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Librarian's Guide to Passive Programming
Author: Emily T. Wichman
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 159884895X
Pages: 152
Year: 2012
View: 491
Read: 441
"This professional primer introduces librarians to the concept of passive programming, and provides plans for implementing a wide array of intergenerational programs in libraries"--
The Value of Academic Libraries
Author: Megan Oakleaf
Publisher: Assoc of Cllge & Rsrch Libr
ISBN: 0838985688
Pages: 184
Year: 2010
View: 586
Read: 1086
This report provides Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) leaders and the academic community with a clear view of the current state of the literature on value of libraries within an institutional context, suggestions for immediate "Next Steps" in the demonstration of academic library value, and a "Research Agenda" for articulating academic library value. Its focus is to help librarians understand, based on professional literature, the current answer to the question, "How does the library advance the missions of the institution?" This report is also of interest to higher educational professionals external to libraries, including senior leaders, administrators, faculty, and student affairs professionals.
Recipes for Play
Author: Rachel Sumner, Ruth Mitchener
Publisher: The Experiment
ISBN: 1615192190
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-09-09
View: 728
Read: 547
More than 35 activities and ideas that inspire children to explore the world around them. An important part of childhood is being curious and trying out new experiences. What do things taste, feel, smell, sound like? What happens when you add red to blue, mix earth with water, or drop a blob of paint from a great height? These childhood experiments are vital for development and provide hours of entertainment. Recipes for Play contains easy and inexpensive ideas for engaging your child’s senses. Many wonderful hours can be spent playing with natural ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard or backyard garden. Make your own face paint in minutes, whip up a batch of oozy slime, create clouds of color with rainbow rice, and so much more. Sisters Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener have created Recipes for Play for parents and teachers—or anyone with a child in their life—who want to encourage tactile learning but don’t want their lives to be controlled by chaos. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions for setting up activities and simple steps for cleaning up once the fun is finished.
Adult Programs in the Library, Second Edition
Author: Brett W. Lear
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838911404
Pages: 280
Year: 2013
View: 1149
Read: 585
Programming is an important means of not only drawing new people to the library but also better serving existing patrons. Lear’s invaluable guide to adult programs is back—and better than ever, with refreshed, expanded content and new ideas to reinvigorate programs and give them a 21st-century spin. This edition includes Updated chapters on basics such as funding, crafting guidelines, topic selection, publicity, post-program evaluations, and more A new section on technology, with ideas for online book discussions, offering programs via Skype, and turning programs into podcasts Methods for tailoring programs for specific groups, such as men, baby boomers, and seniors A collection of "five-star" programs from libraries around the country that can be easily adapted Walking the reader through every aspect of adult programming, this new edition of a tried-and-true book is truly a librarian’s best friend.
Hosting a Library Mystery
Author: Elizabeth M. Karle
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838909868
Pages: 102
Year: 2009
View: 1113
Read: 1185
Provides instruction for libraries who wish to host interactive "mystery" events, providing materials and scripts suitable for children, students, or adult patrons, with puzzles, word games, clue sheets, and suggested book characters that can be portrayed.
The Thank You Book (An Elephant and Piggie Book)
Author: Mo Willems
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN: 1423178289
Pages: 64
Year: 2016-05-03
View: 1271
Read: 935
Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In The Thank You Book!, Piggie wants to thank EVERYONE. But Gerald is worried Piggie will forget someone . . . someone important.
Vulture View
Author: April Pulley Sayre, Steve Jenkins
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0805075577
Pages: 32
Year: 2007-10-02
View: 1234
Read: 199
Introduces early readers to the turkey vulture through a review of how they find their meals as soaring scavengers and the important part they play as a member of nature's clean-up crew.
Reading Magic
Author: Mem Fox, Judy Horacek
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0156035103
Pages: 192
Year: 2008
View: 521
Read: 626
Argues that reading aloud to children is a vital part of their educational development, exploring how and where to read to achieve the best effects.
Side Hustle
Author: Chris Guillebeau
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 152475885X
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-09-19
View: 1256
Read: 757
The author of the New York Times Bestseller THE $100 STARTUP, shows how to launch a profitable side hustle in just 27 days. To some, the idea of quitting their day job to start a business is exhilarating. For others, it’s terrifying. After all, a job that produces a steady paycheck can be difficult to give up. But in a time when businesses have so little loyalty to employees that the very notion of “job security” has become a punchline, wouldn’t it be great to have an additional source of income to fall back on? And wouldn’t it be great to make that happen without leaving your day job? Enter the Side Hustle. Based on detailed information from hundreds of case studies, Chris Guillebeau provides a step-by-step guide that anyone can use to create and launch a profitable project in less than a month. Designed for the busy and impatient, this plan will have you generating income immediately, without the risk of throwing yourself head first into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you just want to make some extra money, or start something that may end up replacing your day job entirely, the side hustle is the new job security. When you generate income from multiple sources, it gives you options, and in today’s world, options aren't just nice to have: they're essential. You don’t need entrepreneurial experience to launch a profitable side hustle. You don’t need a business degree, know how to code, or be an expert marketer. And you certainly don’t need employees or investors. With this book as your guide, anyone can learn to build a fast track to freedom.
The Snowy Day
Author: Ezra Jack Keats
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0670013250
Pages: 32
Year: 2012
View: 385
Read: 437
The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day. On board pages.
Color Me Calm
Author: Lacy Mucklow
Publisher: Race Point Pub
ISBN: 1937994775
Pages: 208
Year: 2014-10-27
View: 908
Read: 1077
The perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax!
The Atlas of New Librarianship
Author: R. David Lankes
ISBN: 0262529920
Pages: 424
Year: 2016-08-26
View: 318
Read: 275
Libraries have existed for millennia, but today the library field is searching for solid footing in an increasingly fragmented (and increasingly digital) information environment. What is librarianship when it is unmoored from cataloging, books, buildings, and committees? In "The Atlas of New Librarianship," R. David Lankes offers a guide to this new landscape for practitioners. He describes a new librarianship based not on books and artifacts but on knowledge and learning; and he suggests a new mission for librarians: to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities. The vision for a new librarianship must go beyond finding library-related uses for information technology and the Internet; it must provide a durable foundation for the field. Lankes recasts librarianship and library practice using the fundamental concept that knowledge is created though conversation. New librarians approach their work as facilitators of conversation; they seek to enrich, capture, store, and disseminate the conversations of their communities. To help librarians navigate this new terrain, Lankes offers a map, a visual representation of the field that can guide explorations of it; more than 140 Agreements, statements about librarianship that range from relevant theories to examples of practice; and Threads, arrangements of Agreements to explain key ideas, covering such topics as conceptual foundations and skills and values. Agreement Supplements at the end of the book offer expanded discussions. Although it touches on theory as well as practice, the Atlas is meant to be a tool: textbook, conversation guide, platform for social networking, and call to action. Copublished with the Association of College & Research Libraries.
A Good Night for Ghosts
Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375856498
Pages: 112
Year: 2011-07
View: 857
Read: 357
Jack and Annie must travel back in time to New Orleans in 1915 to help a teenaged Louis Armstrong fulfill his destiny and become the "King of Jazz."
Complete Copyright
Author: Carrie Russell, Dwayne K. Buttler
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838935435
Pages: 262
Year: 2004
View: 483
Read: 184
Through real-life examples, ALA copyright expert Russell illustrates how librarians can be advocates for a fair and balanced copyright law and provides guidance for both common copyright issues and latest trends. She also addresses the intricacies of copyright in the digital world and recent copyright legislation, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH).
Duck for President
Author: Doreen Cronin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442460962
Pages: 40
Year: 2012-06-12
View: 864
Read: 1301
From the New York Times bestselling creators of Click, Clack, Moo, this eBook with audio provides an entertaning introduction to politics. My fellow Americans: It is our pleasure, our honor, our duty as citizens to present to you Duck for President. Here is a duck who began in a humble pond. Who worked his way to farmer. To governor. And now, perhaps, to the highest office in the land. Some say, if he walks like a duck and talks like a duck, he is a duck. We say, if he walks like a duck and talks like a duck, he will be the next president of the United States of America. Thank you for your vote.