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Miss Oro Nero
Author: Charlotte Lays
Publisher: Harper Collins Italia
ISBN: 8858977297
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-02-20T00:00:00+01:00
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NY Sinner 2 Kathleen Lawford è subentrata al padre alla guida della Lawford's Petrol e per conto della società viaggia ovunque, seguendo il richiamo dell'oro nero. Durante uno di questi viaggi la sua vita subisce un brusco stravolgimento che la porta a dover ripensare completamente alla propria esistenza. E ad accettare di buon grado l'assillante ansia protettiva dei genitori. Per fortuna, al suo fianco, ha le sue sei preziose migliori amiche, che rappresentano la famiglia che si è scelta, e soprattutto la sua adorata bambina: Scarlett. Quando però ricompare l'uomo che dice di essere il padre di Scarlett, il passato si riaffaccia doloroso e violento nella vita di Kath, che vuole evitare a tutti i costi che quell'uomo senza scrupoli irrompa nell'esistenza della figlia. Le serve una strategia legale che preveda un avvocato pronto a tutelarla, un matrimonio e molto coraggio. William Marks, il Giaguaro, è l'avvocato che fa al caso suo. E si presta anche ad assecondare il suo piano. Will e Kath sembrano incompatibili, ma la frequentazione obbligata li porta a scoprire un gioco di seduzione ed erotismo di cui a poco a poco perdono il controllo e che si trasforma in una passione irrefrenabile. Ma i fatti precipitano di nuovo in maniera inaspettata sconvolgendo le vite di tutti.
American Hereford Record and Hereford Herd Book
Author: American Hereford Cattle Breeders' Association
Year: 1917
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Pure-bred Dogs, American Kennel Gazette
Year: 1969-12
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United States Official Postal Guide
Author: United States. Post Office Department
Year: 1906
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Il principe vampiro. L'oro nero
Author: Christine Feehan
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854130303
Pages: 320
Year: 2011
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The American Kennel Gazette
Year: 1940-07
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Official Register
Year: 1911
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Tredici Novelle Moderne
Author: K. T. Butler, Barbara Reynolds
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521169518
Pages: 120
Year: 2011-08-11
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A 1947 collection of thirteen short stories, presented in the original Italian, written in the late nineteenth century or the early twentieth.
The Ocean Between Us
Author: Susan Wiggs
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 1488050791
Pages: 400
Year: 2018-12-01
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Return to the sea with this emotion-filled novel about what lies beneath the surface of relationships by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Susan Wiggs! THE OCEAN BETWEEN US After years of following her navy officer husband on assignment around the world, Grace Bennett realizes that she’s left something behind—herself. Her husband, Steve, can’t understand the unraveling of his wife’s heart and is determined to set things right. Their already-strained relationship is pushed to the edge when old secrets are revealed. Now, with plenty of space to ponder the true distance between them, Grace begins to reinvent herself. But, just as her new self is coming to terms with her family life, the unthinkable happens: a disaster aboard Steve’s ship. A navy wife’s worst nightmare collides with the cold truth that life’s biggest chances can slip away while you’re busy looking for guarantees. Titles originally published in 2004.
Year: 2003
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Italian Folktales
Author: Italo Calvino
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0156454890
Pages: 763
Year: 1992
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Retells two hundred traditional Italian tales, including the stories of a fearless little man, a prince who married a frog, and a woman who lived on wind
Harness Horse
Year: 1990
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Our Towns
Author: James Fallows, Deborah Fallows
Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 1101871857
Pages: 432
Year: 2018-05-08
View: 597
Read: 1301
A vivid, surprising portrait of the civic and economic reinvention taking place in America, town by town and generally out of view of the national media. A realistically positive and provocative view of the country between its coasts. For the last five years, James and Deborah Fallows have been traveling across America in a single-engine prop airplane. Visiting dozens of towns, they have met hundreds of civic leaders, workers, immigrants, educators, environmentalists, artists, public servants, librarians, business people, city planners, students, and entrepreneurs to take the pulse and understand the prospects of places that usually draw notice only after a disaster or during a political campaign. The America they saw is acutely conscious of its problems—from economic dislocation to the opioid scourge—but itis also crafting solutions, with a practical-minded determination at dramatic odds with the bitter paralysis of national politics. At times of dysfunction on a national level, reform possibilities have often arisen from the local level. The Fallowses describe America in the middle of one of these creative waves. Their view of the country is as complex and contradictory as America itself, but it also reflects the energy, the generosity and compassion, the dreams, and the determination of many who are in the midst of making things better. Our Towns is the story of their journey—and an account of a country busy remaking itself.
Lady Be Good
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062290711
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-05-14
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A British Lady Lady Emma Wells-Finch, the oh-so-proper headmistressof England's St. Gertrude's School for Girls, is a woman on a mission—she has two weeks to lose her reputation. Arriving in Texas with skirts flying, umbrella pointing, and beautiful mouth issuing orders, she knows only one thing will save her from losing everything she holds dear: complete and utter disgrace! A Texas Rascal World-famous playboy-athlete Kenny Traveler has kickedup his boot heels one too many times, and now he's suspended from the sport he loves. Only one thing will restore his career:complete and utter respectability! Unfortunately, he's been blackmailed into chauffeuring bossy, single-minded Lady Emma, and she's hell-bent on visiting honkytonks,chasing down tattoo parlors, and worse.. lots worse. Love, All-American Style When a gorgeous man who can't afford another scandal meets a hardheaded woman who's determined to cause one, anything can happen. But love? Oh, dear. That's impossible.That's outrageous. That's... Inevitable!
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #19
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1479420808
Pages: 134
Year: 2016-03-11
View: 573
Read: 215
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #19 features the best in contemporary and classic mystery fiction, with a great lineup of stories and columns. Here are: Features: From Watson's Notebook, by John H. Watson, M. D. Ask Mrs Hudson, by (Mrs) Martha Hudson Non Fiction: Screen of the Crime, by Kim Newman Podcasting, by Lisa Cotoggio Fiction: A Breton Homecoming: Conclusion, by Peter James Quirk The Perfesser and the Kid, by Roberta Rogow A Business Proposition, by Janice Law A King’s Ransom, by John M. Floyd Running in Place, by J.E. Irvin Letter of the Law, by J.P. Seewald CLASSIC REPRINT: The Boscombe Valley Mystery, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ART & CARTOONS: Wolf Forrest (Front Cover) Cartoon by Marc Bilgrey