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Flat Knitting Machines
Author: ITF Maille (Firm)
ISBN: 2902229011
Year: 1983
View: 283
Read: 1182

Loving What Is
Author: Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 1400045460
Pages: 352
Year: 2002-05-07
View: 1271
Read: 1270
Out of nowhere, like a breeze in a marketplace crowded with advice, comes Byron Katie and “The Work.” In the midst of a normal life, Katie became increasingly depressed, and over a ten-year period sank further into rage, despair, and thoughts of suicide. Then one morning, she woke up in a state of absolute joy, filled with the realization of how her own suffering had ended. The freedom of that realization has never left her, and now in Loving What Is you can discover the same freedom through The Work. The Work is simply four questions that, when applied to a specific problem, enable you to see what is troubling you in an entirely different light. As Katie says, “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.” Contrary to popular belief, trying to let go of a painful thought never works; instead, once we have done The Work, the thought lets go of us. At that point, we can truly love what is, just as it is. Loving What Is will show you step-by-step, through clear and vivid examples, exactly how to use this revolutionary process for yourself. You’ll see people do The Work with Katie on a broad range of human problems, from a wife ready to leave her husband because he wants more sex, to a Manhattan worker paralyzed by fear of terrorism, to a woman suffering over a death in her family. Many people have discovered The Work’s power to solve problems; in addition, they say that through The Work they experience a sense of lasting peace and find the clarity and energy to act, even in situations that had previously seemed impossible. If you continue to do The Work, you may discover, as many people have, that the questioning flows into every aspect of your life, effortlessly undoing the stressful thoughts that keep you from experiencing peace. Loving What Is offers everything you need to learn and live this remarkable process, and to find happiness as what Katie calls “a lover of reality.”
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Author: Mark Haddon
Publisher: Anchor Canada
ISBN: 0307371565
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-02-24
View: 641
Read: 882
Narrated by a fifteen-year-old autistic savant obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, this dazzling novel weaves together an old-fashioned mystery, a contemporary coming-of-age story, and a fascinating excursion into a mind incapable of processing emotions. Christopher John Francis Boone knows all the countries of the world and their capitals and every prime number up to 7,057. Although gifted with a superbly logical brain, Christopher is autistic. Everyday interactions and admonishments have little meaning for him. At fifteen, Christopher’s carefully constructed world falls apart when he finds his neighbour’s dog Wellington impaled on a garden fork, and he is initially blamed for the killing. Christopher decides that he will track down the real killer, and turns to his favourite fictional character, the impeccably logical Sherlock Holmes, for inspiration. But the investigation leads him down some unexpected paths and ultimately brings him face to face with the dissolution of his parents’ marriage. As Christopher tries to deal with the crisis within his own family, the narrative draws readers into the workings of Christopher’s mind. And herein lies the key to the brilliance of Mark Haddon’s choice of narrator: The most wrenching of emotional moments are chronicled by a boy who cannot fathom emotions. The effect is dazzling, making for one of the freshest debut in years: a comedy, a tearjerker, a mystery story, a novel of exceptional literary merit that is great fun to read.
Bridget and the Gray Wolves
Author: Pija Lindenbaum, Kjersti Board
ISBN: 9129653959
Pages: 36
Year: 2001
View: 886
Read: 1271
Tells the story of Bridget who is a very careful child. When she meets a pack of gray wolves in the woods, she takes charge of them.
Always Watching
Author: Chevy Stevens
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250031893
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-06-18
View: 236
Read: 870
She helps people put their demons to rest. But she has a few of her own... In the lockdown ward of a psychiatric hospital, Dr. Nadine Lavoie is in her element. She has the tools to help people, and she has the desire—healing broken families is what she lives for. But Nadine doesn't want to look too closely at her own past because there are whole chunks of her life that are black holes. It takes all her willpower to tamp down her recurrent claustrophobia, and her daughter, Lisa, is a runaway who has been on the streets for seven years. When a distraught woman, Heather Simeon, is brought into the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit after a suicide attempt, Nadine gently coaxes her story out of her—and learns of some troubling parallels with her own life. Digging deeper, Nadine is forced to confront her traumatic childhood, and the damage that began when she and her brother were brought by their mother to a remote commune on Vancouver Island. What happened to Nadine? Why was their family destroyed? And why does the name Aaron Quinn, the group's leader, bring complex feelings of terror to Nadine even today? And then, the unthinkable happens, and Nadine realizes that danger is closer to home than she ever imagined. She has no choice but to face what terrifies her the most...and fight back. Sometimes you can leave the past, but you can never escape. Told with the trademark powerful storytelling that has had critics praising her work as "Gripping" (Kirkus), "Jaw-dropping" (Publishers Weekly) and "Crackling with suspense" (People magazine), ALWAYS WATCHING shows why Chevy Stevens is one of the most mesmerizing new talents of our day.
Heart Thoughts
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401939368
Pages: 279
Year: 2012
View: 729
Read: 155
"This beautifully illustrated gift edition of Heart Thoughts is a collection of meditations, spiritual treatments, and excerpts from my lectures. It focuses on aspects of our day-to-day experiences, and is meant to guide and assist you in particular areas where you may be having difficulty. It is now time for you to release old beliefs and old habits, and the meditations and treatments within these pages can help you build your confidence as you make necessary changes in your life. This is a time of awakening. Know that you are always safe. And also know that it's possible to move from th.
Was mir guttut, wenns mir schlecht geht
Author: Wanda Dammann
Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH
ISBN: 3451346419
Pages: 180
Year: 2013-04-17
View: 294
Read: 943
Was gibt Halt, wenn wir sehr traurig oder seelisch belastet sind? Die Autorin, die selbst zwei schwere Krisen erlebt hat, macht dazu hilfreiche Vorschläge, die gut erfassbar und umsetzbar auch bei geringer Konzentration und Energie sind und vor allem frei von Inhalten, die ungute Erinnerungen wachrufen könnten. So erhalten Betroffene bei seelischen Verstimmungen oder begleitend während einer Therapie bei Depression oder Trauma wertschätzende Hilfe, den Alltag zu bewältigen und zu gestalten.
Gillyflower Kid
Author: Christine Brückner
Publisher: Fromm International
Pages: 357
Year: 1982
View: 818
Read: 780
Maximiliane von Quindt marries a Nazi officer and struggles to keep her family together in the chaos during World War II in Germany
The Brightest Stars
Author: ANNA. TODD
Publisher: Frayed Pages, Incorporated
ISBN: 1732408602
Pages: 300
Year: 2018-09-18
View: 1103
Read: 569
#1 international bestselling author Anna Todd returns with a riveting novel about one woman's journey to finding love as she overcomes the obstacles thrown at her at every turn.
Year: 2009
View: 828
Read: 958

Performance power
Author: Irmtraud Krüger, Irmtraud Tarr
Pages: 252
Year: 1993
View: 706
Read: 660
PERFORMANCE POWER is a practical & insightful book which helps anyone of any age or profession with performance anxiety, or "stage fright." A best selling German author, Dr. Irmtraud Tarr Kruger is a noted psychotherapist & concert musician. She helps us understand our inner monsters, why they are there, & how to deal with them. Her unique mental & physical exercises offer simple solutions to subconscious fears of failure during performance. An international bestseller (German edition: LAMPENFIEBER, (C) Kreuz Verlag AG, Stuttgart, 1993), now available for the first time in English (translated by Dr. Edward H. Tarr), will prove of significant value to musicians, actors, lecturers, athletes, business professionals, storytellers, ministers & anyone who suffers in the limelight. PERFORMANCE POWER is a perfect textbook for music teachers, acting coaches, sports trainers, & drama teachers. ISBN 1-887210-00-8. To order: Summit Books (a division of Summit Records, Inc.), P.O. Box 26850, Tempe, AZ 85285-6850. Telephone: 800-543-5156. FAX: 602-470-0696. Wholesaler dealer & library inquires welcomed.
Was deine Angst dir sagen will
Author: Winter, Andreas
Publisher: Mankau Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3863743237
Pages: 198
Year: 2016-09-12
View: 275
Read: 393
Fast jeder Mensch fürchtet sich vor bestimmten Dingen oder Ereignissen: vor Krankheit, Arbeitsplatz- oder Partnerverlust, Ablehnung und Kritik oder einfach nur vor Fremden, Schlangen, Spinnen, Aufzügen oder einer Flugreise – diese Ängste blockieren uns im Alltag und beeinträchtigen unsere Lebensqualität. Menschen, die ohne Angst durchs Leben gehen, sind nachweislich gesünder, erfolgreicher, beliebter und vor allem glücklicher. Doch wie schafft man es, ohne langwierige Prozeduren seine Beklemmungen und Vorbehalte endgültig loszuwerden? Der für seine ungewöhnlichen Ansätze bekannte Tiefenpsychologe Andreas Winter hat darauf eine so einfache wie verblüffende Antwort: „Ängste verschwinden, indem wir sie verstehen!“ Denn sie sind allesamt im Kindesalter unbewusst erworben und haben die Funktion, ein Kind vor Kontrollverlust zu schützen. Wer die Ursache seiner Angst kennt, der findet das Gegenmittel und gewinnt somit die Kontrolle über sein Leben zurück. Sogar die gefürchteten Panikattacken und archetypische Ängste werden hiermit unschädlich gemacht. Mit nur drei Fragen kann der Leser herausfinden, was hinter seiner Angst steckt und wie man sie wieder loswird. Anhand zahlreicher Fallbeispiele aus seiner langjährigen Coaching-Praxis zeigt der Autor, wie es Menschen gelungen ist, durch einen „Klick im Kopf“ die eigenen Ängste zu überwinden. Erfahren auch Sie, wie es ist, ohne Angst zu leben!
The Multimedia and CD-ROM Directory 1998
Author: Connectsoft-U S
Publisher: Waterlow Pub Limited
ISBN: 0333711696
Pages: 1050
Year: 1998-02
View: 974
Read: 623
Now in its 19th edition, this comprehensive directory details companies active in multimedia, which continues to evolve alongside the industry that it tracks. The text contains details of approximately 16,000 companies. Entries include company descriptions and classifications by activity, sector, platform, product type, size, turnover and more. The database section is indexed. This year articles from industry leaders and shapers, as well as interviews with heads of trend-setting companies and a round-up of statistics, should make this a useful item for professionals in the industry, and those who purchase multimedia professionally.
Loving Yourself to Great Health
Author: Louise L. Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
Publisher: Hay House Incorporated
ISBN: 1401942865
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-10-06
View: 204
Read: 892
For decades, best-selling author Louise Hay has transformed people's lives by teaching them to let go of limiting beliefs. Now in this tour de force, Louise teams up with her go-to natural health and nutrition experts,Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane, to reveal the other side of her secret to health, happiness, and longevity: living a nutrient-rich life. Unlike any health book you've ever read, this work transcends fads, trends, and dogma to bring you a simple yet profound system to heal your body, mind, and spirit that is as gentle as changing the way you think. Louise, Ahlea, and Heather show you how to take your health, your moods, and your energy to the next level. In Loving Yourself to Great Health, you will; tap into the secrets Louise has used for decades to supercharge the effectiveness of affirmations and bring your body back into alignment with your mind; discover what nutrition really means and how to cut through the confusion about which diets really work; learn to hear the stories your body is eager to reveal; and uncover techniques for longevity, vitality, good moods, deep intuition, and for meeting your body's unique healing needs at all stages of life. At 88 years of age, Louise has much wisdom to share about what it takes to live a long, happy, healthy life. We invite you to join us on an amazing journey that will turn your life into your greatest love story.
Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 6: Cry Freedom
Author: John Briley, Rowena Akinyemi
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0194792560
Pages: 120
Year: 2008
View: 462
Read: 702
They said Steve Biko was a man of violence; then why did he talk of peace? They said he wanted revolution; so why did he talk of friendship? They said he died of hunger; why was his body broken and bruised ? This is the story of a man's fight with the government of South Africa. It is the story of ail people who prefer truth to lies. It is the story of ail people who cry 'Freedom', and who are not afraid to die.