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German books in print
Year: 1999
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Basics Lighting Design
Author: Roman Skowranek
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3035613028
Pages: 80
Year: 2017-05-22
View: 335
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Daylight is the most important element determining the mood and appearance of architecture, more so than all construction materials. In office buildings in particular, the good provision of daylight and matching artificial lighting installations make an important contribution to energy conservation – the better the use made of daylight, the less energy has to be consumed for artificial lighting. For this reason, typical architectural concepts have changed in recent years; enclosed buildings with full air-conditioning have increasingly made way to buildings that respond to the climate conditions of their environment, thereby using only a much reduced amount of energy without compromising on comfort. The BASICS Lighting Design volume includes the most important principles of daylight and artificial lighting design. Selection of subjects covered: Sizes and units Building concept design principles (layout design, building orientation and facade structure) Lighting design concepts Current daylighting and artificial lighting systems Solar screening Directing daylight
Functional Safety
Author: Josef Börcsök
ISBN: 3800733374
Pages: 540
Year: 2017-07
View: 307
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Discomfort Glare in Interior Lighting
Author: International Commission on Illumination
Pages: 35
Year: 1995
View: 1262
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Encyclopedia of Family Health
Author: R. M. Youngson
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 0761474862
Year: 2005
View: 1315
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Low-voltage Switchgear
Author: Theodor Schmelcher, Franz Edlmayr, Kurt Krause
ISBN: 380091221X
Pages: 134
Year: 1976
View: 495
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Short-circuit currents in three-phase systems
Author: Richard Roeper, Friedrich Mitlehner, Bernt Ehmcke, Alfred Webs
Pages: 167
Year: 1985
View: 414
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Author: J.J. THOMSON
Year: 1904
View: 1003
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Josef Paul Kleihues : Works 1966-1980
Author: Josef Paul Kleihues
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub
Pages: 283
Year: 2008
View: 399
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"Josef Paul Kleihues (1933-2004) was one of the most prolific architects in postwar Germany, famous both as the planning director of the International Building Exhibition Berlin in 1984, and for his design of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. This first volume presents projects from prior to 1980, including the highly acclaimed Berlin Sanitation Department and the Neukolln Hospital. Even in these early works, his problem-solving approach is evident and vividly demonstrates his readiness to echo traditional approaches to modern architecture and initiate contemporary impulses that sought to move beyond them." "The book was designed by Kleihues himself, creating something of a unique authorized autobiography."--BOOK JACKET.
Lighting for Video
Author: Gerald Millerson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136050256
Pages: 156
Year: 2013-10-08
View: 624
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Enables readers to produce top-grade results whether they are lighting off-the-cuff with a portable compact kit or tackling a major project with an extensive heavy-duty rig. It does not assume technical knowledge or previous experience and after covering basics it guides readers towards the most effective ways of tackling particular projects, and shows typical professional solutions to everyday situations.
Maintenance of Indoor Electric Lighting Systems
ISBN: 3900734348
Pages: 25
Year: 1992
View: 562
Read: 769

Guide on the Maintenance of Indoor Electric Lighting Systems
ISBN: 3901906452
Pages: 28
Year: 2005
View: 1115
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English for technical purposes
Author: Hans-Jürgen Bauer
ISBN: 3810925039
Pages: 160
Year: 2000
View: 301
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The ABC of Stage Lighting
Author: Francis Reid
ISBN: 0713636092
Pages: 129
Year: 1992
View: 1240
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An Introduction to ALGOL
Author: Frank Richard Watson
Publisher: Bell Publishing Company
ISBN: 0713518774
Pages: 121
Year: 1975-01-01
View: 1101
Read: 1156