Psychische Stoerungen Bei Kindern Und Jugendlichen Mit Intelligenzminderung Stoerungen Systemisch Behandeln 9 Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Psychische Störungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Intelligenzminderung
ISBN: 3849780821
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Love's Hidden Symmetry
Author: Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Hunter Beaumont
Publisher: Zeig Tucker & Theisen Publishers
ISBN: 1891944002
Pages: 330
Year: 1998-01
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'Love's Hidden Symmetry' is a book to be read slowly - and then to be read again and again. Here is an opportunity to discover the work of Bert Hellinger, whose generative approach to intervening in systems has already reached across Europe into the hearts and minds of a diverse therapeutic community. A lively blend of narrative, storytelling, transcript material, and poetic imagery is invoked to describe, and to demonstrate, what Hellinger calls 'the orders of love' and how disturbances in the orders of love create a legacy that must be reckoned with for generations to come. But these deeply embedded forces in the family system can be harnessed for healing once they are acknowledged, respected, and gently redirected. Hellinger's basic tool for helping family members restore balance is the use of family constellations. Hellinger, along with coauthors Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont, clarifies how this method can be refined and expanded to galvanize the energy of everyone involved toward a greater sense of well- being. The transcripts included in the book help to capture the extraordinary potential of working appropriately with family constellations. The profound suffering of many of these individuals is more than matched by the opportunity for peace that is revealed in the therapeutic work.
Handbuch Forschung für Systemiker
Author: Jochen Schweitzer, Matthias Ochs
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647404446
Pages: 469
Year: 2012-05-23
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In den Naturwissenschaften, aber auch in den Kontexten von Sozialer Arbeit, Pädagogik, Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Psychiatrie, Organisationsentwicklung und -beratung, Coaching und Supervision haben systemtheoretische Ansätze in den letzten Jahrzehnten beachtliche Erfolge zu verzeichnen.In diesem Grundlagenwerk stellen erstmals im deutschsprachigen Raum namhafte nationale und internationale Systemiker ihre konkreten Forschungsmethoden und den Stand systemischer Forschung in ihrem jeweiligen Feld vor. Die Palette der Forschungsansätze umfasst die soziologische Systemtheorie und Selbstorganisationstheorien dynamischer Systeme, qualitative, quantitative und Mixed-methods-Ansätze sowie systemische Familien(therapie)-, Organisations- und Interaktionsforschung.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5®)
Author: American Psychiatric Association
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 0890425574
Pages: 991
Year: 2013-05-22
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This new edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5®), used by clinicians and researchers to diagnose and classify mental disorders, is the product of more than 10 years of effort by hundreds of international experts in all aspects of mental health. Their dedication and hard work have yielded an authoritative volume that defines and classifies mental disorders in order to improve diagnoses, treatment, and research. The criteria are concise and explicit, intended to facilitate an objective assessment of symptom presentations in a variety of clinical settings -- inpatient, outpatient, partial hospital, consultation-liaison, clinical, private practice, and primary care. New features and enhancements make DSM-5® easier to use across all settings: The chapter organization reflects a lifespan approach, with disorders typically diagnosed in childhood (such as neurodevelopmental disorders) at the beginning of the manual, and those more typical of older adults (such as neurocognitive disorders) placed at the end. Also included are age-related factors specific to diagnosis. The latest findings in neuroimaging and genetics have been integrated into each disorder along with gender and cultural considerations. The revised organizational structure recognizes symptoms that span multiple diagnostic categories, providing new clinical insight in diagnosis. Specific criteria have been streamlined, consolidated, or clarified to be consistent with clinical practice (including the consolidation of autism disorder, Asperger's syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder into autism spectrum disorder; the streamlined classification of bipolar and depressive disorders; the restructuring of substance use disorders for consistency and clarity; and the enhanced specificity for major and mild neurocognitive disorders). Dimensional assessments for research and validation of clinical results have been provided. Both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes are included for each disorder, and the organizational structure is consistent with the new ICD-11 in development. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, current, and critical resource for clinical practice available to today's mental health clinicians and researchers of all orientations. The information contained in the manual is also valuable to other physicians and health professionals, including psychologists, counselors, nurses, and occupational and rehabilitation therapists, as well as social workers and forensic and legal specialists.
How to Stop Chronic Pain in Children
Author: Michael Dobe, Boris Zernikov
Publisher: Carl-Auer Verlag
ISBN: 3849780058
Pages: 190
Year: 2014-07-01
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Paula is 12 years old. She has been suffering from chronic abdominal pains for four years. None of the treatments she underwent has helped her. Paula has turned from a fun-loving child into a quiet, suffering girl, and Paula's parents are suffering vicariously with her. Michael Dobe and Boris Zernikow have written this book for children like her and their parents. Based on their experience with out-patient as well as in-patient pain treatment in children, they show in a comprehensive manner how children and adolescents can actively face chronic pains. Many of the tips they offer are easy to implement; they sometimes require a bit of courage and patience, but no elaborate tools. This book helps families find their way back to a regular daily routine despite the pain, back to a daily life in which there is room for laughter and a positive outlook on the future. "This extraordinarily interesting and informative book will provide lasting help for many suffering children and adolescents, and thus for their parents as well." Dr. Marianne Koch, Honorary president of Deutsche Schmerzliga e. V. (German Pain League)
Jessica's Box
Author: Peter Carnavas
ISBN: 1912076543
Pages: 32
Year: 2017-09
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Mental health aspects of mental retardation
Author: Robert Jonathan Fletcher
Publisher: Free Press
Pages: 438
Year: 1993-12-06
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To assist professionals with assessment and treatment, Drs. Fletcher and Dosen have gathered leaders in the field and key researchers from the U.S. and Europe to address current approaches to mental illness and behavioral disorders in persons with mental retardation. Examines diagnosis, treatment, effective models of services, dementia, and special issues for clints who exhibit self-injurious behavior.
Working with Children with Sexual Behavior Problems
Author: Eliana Gil, Jennifer A. Shaw
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462514510
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-09-30
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Based on extensive clinical experience, this book provides authoritative guidance and practical tools in a challenging area for child mental health professionals. The authors explain the many possible causes of problem sexual behaviors and demonstrate assessment and treatment procedures that have been shown to work with 4- to 11-year-olds and their families. Four chapter-length case examples illustrate how to integrate elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, play and expressive therapies, and family-based approaches. Helpful reproducible worksheets and forms can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.
Neurogenetic Syndromes
Author: Bruce K. Shapiro, Pasquale J. Accardo
Publisher: Paul H Brookes Publishing Company
ISBN: 159857017X
Pages: 308
Year: 2010
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An essential pediatrics textbook and professional reference, this volume sheds new light on neurogenetic syndromes using a promising clinical perspective: examining behavioral and psychological phenotypes, with a strong focus on the influence of genetics. Linking science with practice, this comprehensive book combines the latest research of two dozen leading experts and shows how these advances in knowledge apply to treatment and therapy.
Psychoanalysis and mental handicap
Author: Johan de Groef, Evelyn Heinemann
Publisher: Free Assn Books
ISBN: 1853434329
Pages: 214
Year: 1999
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It is with this quotation from Freud that Maud Mannoni began her book The Backward Child and His Mother (1972). Nearly forty years after her pioneering work was first published, these words still retain their full significance as psychoanalysts like Valerie Sinason have continued the work of extending psychoanalytic understanding to the needs of the mentally handicapped.In 1996 twenty-five psychoanalysts from seven different countries emerged from their quiet isolation to meet for a three day conference in Belgium to exchange ideas about psychoanalysis and handicap. In February 1997, a further two-day conference was held in Paris with the financial support of the EC Association for the Research and Training on Integration in Europe.The result of both conferences is this ground breaking book in which a renowned international group of writers contribute to a pluralistic review of the subject from the perspectives of Freud, Klein, Bion, Winnicott, Lacan and MannoniThis is the first theoretical and clinical reader on psychoanalysis and mental handicap. It is an excellent introduction and orientation for students and professionals and will be of interest to special education teachers, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, mental health students and parents.
Ordinary Families, Special Children
Author: Milton Seligman, Rosalyn Benjamin Darling
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1593853629
Pages: 434
Year: 2007
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Now in a revised and expanded third edition, this popular clinical reference and text provides a multisystems perspective on childhood disability and its effects on family life. The volume examines how child, family, ecological, and sociocultural variables intertwine to shape the ways families respond to disability, and how professionals can promote coping, adaptation, and empowerment. Accessible and engaging, the book integrates theory and research with vignettes and firsthand reflections from family members.
Experiments in Behaviour Therapy
Author: H. J. Eysenck
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483184897
Pages: 568
Year: 2013-10-22
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Experiments in Behavior Therapy: Readings in Modern Methods of Treatment of Mental Disorders Derived from Learning Theory focuses on experiments involving the application of modern theories of learning and conditioning to behavior disorders. The selection first offers information on the nature of behavior and systematic desensitization treatment of neuroses. Discussions focus on the technique of systematic desensitization, examples of hierarchies from actual cases, and desensitization procedure. The text then ponders on experimental desensitization of a phobia, treatment by a method derived from experimental psychology, and treatment of anxiety and phobic reactions by systematic desensitization psychotherapy. The publication examines the treatment of chronic frigidity by systematic desensitization, application of reciprocal inhibition therapy to exhibitionism, and group therapy of phobic disorders by systematic desensitization. The isolation of a conditioning procedure as the crucial psychotherapeutic factor; application of learning principles to the treatment of obsessive-compulsive states in the acute and chronic phases of illness; and case of homosexuality treated by aversion therapy are also discussed. The selection is a dependable source of data for readers interested in behavior therapy.
Handbook of Behaviorism
Author: William O'Donohue, Richard Kitchener
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080533000
Pages: 451
Year: 1998-10-21
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Handbook of Behaviorism provides a comprehensive single source that summarizes what behaviorism is, how the various "flavors" of behaviorism have differed between major theorists both in psychology and philosophy, and what aspects of those theories have been borne out in research findings and continue to be of use in understanding human behavior.
Identifying, Assessing, and Treating ADHD at School
Author: Stephen E. Brock, Shane R. Jimerson, Robin L. Hansen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441905014
Pages: 168
Year: 2009-07-29
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ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed childhood behavioral disorder. Moreover, many students receiving special education assistance are reported to have ADHD. Children with ADHD may experience significant school adjustment difficulties and achievement problems. Problem behaviors associated with attention deficits and hyperactivity often have a negative impact on the classroom, and, therefore, may compromise the learning environment for many, if not all, students. There is a critical need for school professionals to identify, assess, and treat students with ADHD. Identifying, Assessing, and Treating ADHD at School brings science to practice, providing school professionals invaluable information to meet the needs of children with ADHD. This volume, designed as a practical, easy-to-use reference for school psychologists and other mental health and educational professionals: Explains why school psychologists and their colleagues need to be prepared and able to identify and serve students with ADHD. Identifies the prevalence, influences, and associated conditions. Provides a review of screening, referral, and diagnostic assessment processes. Offers guidance on conducting psychoeducational assessments. Reviews evidence-based treatments. Offers practical guidance on setting up programs that address individual and classroom issues. School psychologists and other education and mental health professionals will find Identifying, Assessing, and Treating ADHD at School an exceptional resource in working to enhance the mental health and academic development of students.
Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds II
Author: Vincenzo Balzani, Sebastiano Campagna
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540733493
Pages: 327
Year: 2007-08-07
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Photochemistry (a term that broadly speaking includes photophysics) is abranchofmodernsciencethatdealswiththeinteractionoflightwithmatter and lies at the crossroadsof chemistry, physics, and biology. However, before being a branch of modern science, photochemistry was (and still is today), an extremely important natural phenomenon. When God said: “Let there be light”, photochemistry began to operate, helping God to create the world as wenowknowit.Itislikelythatphotochemistrywasthesparkfortheoriginof life on Earth and played a fundamental role in the evolution of life. Through the photosynthetic process that takes place in green plants, photochemistry is responsible for the maintenance of all living organisms. In the geological past photochemistry caused the accumulation of the deposits of coal, oil, and naturalgasthat wenowuseasfuels.Photochemistryisinvolved inthecontrol ofozoneinthestratosphereandinagreatnumber ofenvironmentalprocesses thatoccurintheatmosphere,inthesea,andonthesoil.Photochemistryisthe essenceoftheprocessofvisionandcausesavarietyofbehavioralresponsesin living organisms. Photochemistry as a science is quite young; we only need to go back less than one century to ?nd its early pioneer [1]. The concept of coordination compound is also relatively young; it was established in 1892, when Alfred Werner conceived his theory of metal complexes [2]. Since then, the terms coordination compound and metal complex have been used as synonyms, even if in the last 30 years, coordination chemistry has extended its scope to the binding ofall kinds of substrates [3, 4].