. Scroll up and grab a copy today.
The Billionaire's Christmas Vows
Author: Gina Robinson
Publisher: Gina Robinson
Pages: 202
Year: 2015-11-10
View: 441
Read: 991
What do you get a billionaire for Christmas? No one is feeling the holiday stress more than I am. Six months pregnant, I'm "married" to Seattle billionaire Justin Green. But it's not real. We've never actually said our vows to each other. This year I want to surprise Jus with a real wedding. THE BILLIONAIRE'S CHRISTMAS VOWS is a fun, light standalone billionaire contemporary romance with a marriage of convenience trope and a happily-ever-after. This Christmas, all I want to give Justin is something money can't buy—Christmas Eve wedding vows complete with a legal marriage license. But that's easier said than done. Do you know how hard it is to find a state you can get married in, complete with a real marriage license, when you're theoretically already married? Adding to my stress, Justin is planning his own surprise. And I have the awful feeling it just might get in the way of mine… Grab your copy now!
The Billionaire's Arranged Marriage
Author: Cj Howard
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 150856521X
Pages: 186
Year: 2015-02-22
View: 340
Read: 301
Billionaire playboy Reed is loving life. Being the main heir of his father's fortune has meant he has enjoyed an easy time of fast cars, fancy parties and easy women. However, all that is about to change. Reed's father is not happy about his playboy antics and he demands that he settle down or he will cut off his inheritance. In fact, he has already found the perfect woman for him to marry and it appears Reed has no choice in the matter. Jillian is a beautiful woman of both African-American & Asian heritage. She is the daughter of very wealthy parents and so she is no stranger to the billionaire lifestyle. Reed's father believes this is the perfect woman to tame his son and make an honest man out of him.Only problem is, Jillian and Reed seemingly can not stand each other. Can they put their differences aside for long enough to even make it down the aisle? And if they do, is it possible that true love can ever grow from such an arrangement? Little do either of them know, there is much more to this “arranged marriage” then initially meets the eye....
The Wedding Vow
Author: Cara Connelly
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062282360
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-09-30
View: 1224
Read: 634
Cara Connelly's second Save the Date novel proves that opposites do attract . . . The playboy Sexy billionaire Adam LeCroix has a mission: hunt down the sultry spitfire he blames for his troubles, demand her help, and exact revenge while he's at it. Maddie St. Clair will help him . . . or else. The prosecutor Former prosecutor Maddie damn near nailed Adam for stealing, but the lucky bastard walked. Now, five years later, he's back, arrogant as ever, giving her an ultimatum—work for him to collect the insurance money, or she'll never work again. The problem Maddie's all about right and wrong. Adam's shades of gray. So when he uncovers the hot body under her hard-ass veneer and she finds he's a thief with a heart, can the law-and-order lawyer and the fast-and-loose felon put their prickly past behind them?
The Billionaire's Secret Marriage
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC (
ISBN: 1940134528
Pages: 150
Year: 2015-02-13
View: 976
Read: 753
Dante Liakos had yet another challenge to overcome in securing his business empire’s future, but this one was much more personal in nature – the need for a wife and an heir. Without them, he could lose control of the empire he had worked so hard to rebuild and expand. However, as he had found so many times before, turning a challenge into a success was about recognizing the right opportunity and acting upon it decisively. In Jayden Hart, he saw such an opportunity, enclosed in the rare combination of innocence, beauty and brilliance - a combination he couldn't resist despite his attempts to remain aloof from the relationship! Normally poised and self-assured, Jayden’s world had taken an alarming turn. What initially had seemed like a nuisance was quickly becoming a significant threat to her business, her family, and her whole way of life! And she had no idea how to avoid catastrophe. Dante’s suggested solution presented a potential lifeline, but with what strings attached? Would the solution be worse than the crisis that had required it? And how was she to avoid falling in love with her secret husband?