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L'arte di oziare
Author: Lucio Anneo Seneca
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854172987
Pages: 109
Year: 2014-09-04
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De otio - De tranquillitate animi Edizioni integrali con testo latino a fronte Cura e traduzione di Mario Scaffidi Abate Come la contemplazione non è assenza di attività, così la serenità non è mancanza di passioni, ma l’equilibrio armonico tra di esse. L’otium era, per i Romani, il riposo dalle pratiche consuete e come tale includeva anche la vita contemplativa. Giustificando il suo ritiro dalla politica, Seneca sostiene nel De otio che la contemplazione è pur essa un’azione. Noi aggiungeremmo che è l’azione per eccellenza, perché contempla tutte le azioni, nel duplice senso di “osservare” e “contenere”. Nel De tranquillitate animi, poi, vedremo che la serenità non esclude la partecipazione alla vita attiva e anzi in certi casi (stati di ansia, malinconia, noia) si può conseguire proprio nell’impegno sociale. Lucio Anneo Senecanacque a Cordova, in Spagna, intorno al 4 a.C. Avviatosi verso un ideale ascetico di vita, da cui lo distolse il padre, abbracciò la carriera forense e la vita politica prima sotto Caligola, poi sotto Claudio e infine sotto Nerone. Ricchissimo, fu oggetto di aspre critiche e venne anche citato in giudizio. Nel 65, coinvolto nella congiura di Pisone contro Nerone, si tagliò le vene. Di Seneca la Newton Compton ha pubblicato, con testo latino a fronte, L’arte di non adirarsi, L’arte di essere felici e vivere a lungo e L’arte di essere saggi.
De Otio
Author: Lucius Annaeus Seneca, G. D. Williams
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521588065
Pages: 271
Year: 2003-01-30
View: 838
Read: 1169
This edition of Seneca's De otio and De brevitate vitae introduces undergraduates and more advanced students to Senecan philosophy. Both texts promote the benefits of living an inner existence insulated from everyday pressures. This edition emphasizes the relevance of the provocative Senecan message of a "balanced" life and his views on the complex relationship of the individual to society.
The Periodic Table
Author: Primo Levi
Publisher: Everyman's Library
ISBN: 0679444637
Pages: 241
Year: 1996
View: 413
Read: 174
One of Italy's leading men of letters, a chemist by profession, writes about incidents in his life in which one or another of the elements figured in such a way as to become a personal preoccupation
Marx's Das Kapital
Author: Francis Wheen
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802143946
Pages: 130
Year: 2008
View: 556
Read: 739
A critical study of Karl Marx's landmark work, Das Kapital, details the author's two-decade struggle to complete his work and its seminal influence on philosophers, writers, revolutionaries, and others, as well as its impact on the course of twentieth-century history. Reprint.
The Letters of Emily Dickinson 1845-1886
Author: Emily Dickinson
Pages: 454
Year: 1906
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Reading Marx Writing
Author: Thomas M. Kemple
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804724083
Pages: 274
Year: 1995
View: 1182
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Employing the insights of recent cultural critics, Reading Marx Writing uses the eight notebooks (the Grundrisse) Marx worked on in 1857-58 to examine his literary, political, and scientific imagination and the fictional writers he admired. By exploring the Grundrisse, the project or plan that Marx did not carry through, the author speculates on the limits and possibilities of Marx's interpretive approach for addressing current issues in philosophy and hermeneutics, critical sociology and political economy, and aesthetics and literary criticism. The study employs certain literary works - notably a scene from Goethe's Faust and several stories from Balzac's Comedie humaine - as looking-glasses or sounding boards for Marx's political and scientific concerns and to connect themes emerging from the cultural economy of the nineteenth century. These literary works are treated less as dramatic illustrations of Marx's life or depictions of his scientific insights than as interpretive frameworks or social fictions which give shape to both Marx's text and the writings of others working in his wake. Through an innovative blend of German critical theory (Lukacs, Marcuse, and Habermas), French post-structuralism (Althusser, Lyotard, and Baudrillard), and Anglo-American cultural criticism (Jameson, Mitchell, and O'Neill), the author develops a unique method for articulating the play of image, text, and even music within Marx's human scientific discourse.
Asimov's New Guide to Science
Author: Isaac Asimov
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited (UK)
ISBN: 0140172130
Pages: 880
Year: 1993-05-01
View: 328
Read: 908
Asimov tells the stories behind the science: the men and women who made the important discoveries and how they did it. Ranging from Galilei, Achimedes, Newton and Einstein, he takes the most complex concepts and explains it in such a way that a first-time reader on the subject feels confident on his/her understanding.
An Elegy on the Glory of Her Sex, Mrs. Mary Blaize
Author: Oliver Goldsmith, Randolph Caldecott
Pages: 22
Year: 1885
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Mathematics in Western Culture
Author: Morris Kline
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195345452
Pages: 512
Year: 1964-12-31
View: 739
Read: 889
This book gives a remarkably fine account of the influences mathematics has exerted on the development of philosophy, the physical sciences, religion, and the arts in Western life.
Michelangelo's Poetry and Iconography in the Heart of the Reformation
Author: Ambra Moroncini
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317096819
Pages: 172
Year: 2017-04-07
View: 660
Read: 614
Contextualizing Michelangelo’s poetry and spirituality within the framework of the religious Zeitgeist of his era, this study investigates his poetic production to shed new light on the artist’s religious beliefs and unique language of art. Author Ambra Moroncini looks first and foremost at Michelangelo the poet and proposes a thought-provoking reading of Michelangelo’s most controversial artistic production between 1536 and c.1550: The Last Judgment, his devotional drawings made for Vittoria Colonna, and his last frescoes for the Pauline Chapel. Using theological and literary analyses which draw upon reformist and Protestant scriptural writings, as well as on Michelangelo’s own rime spirituali and Vittoria Colonna’s spiritual lyrics, Moroncini proposes a compelling argument for the impact that the Reformation had on one of the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance. It brings to light how, in the second quarter of the sixteenth century in Italy, Michelangelo’s poetry and aesthetic conception were strongly inspired by the revived theologia crucis of evangelical spirituality, rather than by the theologia gloriae of Catholic teaching.
Karl Marx
Author: Gareth Stedman Jones
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674974808
Pages: 720
Year: 2016-10-03
View: 514
Read: 833
Gareth Stedman Jones returns Karl Marx to his nineteenth-century world, before later inventions transformed him into Communism’s patriarch and fierce lawgiver. He shows how Marx adapted the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach, and others into ideas that would have—in ways inconceivable to Marx—an overwhelming impact in the twentieth century.
Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess
Author: Alfred de Musset
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061979422
Pages: 112
Year: 2009-10-06
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"' What a picture! ' She shivered, making her breasts quiver, and I realized that this confession, far from horrifying her, was feeding her lust. You'll send the devil back into our flesh.' " Considered one of the truly great French writers of the nineteenth century, famed poet and novelist Alfred de Musset once decided (as great French writers are wont to do) to try his hand at erotic fiction. The glorious result was Gamiani, a classic tale of sensual pleasure and sexual excess. Reputedly inspired by the debauched history of Musset's former lover-the irrepressible George Sand-it is the classic erotic story of one man, two women . . . and two incomparable nights of uninhibited sexual adventure.
Collected Poems
Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062015273
Pages: 816
Year: 2011-03-08
View: 730
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Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950), winner in 1923 of the second annual Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, was a daring, versatile writer whose work includes plays, essays, short stories, songs, and the libretto to an opera that premiered at New York's Metropolitan Opera House to rave reviews. Millay infused new life into traditional poetic forms, bringing new hope to a generation of youth disillusioned by the political and social upheaval of the First World War. She ventured fearlessly beyond familiar poetic subjects to tackle political injustice, social discrimination, and women's sexuality in her poems and prose. In the 1920s and '30s, Millay was considered a spokesperson for personal freedom in America, particularly for women, and we turn to her lines to illuminate the social history of the period and the Bohemian lifestyle she and her friends enjoyed. Yet Millay's poetry is still decisively modern in its message, and it continues to resonate with readers facing personal and moral issues that defy the test of time: romantic love, loss, betrayal, compassion for one another, social equality, patriotism, and the stewardship of the natural world. Collected Poems features Millay's incisive and impassioned lyric poetry and sonnets, many of which are considered among the finest in the language, as well as the poet's last volume, Mine the Harvest, compiled and published in 1956 by her sister Norma Millay.
Vulnerability in Resistance
Author: Judith Butler, Zeynep Gambetti, Leticia Sabsay
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822373491
Pages: 360
Year: 2016-10-07
View: 1066
Read: 802
Vulnerability and resistance have often been seen as opposites, with the assumption that vulnerability requires protection and the strengthening of paternalistic power at the expense of collective resistance. Focusing on political movements and cultural practices in different global locations, including Turkey, Palestine, France, and the former Yugoslavia, the contributors to Vulnerability in Resistance articulate an understanding of the role of vulnerability in practices of resistance. They consider how vulnerability is constructed, invoked, and mobilized within neoliberal discourse, the politics of war, resistance to authoritarian and securitarian power, in LGBTQI struggles, and in the resistance to occupation and colonial violence. The essays offer a feminist account of political agency by exploring occupy movements and street politics, informal groups at checkpoints and barricades, practices of self-defense, hunger strikes, transgressive enactments of solidarity and mourning, infrastructural mobilizations, and aesthetic and erotic interventions into public space that mobilize memory and expose forms of power. Pointing to possible strategies for a feminist politics of transversal engagements and suggesting a politics of bodily resistance that does not disavow forms of vulnerability, the contributors develop a new conception of embodiment and sociality within fields of contemporary power. Contributors. Meltem Ahiska, Athena Athanasiou, Sarah Bracke, Judith Butler, Elsa Dorlin, Başak Ertür, Zeynep Gambetti, Rema Hammami, Marianne Hirsch, Elena Loizidou, Leticia Sabsay, Nükhet Sirman, Elena Tzelepis
The Wheels
Author: S. A. Publishing
Publisher: S.a Publishing
ISBN: 1772685704
Pages: 32
Year: 2016-05-09
View: 347
Read: 737
What is friendship? Join three good friends as they discover what real friendship means. They start a race, but decide to finish it together, helping a friend who got in trouble. This book will teach children positive friendship skills like sharing, supporting, and helping each other.