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International Trust Laws
Author: Paolo Panico
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198754221
Pages: 912
Year: 2017-03-23
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International Trust Laws is a wide-ranging comparative guide to the law of trusts across a number of important jurisdictions, with analysis of issues surrounding the creation of trusts, the powers and duties of trustees, mechanisms of control, and the special uses of trusts. The book combines academic rigour and analysis with a practical focus on trusts in the real world, including assets which modern settlors wish to envelop in a trust; liability concerns of trustees; and the governance, command, and control mechanisms which increasingly form the largest feature of trust creation. It also provides valuable background for trust law practitioners, whether they advise on trusts, draft trust documents, or litigate trust-related matters. The new edition has been fully revised and updated to address important developments in case law and legislation, including the UK Supreme Court decision on the "rule in Hastings-Bass" (Pitt and Futter cases), the Privy Council decision on 'reserved powers trusts' (TMSF), decisions on forced heirship issues in Jersey and Guernsey, decisions on 'asset protection trusts' in the US, the Trusts (Amendment N. 5) (Jersey) Law 2012 and Trusts (Amendment N. 6) (Jersey) Law 2013, Hong Kong's Trust Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2013, the Virgin Islands Special Trusts (Amendment) Act 2013 and Trustee (Amendment) Act 2013, Cyprus' International Trusts (Amendment) Law 2012 Cayman Islands, Trusts Law (2011 Revision), and amendments to the trusts law of New Zealand. It also offers new coverage of the retirement, removal, and appointment of trustees, with a special emphasis on trustee indemnity; and the recognition of trusts in non-trust jurisdictions (civil law jurisdictions, Eastern Europe, Islamic countries, and China).
International Trust Laws
Author: John Glasson
Publisher: Family Law
ISBN: 0853083991
Pages: 310
Year: 1991-07-01
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International Trust Laws is the most reliable global source of reference on international trusts available and provides an easily accessible route to the information needed to advise clients confidently. This major work has a team of editors from XXIV Old Buildings, led by David Brownbill QC. David and his fellow editors, Jessica Hughes, Adam Cloherty, Edward Cumming and Daniel Warents, are all barristers specialising in international trust work. The team has extensive experience of contentious, advisory and planning work across numerous jurisdictions making this an essential reference work for all business and private client advisers.This major work includes the following:DigestsProvide expert, country-by-country commentary on the elements of trust law in each jurisdiction. Each entry is prepared by contributors with experience of working in that particular territorySpecial TopicsIn-depth analysis of a range of topics relevant to lawyers concerned with trusts in an international setting, including purpose trusts, trading trusts, asset protection trusts, VISTA trusts, protectors, payment of foreign taxes, disclosure of information by trusteesConflict of Laws Chapters by specialist authors on jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, applicable law and recognition (including the application and implications of the Hague Trusts Convention), capacity and other ‘rocket launching' issues plus selected reference materialStatutes Extensive full text trust legislation from each of the jurisdictions
The International Trust
Author: David J. Hayton
Publisher: Jordans Pub
ISBN: 1846612721
Pages: 925
Year: 2011
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Now in its third edition, this book presents an in-depth analysis of a range of highly topical issues of great significance in the area of international trust law. A team of eminent contributors have applied their expertise to addressing a range of subjects at the cutting edge of thinking in this area. Part I of the book examines the indispensable conflict of laws, now extensively updated. Part II covers a wide variety of issues crucial to trust advisers, each updated to take into account the latest developments in areas including trusts and finance law, money laundering and trusts, protectors and purpose trusts. Part III contains chapters on Italy and China, jurisdictions in which recent trust law developments have generated considerable international interest. Part IV contains a notable chapter on the future of the trust from a worldwide perspective.
International Trust Disputes
Author: Sara Collins, Steven Kempster, Morven McMillan, Alison Meek
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191628921
Pages: 600
Year: 2012-01-19
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The number of disputes involving trusts has risen significantly in recent years. Many disputes take place in the international environment and cross-border jurisdictional issues may arise. These disputes often involve large sums of money, impacting significantly on family relations. The handling of such disputes requires specialist skills and knowledge, including an understanding of how and why private trusts are established and administered and the problems that can arise; an awareness of the cross-jurisdictional issues that may be relevant; and the ability to identify practical legal solutions to the dispute that are compliant with trust principles. International Trust Disputes provides a comprehensive and thorough treatment of this topic. Acting as a specialist guide for practitioners, it offers a survey of the special considerations that may arise with regard to trust disputes as well as a definitive guide to the issues which may be encountered in the jurisdictions where disputes are most likely to take place.
International Trust Laws and Analysis
Author: Walter H. Diamond
ISBN: 904119830X
Year: 1996
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International Trust and Divorce Litigation
Author: Mark Harper, Dawn Goodman, Patrick Hamlin, Paul Matthews, Elizabeth Gale
Publisher: Family Law
ISBN: 1846613159
Pages: 424
Year: 2013
View: 776
Read: 224
Approaching the question of settlement in employment disputes may appear straightforward but oftengives rise to some tricky questions, such as: ‘What is a good offer’; ‘when and how should this beassessed’; and ‘how should settlement be approached’. This practitioner text offers strategies toapproach these questions in a tactical and well thought-out manner.Add to this the complexity of employment relationships and the contractual, procedural and regulatoryrequirements involved throughout the process and this seemingly uncomplicated matter becomesanything but. This book tackles some of the issues arising on termination; the process of negotiation,(including a detailed look at the without prejudice rule and protected conversations) as well as theregulatory implications and procedural issues relating to settlements.For the first time, practitioners are given a complete guide to the topic, which is structured in a logical andeasy to follow format. The book considers the entire process from beginning to end, with each chaptercomprehensively dealing with one of the progressive steps in the settlement thought process. The aim isto arm readers with practical tools, tactics and professional tips to deal with any employment-relateddispute. Finally, the book provides a suite of precedents that can be tailored to suit the individual needs ofthe relationship.
The International Trust
Author: John Glasson, Geraint W. Thomas
Publisher: Jordan Pub Limited
ISBN: 1846610397
Pages: 931
Year: 2006
View: 621
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This new edition (first edition titled The International Trust - ISBN 0 85308 598 6) includes chapters dealing with the international recognition of trusts and the future of the trust from a worldwide perspective. It has also been revised and updated to include recent developments affecting the development of international trusts including coverage of sham trusts, money laundering, and VISTA trusts.
International Trust Laws
Year: 2013
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Modern International Developments in Trust Law
Author: David J. Hayton
ISBN: 9041197060
Pages: 346
Year: 1999-01-01
View: 304
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This book is concerned with the development of the trust idea in common law jurisdictions, whether mainland or offshore, and in civil law jurisdictions. While trusts are important for preserving family wealth and influence, over ninety per cent of the value of trust funds is found in commercial or financial trusts, about which little has been written. It is interest in the latter type of trust that is likely to lead to the development of the trust idea in European mainland jurisdictions, especially as the economic destinies of European jurisdictions become increasingly intertwined and as the Hague Convention on the Recognition of Trusts comes to be implemented. In this volume the work of leading trust scholars in Canada, England, the USA, Germany and Japan is brought together to explore key issues in trust law, until now not covered in any single resource: the full elasticity of the trust concept; the variety and significance of commercial or financial trusts; the scope for reforming trust law in various jurisdictions to make it more economically efficient in assisting in the preservation and generation of wealth; the potential for the development of a core trust concept in civil law jurisdictions as a special part of the law of obligations, without any need to create equitable proprietary interests in favour of beneficiaries. Modern International Developments in Trust Law will be of interest not only to academic trust lawyers and comparative lawyers, but to common law and civil law practitioners, whether interested in taking advantage of foreign trust laws, or in developing in their local jurisdictions new ideas obtained from foreign jurisdictions.
International Franchise Sales Laws
Author: Andrew P. Loewinger, Michael K. Lindsey
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 1590317416
Year: 2006
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International Trust and Estate Planning
Year: 2004
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Cayman Islands Business Laws
Author: Adam Starchild
Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN: 1893713024
Pages: 436
Year: 2000-04-01
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The Cayman Islands, a British Crown Colony, have no taxes whatsoever on income, profits, wealth or capital gains. The revenues of the Islands are derived from indirect taxes such as import duties and stamp duty. There never have been any taxes, so the absence of income tax is not an artificial absence created by legislation, but a natural one. Companies and trusts in the Cayman Islands enjoy the same tax-free status as individuals regardless of nationality of ownership. This absence of taxes, together with political and racial stability, has attracted the attention of investors seeking tax-free base for their operations. The Government of the Cayman Islands is aware it attractiveness to outsiders and actively encourages investment through the passage of legislation and development of the financial sector. In late 2000 the Caymans government reports that the world's fifth largest financial center (after New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong), saw a 51% increase in company registrations in the past year, with a total of 57,900 on file. 17 new banks were also registered, for a total of 465.
The 1994 Guide to Offshore Financial Centres
Pages: 82
Year: 1994
View: 912
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The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law
Author: Rosalind Atherton, Rosalind Frances Croucher
Pages: 963
Year: 2001-01-01
View: 310
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This challenging, varied collection of articles is a reflection of the wide range of interests held by estate and trust lawyers today. The issues discussed here include: law in the context of an estate or trust control over the body itself, including the 'futuristic' issue of the status of frozen embryos in relation to an estate broad 'trusts' issues, including the place and nature of the trust in both civil and common law jurisdictions the resolution of family property concerns in relation to matrimonial law, forced heirship laws, or family provision on death. Other articles consider practical questions such as transnational tax planning, planning for the transition of a family business on death, retirement planning and the management of collective investments. The work takes a comparative approach, examining each issue from the perspective of a number of different jurisdictions. This collection arises from the annual meetings and discussion of members from the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law. It will be of great interest to researchers, academics, practitioners, law reform bodies, governmental groups and their advisers working in this complex and varied field of law.
Collected courses of the Hague Academy of International Law
Year: 1995
View: 550
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