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A Million Steps
Author: Kurt Koontz
ISBN: 0615852920
Pages: 212
Year: 2013
View: 588
Read: 391
Kurt Koontz thought he was well prepared for his 490-mile walking trip on the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. He was fit and strong. He had a good guidebook and all the right equipment. His pilgrim passport would grant him access to the shelter of hostels along the way. But all that, however helpful, did not begin to encompass the grandeur of his external or internal adventure. A Million Steps climbs over the high meadows of the Pyrenees, quests through the unceasing wind of the Meseta, and dances in the rains of Galicia. While following the yellow arrows that mark the route, Koontz also navigates through his personal history of addiction, recovery, and love. With outgoing humor and friendliness, he embraces the beauty of the countryside and joyful connections to other pilgrims from around the world. Part diary, part travelogue, A Million Steps is a journey within a journey all the way to the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela and beyond.
The Way of St James - France
Author: Alison Raju
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1849653658
Pages: 224
Year: 2011-04-19
View: 219
Read: 772
This comprehensive guidebook covers the 730km Way of St James pilgrim route from Le Puy-en-Velay in central France to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees. As well as giving step by step directions the book also provides information on places to visit along the way, the history of the pilgrimage and details of the facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation. An outline of the route along the Cele valley (53km), from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona, and St Palais to Irun to join the Camino del Norte are also included. A companion volume by the same author, The Way of St James - Spain, continues the route through Spain from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostella (or Finisterre).
Walking to the End of the World
Author: Beth Jusino
ISBN: 168051203X
Pages: 272
Year: 2018-10
View: 687
Read: 669
Two sheltered Americans take a three-month break from careers, home, and the internet to backpack a nine-hundred-year-old trail across Europe.An engaging memoir about letting go, getting outside, and living at a human paceMore than fifteen thousand Americans walk the Camino de Santiago annuallyIn April 2015, Beth and Eric Jusino, laden with backpacks and nerves, walked out of a cathedral in the historic village of Le Puy, France, down a cobblestone street, and turned west. Seventy-nine days, a thousand miles, two countries, two mountain ranges, and three pairs of shoes later, they reached the Atlantic Ocean.More than two million pilgrims have walked the Way of Saint James, a long-distance hiking trail familiar to most Americans by its Spanish name, the Camino de Santiago. Each pilgrim has their own reason for undertaking the journey, and most opt to do only part of the distance. The Jusinos' pilgrimage was about taking a break from the relentless pace of modern life, getting away from all their electronic devices, and experiencing a three-month sabbatical from regular life in order to complete the entire trail. They just had to walk twelve to fifteen miles every day along a generally well-marked path. Simple.Beth is not an athlete, not into extreme adventures, and, she insists, she is not a risk-taker of any sort. She does not even speak French or Spanish. But she can tell a story. Walking to the End of the World is a warm-hearted and engaging story about an average couple going on an adventure together, tracing ancient paths first created in the tenth and eleventh centuries, paths that continue to inspire and reveal surprises to us today in the twenty-first.
Paris to the Pyrenees
Author: David Downie
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453298630
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-04-02
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Read: 1101
Part adventure story, part cultural history, this “enjoyably offbeat travelogue” explores the phenomenon of the spiritual pilgrimage (Booklist). Driven by curiosity, wanderlust, and health crises, David Downie and his wife set out from Paris to walk across France to the Pyrenees. Starting on the Rue Saint-Jacques, then trekking 750 miles south to Roncesvalles, Spain, their eccentric route takes 72 days on Roman roads and pilgrimage paths—a 1,100-year-old network of trails leading to the sanctuary of Saint James the Greater. It is best known as El Camino de Santiago de Compostela—“The Way” for short. The object of any pilgrimage is an inward journey manifested in a long, reflective walk. For Downie, the inward journey met the outer one: a combination of self-discovery and physical regeneration. More than 200,000 pilgrims take the highly commercialized Spanish route annually, but few cross France. Downie had a goal: to go from Paris to the Pyrenees on age-old trails, making the pilgrimage in his own maverick way.
LightFoot Guide to the Via Podiensis
Author: Angelynn Meya
Publisher: Eurl Pilgrimage Pub
ISBN: 2917183373
Pages: 252
Year: 2016-06-01
View: 862
Read: 1127
The Lightfoot Guide to the Via Podiensis follows in the footsteps of pilgrims who since the 10th Century have crossed France on their way to the shrine of Saint James in Spain. It is an up-to-date and complete guide to the 774 kilometre journey from Le Puyen-Velay to the Pyrenees, which is the starting point of the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain. The guide contains: -detailed descriptions of 34 stages and three major alternative routes; full-colour topographical maps for each stage plus detailed city maps; elevation profiles and turn-by-turn walking instructions; up-to-date information on accommodation; historical and cultural overviews; practical information about preparing your trip and life on the trail
My Camino Walk #1
Author: Andrew Priestley
ISBN: 1912774011
Pages: 168
Year: 2018-05-24
View: 295
Read: 309
My Camino Walk #1 features the stories of 20 pilgrims worldwide who have walked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. They share their journey, their insights, their trials and their experiences and their inspiration. If you are thinking of walking the Camino, then this is a great place to start. Simply amazing!
Boots to Bliss
Author: Claude Tranchant
ISBN: 0646585878
Pages: 500
Year: 2012
View: 1290
Read: 1323
Follow the incredible journey and transformation of a 64 years old woman who walked nearly 2500 kilometres alone for 100 days through France and Spain along The Way of Saint James. You will discover the towns, the villages and countryside she went through and the unbelievable encounters she had with people. You will learn about her inner thoughts, her self-discovery, her internal growth and how she was empowered. This is a story of immense courage and resilience To find more about Claude's book go to: http: //
Pilgrim Strong
Author: Steve Watkins
ISBN: 0692927034
Pages: 280
Year: 2017-11
View: 692
Read: 442
Why would anyone in their right mind choose to walk 500 miles across a far-away country over mountain ranges, dark forests, and barren lands, through rains, searing sun, and a white-out blizzard with nothing but hemorrhaging tendons, severe blisters, and daily aches and pains to show for it? Truth is we are wired for long walks and thinking time. Restless souls across the religious spectrum and dating back 2000 years before Christ have practiced pilgrimage in search of a greater understanding about themselves, and life. But for some unkonwn reason pilgrimage is largely foreign to us today.
The Journey in Between
Author: Keith Foskett
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1480176397
Pages: 253
Year: 2012-10-31
View: 192
Read: 647
Sometimes, the best adventures happen by chance. Occasionally, we receive answers to questions we didn't ask. El Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way, is the fabled path that weaves through French and Spanish countryside for 1,000 miles to its hallowed destination at Santiago de Compostella. Thousands attempt to hike its entirety each year: some succeed, many fail. Keith Foskett found himself at a crossroads, sensing his life was about to change. But, until a chance meeting with a stranger in a Greek bar, he didn't know which path to take. A week later, he found himself at the start of El Camino, and began a journey that would change him. Along the way he made friends with fellow pilgrims from all over the world, all travelling for their own different reasons. From the pain of blisters and extremes of temperature to encountering kleptomaniacs, fake faith healers and being threatened with arrest in Spain for 'not sleeping', his hike was far from normal. This is the story of one man's walk, but it speaks to all who see life itself as a journey and are alive to the revelations that an escape to nature can bring. Written with insight, observation and a healthy dose of humour. As this book shows, it is rarely the start and the finish that count, but the journey in between. Reviews 'A thoroughly entertaining modern take on a well-worn Spanish Trail.' - Spencer Vignes (The Observer). 'Not only does he have astute observations about the people, places and scenery around him, he is adept at translating those observations into words, often making me laugh or nod in understanding. This is a rare talent. Few authors can bring you to this level of understanding of life on the trail.' - Teresa Dicentra Black (Author - 'One Pan Wonders') 'An engaging, vivid and very personal account by a likeable author of a journey and an achievement that readers will find both enviable and inspiring.' -Ingrid Cranfield (Author - 'At Last Michael Reeves') 'Keith Foskett kept me hooked with his journey of adventure and stories of the characters he met along the way. A must read for anyone interested in hiking, travel & adventure.' -Amazon Reviewer
The Via Francigena Canterbury to Rome - Part 2
Author: Alison Raju
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1783620129
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-01-20
View: 794
Read: 574
This comprehensive guidebook covers the second half of the Via Francigena - a 1900km pilgrim route that crosses Europe from Canterbury to Rome. From the halfway point at the Great St Bernard Pass in the Alps, this book splits the second half of the pilgrimage into five sections (with further start points in Vercelli, Passo della Cisa, Lucca and Siena) and concludes by arriving at St Peter's Square in Rome. All five start points are places where pilgrims can easily reach or leave the route by means of public transport, should they wish to tackle the journey in shorter stages. Illustrated with clear, original sketch maps and colour photographs, the step-by-step route description also includes detailed information about historical sites and all facilities available along the way.
A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago
Author: John Brierley
Publisher: Camino Guides
ISBN: 1844097110
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-01-10
View: 591
Read: 456
Now updated to include newer maps and photos - and lighter in weight to support carefree traveling - this comprehensive guidebook to the Camino de Santiago and its offshoots contains all the information needed by modern-day pilgrims wishing to walk the sacred Way of St. James. Overview route planners plus daily stage maps and detailed town plans help sojourners with all the advance preparation they need. The maps feature contour guides to help distinguish the terrain that will be crossed each day, while full information on all pilgrim hostels, as well as details for alternative accommodation, allow travelers to plot adequate nightly stopping points. All reference information is accompanied by helpful spiritual guidelines to support the seeker's inner journey as well as the outer pilgrimage. Otherwise known as the Camino Frances, the main route covered in this volume is the most popular sacred route through Spain, from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. "
The Way of St. James France
Author: Alison Raju
ISBN: 1852848766
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-01-15
View: 500
Read: 949
Guidebook to the Way of St James pilgrim route, describing the 730km French section of the Camino de Santiago route from Le Puy-en-Valey in central France to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees, including pilgrimage history, points of interest, links to other routes and accommodation. Suitable for all abilities but basic fitness is required.
The Way of St. James (Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle)
Author: Alison Raju
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1852843713
Pages: 187
Year: 2003
View: 234
Read: 1161
A comprehensive guide to walking the 740km Way of St James Pilgrim Road from Le Puy-en-Velay in central France to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees. This is the first volume of the only guide to the whole route written in English. Completely rewalked and updated in time for the next Holy Year in 2010. A companion volume, The Way of St James (Pyrenees-Santiago-Finisterre), continues the route through Spain from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostella (or Finisterre). As well as giving step by step directions the book also provides information on places to visit along the way, the history of the pilgrimage and details of the facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation. An outline of the route along the C?l? valley (53km) is also included and, new to this second edition, route descriptions from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona and also St Palais to Ir?n to join the Camino del Norteand. Unlike existing guides (in any language), a comprehensive listing of St James and other pilgrim references along the way is provided.
The Way of St James - Spain
Author: Alison Raju
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1849659214
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-04-24
View: 974
Read: 1328
An walking guidebook to the Way of St James. The 778km Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain and onto the 'end of the earth' at Finisterre on the Galician coast. As well as giving directions for walking the route, the book also provides information on places to visit along the way, the history of the pilgrimage and the availability of practical facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation. Unlike existing guides this one contains: details of the walker's continuation from Santiago to Finisterre (75km) and a comprehensive listing of St James' and other pilgrim references along the way. It also contains a list of suggestions for further reading, a glossary of geographical and other useful terms, and a series of sketch maps covering the entire route to help the user in planning his or her journey. This guidebook is the second part of a series that follows the Way of St James from Le Puy-en-Valey in ventral France to the Pyranees.
The Way of St Francis
Author: The Reverend Sandy Brown
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1783622458
Pages: 288
Year: 2015-09-30
View: 1295
Read: 624
This guidebook to the Way of St Francis describes a 550km month-long pilgrim trail through the green heart of Italy. The route begins at Florence and goes through Assisi before its climax in Rome, exploring the mountains of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio on the way. The route is split into 28 stages, each graded from 'easy' to 'hard'. Some stages include steep climbs and descents, but no special gear is required. Alongside a detailed route description, colour maps and accommodation information, the guidebook contains a concise biography of Francis of Assissi and stories of his life that relate to each location visited. Also included is a walking tour of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome. This book is a trove of information that makes a perfect companion for anyone setting out to walk the Way of St Francis. The Way of St Francis is one of the most popular pilgrim routes in Italy, and it offers a great range of sights: olive groves, vineyards, Renaissance Florence, the Casentino National Forest, hilltop towns, ancient ruins, mountains, the Marmore Falls, the Vatican City and more.