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A Passage Through Time
Author: Yvette Weiss
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1906510113
Pages: 205
Year: 2008
View: 624
Read: 893
After being unexpectedly transported two hundred years back in time, Chris meets Sarah, a slave girl on the run from her captors. As she helps her avoid capture, Chris' feelings for Sarah become stronger until fate tears them apart. Will Chris ever be able to find Sarah again? And what future can they have together?
Passage Through Time
Author: William Newell
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1514832577
Pages: 92
Year: 2015-07-06
View: 1211
Read: 418
A Tale of Love Rekindled, A Can't Miss Read Sure To Fill Your Heart With Laughter, Mystery and Adventure "I contribute plenty! Is it my fault you never listen to me?" Katie and John Duncan are enjoying, well - attempting to enjoy a quiet, long week in Edinburgh, Scotland together. During a day tour to Glasgow, they visit a medieval museum on a whim - something Katie is not so excited about. As John falls in love with the medieval displays, Katie can't help but notice a strange, squirmy little man seemingly following her. "Can I help you?" The squirmish man - startled, looks up at Katie. "I am Dr. Oscar Wellesley." He introduces himself and invites both Katie and John into a vault in the basement, to pick out a love story which describes two ancient Picts - a startling resemblance in looks to both Katie and John. They were involved in fighting off the Romans and, according to the story, were key to the withdrawal of the Romans from Southern Scotland. "What the hell." As the two are shocked by what they read in the book, they find themselves losing grip on reality. As they come back to consciousness, there is no museum, no vault - just mud, grass and an ancient battlefield. During this time and era, Katie and John discover their true past and begin to realize who they are and what they have become. What happens to Katie and John as they make their way through time? Will they ever make it back to present day? Do they find the love which had once bonded the two together? Find out in this heartwarming Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance.
Passage Through Time
Author: Melody A. Jones
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462807283
Pages: 187
Year: 2010-11-16
View: 594
Read: 1304
Issie and her new found friend, Gwen, find a way to travel back in time to the year 1360. Although being born in 1992, she discovers that her father was born in the 1300’s and is next in line to the throne of England. Issie meets her grandparents for the first time, King Edward III and Queen Philippa. Due to turbulent times, John Fitzalan is in charge of protecting Issie and Gwen from William, the brother to Issie’s father’s, Edward the Black Prince, who wants the throne and will do anything to get it. Issie starts forming an attachment to John and finds herself in love with someone who was born about 1340. Her grandparents want to arrange her marriage to Prince Philip of France to get France to become a vassal kingdom. Enemies want Issie to marry the Prince of France so this will leave John free to marry someone else. When that doesn’t work, Issie is accused of stealing and John is accused of inappropriate behavior with someone else. Court is held and the events unfold.
Hudson River Panorama
Author: Tammis K. Groft, W. Douglas McCombs, Ruth Greene-McNally
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438432569
Pages: 134
Year: 2009-11-04
View: 526
Read: 612
Beautifully illustrated history of the Hudson River and its impact on the peoples and landscape of New York State.
Cambridge Footsteps
Author: Ian Sheldon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052119721X
Pages: 72
Year: 2009-08-20
View: 297
Read: 602
Celebrated artist and illustrator Ian Sheldon gathers his watercolour paintings of the historical architecture of Cambridge to produce a visual journey through time. Appearing in the University's 800th anniversary year, his book contains fifty-one images depicting two walks from the north (Girton College) and south (Homerton College) into central Cambridge. The contents page guides the reader along the chosen routes, showing a map of Cambridge with numbered points as a key to specific images. Each painting is accompanied by a descriptive caption. There is a Foreword by Duncan Robinson, Master of Magdalene and formerly Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum. Cambridge Footsteps is an ideal colour souvenir of Cambridge, a gift item that evokes the beauty and historical richness of the University, the colleges and their surroundings.
Passage Through Time
Author: Gabi Schneider
ISBN: 9991605150
Pages: 158
Year: 2004
View: 723
Read: 398

Passage Through Time
Author: Michael George, Frank Strack
Pages: 177
Year: 2005
View: 153
Read: 1212

Ice: a Passage Through Time
Author: Hal Gage
ISBN: 0557009200
Pages: 76
Year: 2010-02-22
View: 385
Read: 1182
In "Ice: a passage through time," Hal Gage documents the soul and essence of ice. Far from a survey project or linear documentation, Gage's photographs dig deeper to an emotional level uncovering a personality and emotion in ice. Although beautiful, fascinating and sometimes awe inspiring, ice is also the canary in the coal mine for changes in our global climate. Gage's work is a metaphor and warning for what we might loose in this quiet crisis developing before our eyes.
Reincarnation: A Passage Through Time
Author: Robert Colacurcio
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493151363
Pages: 98
Year: 2014-04-07
View: 468
Read: 808
This book invites readers who consider themselves savvy investors in their long term future to give some serious thought to the lifetime(s) that may come next. The author’s approach is to investigate the essential relationship of the human soul to time. Whether the reader currently believes in one lifetime or many, the relationship of the soul to time will condition whatever comes next on the other side of the portal of death. There are many naïve portrayals and gross misconceptions about what comes next, whether one believes in an eternity in heaven or an indefinite number of reincarnations. This book tries to get beyond many of these limited conceptions. Too many people have only childhood information to work with when thinking about their long term future. Unfortunately, everything you need to know to make savvy investments in your long term future was not taught in kindergarten
Tuckaleechee Cove
Author: Boyce N. Driskell, Robert Jefferson Norrell, Robert J. Norrell
Publisher: Univ Tennessee Press
ISBN: 162190167X
Year: 2015-06-15
View: 240
Read: 391
Nestled amid the western slopes of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, bisected by the Little River, and including the community of Townsend, Tuckaleechee Cove is known today as "the peaceful side of the Smokies." Celebrated for its natural beauty, the area is also the site of human habitation dating back at least 13,000 years. Tuckaleechee Cove's rich past emerged from years of archaeological and historical research that began in 1999 when a state highway project uncovered a wealth of Native American and Euro-American remains, including burial mounds, fragments of tools, weapons, cooking vessels, and other evidence of past activity. This bountifully illustrated book combines details from that study with fascinating bits of history to tell the story of the cove and its disparate peoples. The earliest Native Americans to visit the area were hunters and foragers who moved in small bands through the cove setting up temporary camps. Over the millennia, foraging gave way to more settled farming practices, with the establishment of permanent settlements about 2,000 years ago. By the 1600s the area's residents were Cherokees who would soon encounter European explorers and traders. Displacing the Cherokees, Euro-Americans formed a number of small communities in the cove with colorful names like Frog Town and Needmore. They farmed the land; built churches, schools, and small businesses; and fought in the Civil War. In 1900, a northern investor named W. B. Townsend recognized the area's potential as a source of timber, and two years later the town bearing his name was literally abuzz with sawmill activity. By the Great Depression, however, the mills had closed, bringing hardship to cove residents. A measure of relief came in 1934 when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established nearby, opening a new, still unfolding chapter in the area's history.
South East Asia
Author: David Gould
ISBN: 9628608312
Pages: 119
Year: 2000
View: 788
Read: 1174

The Days of Yore
Author: Geoffrey Eng Beng Tan
ISBN: 9810949189
Pages: 82
Year: 2015
View: 1263
Read: 417

Through the Passage of Time
Author: Michelle S. Caraballo
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1553957105
Pages: 115
Year: 2003
View: 863
Read: 714
Through The Passage Of Time is a collection of poems that challenges the past, the present and the future in the heart of a young girl. It questions life, love and freedom in search of answers in a young woman. These words talk to the youth, the young-at-heart, the lovers, the artist, the friend, the Christian, the wayward, the dreamers, the lost soul and more. It was written not solely from desire, but of a need to express the overwhelming flow of thoughts and speech. These poems carry a spiritual foundation; to rebel sometimes, to submit, to inspire, to learn about my heart, but to always look up for direction from my Lord.
Passage Through Crisis
Author: Fred Davis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351500708
Pages: 218
Year: 2017-09-29
View: 1263
Read: 395
Based on a study of fourteen families in which a child had contracted paralytic poliomyelitis. Passage Through Crisis: Polio Victims and Their Families, first published in 1963, was widely praised for its penetrating--and, for its time, innovative--analyses of doctor-patient communications, and for its interpreta-tion of the meaning of physical disability in American society. In his new opening essay, Davis reflects on the enduring sources of this profound problem in human relations as well as on those changes in the culture of American health care that are helping to restructure doctor-patient relations along more open, less authoritarian lines. The emergence of patient self-help groups, the political militancy of the Gay community in regard to AIDS, and the fading of the early post-World War II naive faith in the humanitarian efficacy of science are some of the developments dealt with. A parallel discussion of the importation into medical sociology of such concepts as the reality-structuring power of professional discourse and of the meta-phoric significance of different diseases for different historical eras seeks to relate developments in the culture of health care to sociology's study. Passage Through Crisis retains for today's readers that essential quality that most engaged readers of a quarter century ago: its vivid and probing ethno-graphic account of the impact of serious illness on the family, the difficult processes of adjustment that ensue and, in these connections, the role played (and toll exacted) by American values.
گذری بر زمان
Author: Parviz Nazerian, پرویز ناظریان
Publisher: Ketab Corp
ISBN: 1595844007
Pages: 475
Year: 2013
View: 1237
Read: 254
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