La Storia Del Mossad Servizi E Segreti Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Michael Bar-Zohar, Nissim Mishal
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062123440
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-11-06
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"This book tells what should have been known and isn't—that Israel's hidden force is as formidable as its recognized physical strength." — Israeli President Shimon Peres For decades, Israel's renowned security arm, the Mossad, has been widely recognized as the best intelligence service in the world. In Mossad, authors Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal take us behind the closed curtain with riveting, eye-opening, boots-on-the-ground accounts of the most dangerous, most crucial missions in the agency's 60-year history. These are real Mission: Impossible true stories brimming with high-octane action—from the breathtaking capture of Nazi executioner Adolph Eichmann to the recent elimination of key Iranian nuclear scientists. Anyone who is fascinated by the world of international espionage, intelligence, and covert "Black-Ops" warfare will find Mossad electrifying reading.
Author: Agent Kasper, Luigi Carletti
Publisher: Nan A. Talese
ISBN: 0385540086
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-01-12
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In the Cambodian hinterlands, a lone Western prisoner suffers through a hot, muddy, interminable sentence. Wasted by repeated torture, lack of sleep, malnutrition, and psychotropic drugs, he has been abandoned. His years of exemplary service to his government mean nothing. No one is coming for him. This is Agent Kasper, a man with a staggering résumé: commercial airline pilot, firearms expert, highly accomplished practitioner of several of the martial arts, a secret agent par excellence. It is this incredible competence that will be his undoing. While investigating Mafia money laundering in Phnom Penh, Kasper is approached by the CIA to track down the source of the so-called supernotes—illegal U.S. banknotes counterfeited so perfectly that they are undetectable, even by sophisticated machines—that are flooding Southeast Asia. With patience, skill, and courage, Kasper uncovers the explosive secret behind them and is badly burned by the truth. Meanwhile, back in Rome, a sharp, scrappy lawyer named Barbara Belli has been hired by Kasper’s family to work for his release. She has contacts in the foreign ministry, and while officials make sweeping claims about moving heaven and earth, nothing happens. It’s more than just creaking bureaucracy. Kasper has really pissed off the wrong people. Based on true events in the life of a former spy, Kasper’s journey makes for a shocking and spellbinding page-turner of petty corruption, high-level betrayal, and state secrets so powerful that governments will protect them by any means. From the Hardcover edition.
Storia del Mossad
Author: Antonella Colonna Vilasi
Publisher: Sovera Edizioni
ISBN: 8866521310
Pages: 128
Year: 2015-03-06
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Il libro racconta la storia del Mossad, scritta per la prima volta da una donna, ripercorrendo tutte le tappe fin dalle origini, in un intreccio con la storia stessa dello Stato Ebraico. L’utilità del volume è non solo nel racconto – che descrive appunto storia, bisogni, specificità del Mossad – ma anche nel significativo contributo che apporta agli studi sull’Intelligence, soddisfacendo finalità divulgative ed al contempo scientifiche
Married to the Mossad
Author: Shalva Hessel
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154474000X
Pages: 330
Year: 2017-04-19
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How well do you know your partner? When Sally, a sassy and beautiful Israeli country girl living in London, discovers her husband Jerry is not a lowly embassy attach� but rather an active Mossad agent, her life is turned upside down. Strong willed as she is, she is not easily deterred. When Jerry is sent on a deep cover mission to a Muslim country under the guise of a European businessman, she insists on joining him with the full knowledge that her life as well as that of her family would be in danger. Would you risk it all for exciting experiences that accompany life undercover? After "living on the edge," Sally is unable to live her quiet life as a wife, mother, and computer administrator at an insurance company. She yearns for thrills. So when Sally discovers a plot to defraud the Swiss billionaire who had funded her studies as a young woman, she jumps at the opportunity and calls forth all she had learned during her time undercover to face a ruthless and determined enemy bent on destroying anyone in his path. The threats Sally faces grow as she delves deeper into a complex web of seduction, love, intrigue, passion, and espionage. Reality becomes an intricate riddle that will test the bonds of her marriage and will demand all her courage and audacity to resolve. Scroll up to grab your copy of Married to the Mossad now!
Spies Against Armageddon -- Inside Israel's Secret Wars
Author: Dan Raviv, Yossi Melman
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0985437863
Pages: 666
Year: 2014-03-01
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Shedding light on tumultuous events in Syria, Iran, and the entire Middle East, SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON: INSIDE ISRAEL'S SECRET WARS covers more ground than any other book about modern-day Israel. Its 25 action-packed chapters and detailed endnotes are filled with colorful characters, who risk their lives and reputations in the secret service of their nation. This is a history of Israel's espionage and security network from 1948 until the present day, written by the best selling authors of EVERY SPY A PRINCE: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF ISRAEL'S INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY. This book takes you inside the Middle East crises of today, analyzing Iran's nuclear program and challenges for the United States. The authors also examined U.S.-Israeli relations in FRIENDS IN DEED. Dan Raviv is a TV correspondent in Washington for i24NEWS after reporting overseas for CBS News, and Yossi Melman is an award-winning Israeli reporter and columnist based in Tel Aviv. They have a global reputation for being fair and balanced, without exaggeration about Israel's covert achievements -- and some flaws -- in the defense of a nation that always sees itself as embattled. Chapter 1 of SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON is titled "Stopping Iran," then come chapters with exclusive and carefully considered history -- showing how the behavior and lessons learned in wars and adventures affect the decisions Israel must make today. Later chapters focus on the secret bombing of a nuclear reactor in Syria, the murder by a Mossad team in a Dubai hotel (Was it a mistake?), and blasting the Steven Spielberg movie "Munich" for making it look like Mossad hit men suffered frustration and regrets. SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON is well researched, balanced, and a remarkably enjoyable read.
Author: Morris Benny, Ian Black
Publisher: Bur
ISBN: 8858657136
Pages: 672
Year: 2013-10-24
View: 357
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'Non esiste, con ogni probabilità, una nazione sulla Terra che, in rapporto alla sua estensione e popolazione, produca, analizzi e consumi tante informazioni militari quanto Israele." Muovendo da questo spunto, Benny Morris e Ian Black hanno tracciato la storia dei servizi segreti israeliani dalla loro nascita negli anni Trenta, prima ancora della fondazione dello Stato ebraico, alla guerra del Golfo. Articolata nei tre servizi di sicurezza interna (Shin Bet), militare (Aman) e internazionale (Mossad), l'intelligence ha ricoperto un ruolo di primo piano nella guerra che da oltre mezzo secolo Israele combatte contro i suoi numerosi nemici, alternando strepitosi successi a clamorosi errori. Avvalendosi di un ricco apparato di fonti - documenti, giornali, diari privati, memoranda - e di interviste rilasciate da ex agenti dell'intelligence, gli autori hanno sfidato le rigide leggi di Israele in materia di censura militare, dando vita alla più equilibrata, approfondita e obiettiva indagine sui servizi segreti di quel Paese.
Storia dell'M16
Author: Antonella Colonna Vilasi
Publisher: Sovera Edizioni
ISBN: 8866521531
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-03-06
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La storia dell'MI6, chiamato anche SIS, il mitico servizio esterno inglese immortalato nelle imprese di James Bond, dalla fondazione, nel 1909, sino alle ultime nomine e operazioni speciali.
Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime
Author: Michael R. Ronczkowski
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351787128
Pages: 444
Year: 2017-09-01
View: 621
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The ability of law enforcement agencies to manage and act upon intelligence is the key to countering terrorism. Likewise, a critical foundation of intelligence-led policing is the proper analysis of all information gained. Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis, and Investigations, Fourth Edition demonstrates how to recognize the indicators of an impending act of terrorism or mass violence, how to deter an attack, and how to transform information into intelligence to meet community demands for safety and security. The Fourth Edition has been completely updated and expanded to cover numerous topics facing those tasked with investigating and thwarting terrorism and the terrorist acts throughout the world today. Many investigators have sought to understand the growth of the radical extremist and terrorist organization ranks. The Fourth Edition dedicates an expanded new chapter to the concerns and processes centering on radicalization and recruitment. This new chapter covers such in-depth topics like: criminal roots, gang connection, conversion, causes of extremism, models of recruitment and radicalization including self-radicalization, recruiting in the digital age, social media, youth targeting, prison radicalization and recruitment, legal concerns, case studies and groups, as well as what can be done to prevent recruitment. In addition to the new chapter, there is a new guide to sources of information for investigators and expanded discussion on IRA tactics and ISIS. Using techniques applicable to the private and the public sector, the book combines academic, research, and practitioner perspectives to establish a protocol for effectively gathering, analyzing, investigating, and disseminating criminal intelligence. Additional overage includes the role of fusion centers, terrorism financing, the handling of classified materials, the National Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative as well as pre-incident indicators and behavioral traits associated with terrorism. A one-stop resource for the homeland security, intelligence analyst, and investigative professional, the book arms those tasked with protecting the public with a solid blueprint for combating and investigating crimes associated with terrorism and hate. Also widely used as a core text, Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime, Fourth Edition teaches practical applications to those students enrolled in such courses as Terrorism and Hate Crimes, Violence and Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism, Terrorism and Political Violence, and Terrorism and Homeland Security. Accompanying PowerPointTm slides and a Test Bank are available to professors upon qualifying course adoption.
La storia sommersa: i misteri dell'Italia repubblicana
Author: Andrea Tagliaferri
Publisher: Andrea Tagliaferri
ISBN: 6050381364
Year: 2015-05-21
View: 1267
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«Ho quarant'anni qualche acciacco troppe guerre sulle spalle Troppo schifo per poter dimenticare Ho vissuto il terrorismo stragi rosse stragi nere Aereoplani esplosi in volo e le bombe sopra i treni Ho visto gladiatori sorridere in diretta i pestaggi dei nazisti e della nuova destra Ho visto bombe di stato scoppiare nelle piazze E anarchici distratti cadere giù dalle finestre» (Quarant'anni – Modena City Remblers) Nel 1994 i Modena City Remblers, folk band emiliana, cantavano la storia degli anni bui del nostro Paese, gli “anni di piombo” di una neonata Repubblica che, appena ripresasi dall'orrore della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, ripiombava in una spirale di violenza e di sangue che causò la morte di oltre 300 persone. Questo è il racconto di quelle vite spezzate, del dolore delle loro famiglie e della ricerca della verità. Una ricerca per ora infruttuosa che non ha mai potuto stabilire il nome del colpevole, di colui (o coloro) che tramava alle spalle del popolo italiano coperto, come nei migliori romanzi di spionaggio, da poteri occulti che negli anni si sono introdotti nelle stanze della politica e in quelle dei servizi segreti costruendo una ragnatela di intrighi che ancora oggi risulta difficile districare.
Mossad base Italia
Author: Salerno Eric
Publisher: Il Saggiatore
ISBN: 8865760206
Pages: 255
Year: 2010-07-14
View: 327
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Nel 1945, lo stato di Israele non era ancora sorto. Per la sua posizione geografica nel Mediterraneo. l'Italia era il luogo ideale scelto dai fondatori del Mossad, - il leggendario Yehuda Arazi, meglio noto col nome in codice "Alon", impersonato nel film Exodus da Paul Newman, e Mike Harari, l'uomo che ha accettato di svelare all'autore di questo libro i segreti della sua vita di spia - per impiantare la loro rete e diventare così il principale luogo di smistamento dell'immigrazione clandestina di ebrei europei e la base di transito dei militanti delle organizzazioni terroristiche ebraiche. Oltre a quello geografico, il Mossad potè godere in Italia di un altro fattore decisivo: il beneplacito delle autorità politiche, disposte a "chiudere un occhio, e possibilmente due" dinanzi alle operazioni clandestine, che permisero all'esercito israeliano, in pochi anni, di superare la capacità militare di tutti gli eserciti arabi messi insieme. A Roma il quadrilatero intorno a via Veneto sembrava un quartiere della Casablanca di Bogart, pullulante di spie e di agenti segreti con licenza di uccidere: personaggi reali fatti rivivere da Eric Salerno attraverso i ricordi di Mike Harari, che per la prima volta abbandona i suoi nomi in codice e viene allo scoperto.
Come funzionano i servizi segreti
Author: Aldo Giannuli
Publisher: Ponte alle Grazie
ISBN: 8862207255
Pages: 401
Year: 2012-11-22T00:00:00+01:00
View: 783
Read: 1286
Nessun libro come questo fornisce un’introduzione completa, appassionante, progressiva e persino, sotto molti aspetti, pratica a tutti gli aspetti della moderna attività d’intelligence. Attingendo a molteplici esempi tratti dalle attività dei servizi italiani, statunitensi, israeliani, inglesi, francesi, tedeschi, cinesi, vaticani ecc., Aldo Giannuli, fra i nostri maggiori esperti, conduce il lettore in una strabiliante rassegna delle «missioni»: dall’ABC della manipolazione informativa e delle veline ai giornali, passando per l’omicidio e il rapimento, fino ai ben più complessi e inquietanti scenari della lotta al terrorismo, dei progetti eversivi, della guerra finanziaria, psicologica, culturale e delle altre guerre non convenzionali. Ma Giannuli fa anche di più, ci fa scoprire i tanti modi in cui i servizi già oggi praticano «guerre a bassa intensità »: guerre invisibili e distruttive in cui nessun governo può fare a meno di investire risorse crescenti. Dunque nel cuore di ogni Stato, per democratico che sia, esiste chi non agisce in base alle leggi, ma gode di una licenza al «tutto per tutto», spesso servendo gli interessi di fazioni politiche, grandi imprese, poteri forti. Fatto sta che, come dimostra Giannuli, i servizi «sono ormai un gorgo che risucchia sempre nuovi ambiti: la cultura, la comunicazione, la scienza, l’economia, la finanza, il commercio, l’immigrazione, la dimensione cognitiva». Siamo già al Grande Fratello? Ed esiste un antidoto a questo stato di cose? Ha collaborato con quotidiani (il manifesto, Liberazione, Quotidiano dei lavoratori) e settimanali (Avvenimenti, Rinascita). Collabora con L’Unità ed è redattore di Libertaria. Fra le sue ultime pubblicazioni ricordiamo: 2012: la grande crisi (Ponte alle Grazie, 2010), Come funzionano i servizi segreti (Ponte alle Grazie, 2009), L’abuso pubblico della storia (Guanda, 2009), Bombe a inchiostro. Storia della controinformazione, 1969-1979 (BUR, 2008), Dalla Russia a Mussolini, 1939-1943 (Editori Riuniti, 2006), Storia dell’Ufficio affari riservati (2 voll., allegato all’Unità, 2005), Le internazionali anticomuniste (2 voll., allegato all’Unità, 2005).
Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies
Author: Kristie Macrakis
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300179251
Pages: 377
Year: 2014-03-25
View: 1001
Read: 1231
The first history of invisible ink revealed through thrilling stories about scoundrels and heroes and their ingenious methods for concealing messages.
Author: Antonio Giangrande
Publisher: Antonio Giangrande
View: 1120
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E’ comodo definirsi scrittori da parte di chi non ha arte né parte. I letterati, che non siano poeti, cioè scrittori stringati, si dividono in narratori e saggisti. E’ facile scrivere “C’era una volta….” e parlare di cazzate con nomi di fantasia. In questo modo il successo è assicurato e non hai rompiballe che si sentono diffamati e che ti querelano e che, spesso, sono gli stessi che ti condannano. Meno facile è essere saggisti e scrivere “C’è adesso….” e parlare di cose reali con nomi e cognomi. Impossibile poi è essere saggisti e scrivere delle malefatte dei magistrati e del Potere in generale, che per logica ti perseguitano per farti cessare di scrivere. Devastante è farlo senza essere di sinistra. Quando si parla di veri scrittori ci si ricordi di Dante Alighieri e della fine che fece il primo saggista mondiale. Le vittime, vere o presunte, di soprusi, parlano solo di loro, inascoltati, pretendendo aiuto. Io da vittima non racconto di me e delle mie traversie. Ascoltato e seguito, parlo degli altri, vittime o carnefici, che l’aiuto cercato non lo concederanno mai. “Chi non conosce la verità è uno sciocco, ma chi, conoscendola, la chiama bugia, è un delinquente”. Aforisma di Bertolt Brecht. Bene. Tante verità soggettive e tante omertà son tasselli che la mente corrompono. Io le cerco, le filtro e nei miei libri compongo il puzzle, svelando l’immagine che dimostra la verità oggettiva censurata da interessi economici ed ideologie vetuste e criminali. Rappresentare con verità storica, anche scomoda ai potenti di turno, la realtà contemporanea, rapportandola al passato e proiettandola al futuro. Per non reiterare vecchi errori. Perché la massa dimentica o non conosce. Denuncio i difetti e caldeggio i pregi italici. Perché non abbiamo orgoglio e dignità per migliorarci e perché non sappiamo apprezzare, tutelare e promuovere quello che abbiamo ereditato dai nostri avi. Insomma, siamo bravi a farci del male e qualcuno deve pur essere diverso!
World Order
Author: Henry Kissinger
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698165721
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-09-09
View: 163
Read: 829
“Dazzling and instructive . . . [a] magisterial new book.” —Walter Isaacson, Time Henry Kissinger offers in World Order a deep meditation on the roots of international harmony and global disorder. Drawing on his experience as one of the foremost statesmen of the modern era—advising presidents, traveling the world, observing and shaping the central foreign policy events of recent decades—Kissinger now reveals his analysis of the ultimate challenge for the twenty-first century: how to build a shared international order in a world of divergent historical perspectives, violent conflict, proliferating technology, and ideological extremism. There has never been a true “world order,” Kissinger observes. For most of history, civilizations defined their own concepts of order. Each considered itself the center of the world and envisioned its distinct principles as universally relevant. China conceived of a global cultural hierarchy with the emperor at its pinnacle. In Europe, Rome imagined itself surrounded by barbarians; when Rome fragmented, European peoples refined a concept of an equilibrium of sovereign states and sought to export it across the world. Islam, in its early centuries, considered itself the world’s sole legitimate political unit, destined to expand indefinitely until the world was brought into harmony by religious principles. The United States was born of a conviction about the universal applicability of democracy—a conviction that has guided its policies ever since. Now international affairs take place on a global basis, and these historical concepts of world order are meeting. Every region participates in questions of high policy in every other, often instantaneously. Yet there is no consensus among the major actors about the rules and limits guiding this process or its ultimate destination. The result is mounting tension. Grounded in Kissinger’s deep study of history and his experience as national security advisor and secretary of state, World Order guides readers through crucial episodes in recent world history. Kissinger offers a unique glimpse into the inner deliberations of the Nixon administration’s negotiations with Hanoi over the end of the Vietnam War, as well as Ronald Reagan’s tense debates with Soviet Premier Gorbachev in Reykjavík. He offers compelling insights into the future of U.S.–China relations and the evolution of the European Union, and he examines lessons of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Taking readers from his analysis of nuclear negotiations with Iran through the West’s response to the Arab Spring and tensions with Russia over Ukraine, World Order anchors Kissinger’s historical analysis in the decisive events of our time. Provocative and articulate, blending historical insight with geopolitical prognostication, World Order is a unique work that could come only from a lifelong policy maker and diplomat.
Death of a Dissident
Author: Alex Goldfarb, Marina Litvinenko
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471103013
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-12-25
View: 614
Read: 366
The first reports seemed absurd. A Russian dissident, formerly an employee of the KGB and its successor, the FSB, had seemingly been poisoned in a London hotel. As Alexander Litvinenko's condition worsened, however, and he was transferred to hospital and placed under armed guard, the story took a sinister turn. On 23 November 2006, Litvinenko died, apparently from polonium-210 radiation poisoning. He himself, in a dramatic statement from his deathbed, accused his former employers at the Kremlin of being responsible for his murder. Who was Alexander Litvinenko? What had happened in Russia since the end of the Cold War to make his life there untenable, and even in severe jeopardy in Britain? How did he really die, and who killed him? In his spokesman and close friend, Alex Goldfarb, and widow Marina, we have two people who know more than anyone about the real Sasha Litvinenko, and about his murder. Their riveting book sheds astonishing light not just on these strange and troubling events but also on the biggest crisis in relations with Russia since the fall of the Berlin Wall.