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Live Your Dream
Author: Bb Miller, Leslie Carson
ISBN: 0998246220
Year: 2017-10-10
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Bass player for acclaimed rock band, Redfall, Matt Logan excels at connecting intricate harmonies to a distinctive groove. His connections off-stage are just as legendary...and scores of women line up to be next. However, all the women and accolades are just a way of silencing the dangerous voices of his past. Voices he has trouble putting behind him. When he collides with the spirited Tessa Baker, an up-and-coming executive determined to prove her worth, Matt is shocked to discover that there may be a better way of drowning out the noise. Will Matt give in to the fears that haunt him, or will he and Tessa dare to live their own dream?
Live Your Dreams
Author: Les Brown
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN: 0380723743
Pages: 272
Year: 1994-07-01
View: 577
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Here is Les Brown's personal formula for success and happiness -- positively charged thoughts, guidance, examples, plus an Action Planner to help you focus your thoughts on specific goals...and achieve them all. The answers are all here in this astonishing book -- with one simple, powerful message: We may not always be able to control what is put in our path, but we can always control what we are...and what we will become.
Rock the Dream
Author: Bb Miller
ISBN: 0998246204
Year: 2017-01-16
View: 585
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Multi-platinum, award-winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it all-packed arenas, private jets, and loyal fans. Everything is at his fingertips... until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmare. Haunted and lost, the only place he comes alive is on stage, playing for a sea of nameless faces. He's desperately wanting more and losing hope that he'll ever find it. Abigail Walker, director of an international children's charity, lives for her job. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, she pours her energy into making the lives of the families she works with just a little better. But her dedication doesn't keep her warm at night, a fact she's beginning to regret. When a little boy's hope to meet his idol brings them together, Kennedy is shocked to find that the determined Abigail may be the one to help him make his dreams come true-if he's strong enough.
Another Postcard
Author: Elle Christensen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1544764561
Pages: 306
Year: 2017-03-17
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Brooklynn Hawk is an enigma. Highly sought after for her incredible voice, her talent shines bright in the studio. But a dark past and a secret she holds close to her heart keep her from permanently stepping into the limelight. Until her favorite band offers her the chance to chase her dreams. As the lead singer for rock sensation, Stone Butterfly, Levi Matthews is wary of bringing in new talent. But, he has heard just how amazing Brooklynn is and when the need for another singer arises, he's confident that she is the perfect addition. However, he doesn't count on laying his heart at her feet. But the world of music can be as dangerous as it is thrilling. Joining Stone Butterfly on tour was hard enough for Brooklyn, but when she finally succumbs to Levi's charms, the rock 'n' roll life turns deadly. Will Levi and Brooklynn keep their voices and their hearts entwined? Or will the music prove too hard to survive? **Can be read as a standalone**
Liquid Regret
Author: M. J. Carnal
ISBN: 1502599619
Pages: 324
Year: 2014-10-08
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Damien “D'Rey” Reynolds is the lead singer of the hottest new band in the country. He's talented, he's gorgeous, and he's spinning completely out of control. His dark past is threatening to ruin everything he's worked so hard for. When a story leaked to the press has the power to clean up his image, he doesn't see another way out. Mia Lee has spent the past year forgetting about the week that changed her life forever. A chance encounter brings her face to face with the man who has the power to break her heart all over again. She wants the fairytale, but Damien Reynolds is no prince. How far is she willing to go to live out her dream of the perfect relationship?Being famous comes with a price. The paparazzi are hungry, late nights are filled with women lining up waiting for their chance, and danger lurks around the corner. Sometimes the best security detail in the world can't change what's already been set in motion. Losing what's most important has the power to shatter the future. In a world full of darkness, can Damien chase away his demons before it's too late? After a loss that rocks him to the core, can he take a chance on love again? Or will his past be what truly defines him?Liquid Regret is book one in the Liquid Regret Series.
The Fiery Boys
Author: Sage Ardman
Publisher: R.L.Ranch Press
ISBN: 0991420527
Pages: 348
Year: 2016-07-01
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I've been in love with the Fiery Boys for ten years now, so I was incredibly excited when they announced a reunion tour. Their music meant more to me than most people realized--it had literally saved my life. Back before they broke up, most people screamed for Chuck, the tall, seductive lead singer. Gabe, the guitarist, was usually their second choice, although I never understood why. Besides, I didn't want those two. The one I wanted was River, the buff and sexy drummer with the shaved head. Buck, the blue-eyed bass player, was my second favorite. No denying it, these were four gorgeous rockers. Not that any of this really mattered. I wasn't foolish enough to fall prey to the usual fan-girl fantasies that made people wait by the stage door and rip their clothes off. Well, except with River, who I could get pretty delusional about--he was crazy hot. But then two amazing things happened. First, the Fiery Boys ran a contest, offering one lucky woman the chance to ride on their tour bus for a week. And second, I won.
Reality Rocks
Author: Liberty Kontranowski
ISBN: 1540700259
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-11-25
View: 393
Read: 823
Fangirl fantasy romance, it's time to get real. Several months into their whirlwind relationship, best-selling author and fangirl extraordinaire, Kallie Reagan, and her rock star obsession-turned-boyfriend, Niles Russell, are still going strong. Now it's Christmas and everyone knows what that means: It's time for Niles to visit Kallie's hometown-complete with Kallie's young daughters, her side-eye-sporting mother, and her lovably intense (okay, seriously intense) best friend. But smuggling a Grammy-winning front man into a city where everyone knows the couple's fairy-tale story is no easy task. With fans onto them like tinsel on a tree and Kallie's nerves a frazzled mess as she tries to hold it all together, the lovebirds question what their unconventional future holds and where reality fits into the mix. But the magic of Christmas already has it figured out for them . . . because when it comes to matters of the heart, there's no time like the holidays to make even the sparkliest dreams come true.
To Lose a Battle
Author: Alistair Horne
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141937726
Pages: 736
Year: 2007-06-28
View: 1102
Read: 1122
In 1940, the German army fought and won an extraordinary battle with France in six weeks of lightning warfare. With the subtlety and compulsion of a novel, Horne’s narrative shifts from minor battlefield incidents to high military and political decisions, stepping far beyond the confines of military history to form a major contribution to our understanding of the crises of the Franco-German rivalry. To Lose a Battle is the third part of the trilogy beginning with The Fall of Paris and continuing with The Price of Glory (already available in Penguin).
The Liberal Redneck Manifesto
Author: Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501160419
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-10-04
View: 185
Read: 176
The Liberal Rednecks—a Southern-based stand-up comedy group known for their scathing political satire—celebrate all that’s good about Dixie while leading a progressive revolution toward a New South. The American South is home to some of the best music, cuisine, athletics, whiskey, and weather the country has to offer, but its reputation as a haven for its “right-wing, Bible-beatin’, assault-rifle-totin’” citizens precedes it—and, according to the Liberal Rednecks, rightfully so. Yet, as they explain it, the situation in the South is far more complex than “hypocritical, nose-up-in-the-air Yankees” give it credit for. And they should know—they are native sons. Whip-smart, hilarious, and incisive, the Liberal Rednecks are lifelong, down-home Southern boys who aren’t afraid to call out the outdated traditions and intolerant attitudes of their native land—while also shining a proud light on the most misunderstood region of the country. Their mission: to provide a manifesto for young progressives south of the Mason-Dixon line to rise up and claim their homeland—without abandoning the best of their culture. Exploring race, class, guns, religion, drug addiction, alcoholism, and homophobia, the Liberal Rednecks tell it like it is while challenging stereotypes at every turn. Fresh, funny, and surprising, The Liberal Redneck Manifesto gives us a vision of Dixieland as it exists now—and what it could become.
Author: Jamie Shaw
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062569392
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-02-21
View: 414
Read: 407
When Hailey Harper left her family farm to enroll in veterinary school, she had a plan: keep her head down, ace her classes, and most importantly... don’t upset the uncle paying her tuition. Translation? Don’t piss off his dramatic, self-absorbed daughter, Danica, even if she’s a nightmare to live with. Falling in love with her cousin’s rock star ex-boyfriend was definitely not part of the plan. As the drummer of a now-famous rock band, Mike Madden could have any girl he wants. He’s sweet, funny, romantic, talented—and the only guy that’s ever made Hailey’s heart do cartwheels in her chest. The more she gets to know him, the harder she falls, but Hailey knows they can never be more than friends… because Danica wants him back, and she’ll fight dirty to win. Mike is falling for Hailey too, but Danica’s threats and his rock star life—music video shoots, international tours, obsessed fans—could tear them apart before they’ve even begun. Hailey isn’t sure she’s the one for him, but Mike’s waited years for a girl like her… and he’ll do anything to prove it.
Author: Stephanie Witter
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1987547160
Pages: 426
Year: 2018-04-04
View: 250
Read: 563
They were married but never kissed. That night years ago never had consequences...until now. "I wasn't into the love bullshit and I didn't really believe in forever between two people.'' If I had my way, I would have never seen Maxen Walton again, the womanizing drummer of Kinky Shine. When I met him in college he was already going through girls as if they were disposable. I had always hated him. Yet, for some drunken reason I ended up marrying him in Las Vegas. That night, right before I puked in the fake flowers and left the tacky chapel was the last time I had laid eyes on him. Until my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Now, I was in LA trying to get a divorce from my husband without the press hearing about it. What I didn't expect was that my famous husband affected me and that getting to know him would change a lot more than I ever planned. "All I saw now was Lark, always and forever out of my reach, always driving me crazy.'' I had only ever met one woman who equally drove me crazy and made me want her until I forgot my name. Lark Hardin. And I married her one crazy night in Las Vegas. Freshly out of rehab and trying like hell to get back in the game while convincing my best friend I wouldn't relapse, seeing my wife again was the last thing I needed for that. Life liked f*cking with me, though. Here she was, so sexy I would damn myself to be inside her just once, but she wasn't here for me. She was here to get a divorce so her perfect boyfriend had free range to marry her. She still hated my guts on the sole principle that I was a womanizing f*cker, but maybe she would open her eyes and see beyond that part of me. I just hoped it wouldn't be just for the sex because this woman had always been my weakness. She had the power to destroy me. "I'd spent the better part of my life hiding behind my bright smile and loud laugh, pushing everything away by using sex, but that was over.'' *For readers over 18. Can be read as a standalone but if you want the full Kinky Shine experience don't miss the first book, Dex.*
The British Knight
Author: Louise Bay
ISBN: 1910747513
Pages: 340
Year: 2017-11-28
View: 864
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"When I'm offered the chance to leave New York to live in London for three months, I can't pack my suitcase fast enough ... When I'm offered a temporary job working for a barrister, I say, sign me up. On my first commute into work, it's a total accident when I lose my balance and fall against the most handsome Brit alive ... Turns out Mr. Handsome is my new boss. And his attitude isn't as hot as his gorgeous face, broad shoulders, and tight ass"--Back cover.
Everyday Hero
Author: Kathleen Cherry
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
ISBN: 145980984X
Pages: 168
Year: 2016-03-15
View: 686
Read: 1123
Alice doesn’t like noise, smells or strangers. She does like rules. Lots of rules. Nobody at her new school knows she has Asperger’s, so it doesn’t take long for her odd behavior to get her into trouble. When she meets Megan in detention, she doesn’t know what to make of her. Megan doesn’t smell, she’s not terribly noisy, and she’s not exactly a stranger, but is she a friend? Megan seems fearless to Alice, but also angry or maybe sad. Alice isn’t sure which. When Megan decides to run away, Alice resolves to help her friend, no matter how many rules she has to break or how bad it makes her feel.
The Infinite Something
Author: Christine Michelle, Christine M. Butler
Publisher: Moonlit Dreams Publications
Pages: 298
Year: 2018-04-24
View: 1250
Read: 336
I thought I could fall in love with an up and coming rock star until he betrayed me. The lying, cheating, scheming piece of crap bassist for my brother’s band destroyed my faith in men. Funny how another musician saved me from humiliation, became my best friend during my internship with his band’s tour, and ended up winning my heart despite the fact that I had sworn to never go there again. ​Too bad things couldn’t stay so simple. One jealous ex-girlfriend, one crazy infatuation later, and I became public enemy number one. Then I waited to see if he would remain my savior, or prove that I was right the first time around… you can’t trust a rocker. Why the hell had I done so twice? He was the reason for the second chance, and my reason for everything that followed. *Note: The Infinite Something is over 100k words, a stand along book (future books in the series involve other people) and is intended for adult readers due to strong language, sexual situations, and some violence.
Jupiter'S Legacy Vol. 2
Author: Mark Millar
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1534306064
Pages: 136
Year: 2017-08-30
View: 1054
Read: 803
IT'S HERE! Industry sales beast JUPITER'S LEGACY is back with MARK MILLAR & FRANK QUITELY! Superhero offspring Hutch and Chloe have come out of hiding with son Jason to assemble a team of super-crooks from around the globe. Collects JUPITER'S LEGACY, VOL. 2 #1-5