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Inside, Outside
Author: Herman Wouk
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444776657
Pages: 624
Year: 2013-05-09
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Herman Wouk's classic novel moves on from the grand themes which have won him international acclaim - war, the fate of nations, and the indomitable spirit of man - to the quest for identity, in the clash between the Inside of faith and family and the Outside of the glittery American dream. Inside, Outside sweeps through more than sixty years, from the pre-war, pre-atomic innocence of the twenties and thirties to the turbulent immediate past. Scenes of rollicking family humour and show-business comedy alternate with sudden tragedy, the spectacle of a falling President and the explosion of war. A bittersweet first love, relived after forty years, and a tense secret wartime mission between Washington and Jerusalem call forth the author's renowned storytelling gift. An intense, personal book about intimate things, Inside, Outside is a merry, poignant, sometimes ribald picture of the American Jewish experience, by a master at the peak of his powers.
Inside Outside
Author: Petra Blaisse
ISBN: 1580932584
Pages: 502
Year: 2009
View: 1272
Read: 987
Petra Blaisse and her firm, Inside Outside, specialize in the rare combination of interior and landscape design, interweaving architecture and context. Interior projects use materials that introduce visual effects such as color, flexibility, seasonal change, and movement and solve acoustic, climatic, shading, and spatial issues. Landscape projects reflect a fascination with materials, light, and movement within an urban and infrastructural program. This approach brings forth a series of strong, multilayered garden and park designs that combine logistics with rich planting schemes and graphic effects. Inside Outside introduces the full range of Blaisse’s work, focusing on collaborations with internationally renowned architects including Rem Koolhaas and SANAA. It weaves together descriptions and documentation of more than fifty projects, a conversation with the designer, and essays by renowned writers and critics.
Inside the Outside
Author: Martin Lastrapes
Publisher: Cannibal Press
ISBN: 0615440290
Pages: 292
Year: 2011-07-01
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By the time Timber Marlow is fifteen years old, she has already killed three men. Despite the bloody and violent nature of their deaths, Timber is hardly a murderer, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. She has lived her entire life as a cannibal within a cult tucked away in the San Bernardino Mountains called the Divinity of Feminine Reproach. She watches rituals where Divinity members are tied down and beheaded by their leader, Daddy Marlow. The Divinity keeps itself isolated from the Outside, which is the mainstream society beyond its invisible borders. When the opportunity presents itself, Timber escapes into the Outside, bearing witness to some dark and unsettling truths about the world around her and the integral role she plays in it. And no matter how long she stays away, Timber finds out the past isn't as far away as she thinks it is. In this debut novel, laced with scenes of horrific violence and uplifting humanity, Martin Lastrapes has written a one-of-a-kind story about love, friendship, sacrifice, and cannibalism.
Inside Outside
Author: Anita Berrizbeitia, Linda Pollak
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1592530133
Pages: 191
Year: 2003
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Inside Outside constructs a framework of interpretation for architecture and landscape architecture in order to disclose relations between them that are normally overlooked. Five operations--reciprocity, materiality, threshold, insertion, and infrastructure--each initiate an alternative way of looking at the construction and representation of relationships between architecture, landscape, city, and individuals. Twenty-four projects each contribute in a unique way to the definition of an operation.
Inside Outside
Author: Lizi Boyd
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452106444
Pages: 40
Year: 2013-03-19
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What is happening outside today? Peek through the window to find out. What is happening inside? Peek again! Whimsical die-cuts throughout lead to charming and surprising reveals with every turn of the page. Filled with fun details (can you find the two mice playing throughout?), this deceptively simple book is one readers will visit again and again.
The Inside-Outside Book of Libraries
Publisher: Dragonfly
ISBN: 0375844511
Pages: 48
Year: 2008
View: 1232
Read: 930
Illustrations and brief text present all kinds of libraries, from bookmobiles and home libraries to the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress.
Inside-Outside Dinosaurs
Author: Roxie Munro
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 0761458891
Pages: 40
Year: 2009-09-01
View: 1260
Read: 533
There is a giant dinosaur, a flying reptile, a dinosaur with plates and spikes on its body, and even baby dinosaurs cracking out of their shells. There is a ferocious dinosaur that eats meat and vegetarian dinosaurs that hide from the carnivores. Look inside the dinosaurs, and you'll see a dynamic view of eight dinosaur skeletons. Look outside the dinosaurs, and you'll see sweeping paintings of these creatures as they once lived on our planet. But watch out for the T. rex! Fun facts, a list of further reading, and online resources are also included.
The Inside-Outside Book of London
Author: Roxie Munro
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 0789329131
Pages: 40
Year: 2015-03-24
View: 423
Read: 1107
Illustrations present noted sights in London as seen from the outside and inside, such as the British Museum, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Waterloo Station, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Includes a section of text in the back of the book providing information on each sight.
Inside Outside
Author: Andrew Riemer
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1742699162
Pages: 238
Year: 2012-01-01
View: 210
Read: 490
On a freezing November day in 1946, Andrew Riemer, then a 10-year-old with mumps, left a bomb-scarred Budapest on his way to Australia. In 1990, just a few days before Christmas, he returns to the city of his birth where, amid the decay of a world waking from totalitarian rule, he tries to reconstruct the past from shreds of memory and family myth. In the years between, his career had taken him from being an expert in French-knitting, a skill acquired when, unable to speak English, he was put in a class for intellectually handicapped children, to Sydney University, where he taught English Literature.
Author: Ismail Khalidi, Naomi Wallace
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 1559367989
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-07-13
View: 862
Read: 1008
The premier collection of Palestinian plays.
Author: Richard Herr
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450287794
Pages: 144
Year: 2011-03-11
View: 485
Read: 327
Can you imagine spending twelve years of your life behind the walls of the world’s largest walled maximum security prison? What if you were sent there for a crime you didn’t commit? This is just one of the many unbelievable events of Richard Herr’s life. He turned 21 on a Chinese junk, with fellow Marines preparing to execute some of the early reconnaissance for the conflict that eventually became the Vietnam War. Upon his discharge from the Marines, he married into an Italian family with questionable ties to the Michigan La Cosa Nostra. Wrongfully accused of murder and sentenced to twenty-five to forty years in prison, he survived the harsh conditions inside the world’s largest walled maximum security prison and rose up among the inmate ranks to control the prison’s drugs, gambling, protection, and policies. In a bizarre twist of fate, Herr, through his various underworld associations, learns about the final hours and ultimate disposal of former Teamster president, Jimmy Hoffa. Now, looking back on his life, Herr offers the message that life isn’t over until it’s over—never give up, because new life and experience may be waiting just around the corner. Enjoy Herr’s journey and fascinating life story in Inside-Outside.
Author: R. B. J. Walker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521421195
Pages: 233
Year: 1993
View: 257
Read: 1274
In this book Rob Walker offers an original analysis of the relationship between twentieth-century theories of international relations, and the political theory of civil society since the early modern period. He views theories of international relations both as an ideological expression of the modern state, and as a clear indication of the difficulties of thinking about a world politics characterized by profound spatiotemporal accelerations. International relations theories should be seen, the author argues, more as aspects of contemporary world politics than as explanations of contemporary world politics. These theories are examined in the light of recent debates about modernity and post-modernity, sovereignty and political identity, and the limits of modern social and political theory. This book is a major contribution to the field of critical international relations, and will be of interest to social and political theorists and political scientists, as well as students and scholars of international relations.
The Inside-outside Book of Paris
Author: Roxie Munro
Publisher: Dutton Childrens Books
ISBN: 0525448632
Pages: 48
Year: 1992
View: 1035
Read: 186
Illustrations and brief text present some noted sights in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Metro subway, and a puppet theater.
Outside, Inside
Author: Manolson
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 156871341X
Pages: 108
Year: 2005
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In a refreshing, straightforward style, the author of 'The Magic Touch' addresses the subject of tznius, providing insight and inspiration for all. Modest attire and behavior are the external expression of the humility and propriety we internalize from t
Author: B. S. Baviskar, D. W. Attwood
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 8132118650
Pages: 472
Year: 2013-10-30
View: 984
Read: 1178
Poverty in rural India: Is this a permanent condition? Are villagers immobilized by a rigid caste system, limited resources and economic exploitation? This book is about villagers who have done remarkable things with their lives—people who have broken the constraints of poverty and inequality to become innovative and mobile. It is written partly by one villager who found a career doing research on social change. Inside–Outside narrates stories of grassroots change and innovation. These stories are discussed from the combined view of an insider (Baviskar), who grew up in a village in western India, and an outsider (Attwood), who came to study social change in the same region. Telling life stories from people who taught and surprised them, they challenge common stereotypes about Indian villagers—stereotypes of passivity, fatalism, and stagnation. Baviskar’s life and experience of change in his home village exemplify grassroots initiative and innovation. He was born as the son of an impoverished farmer in a drought-stricken village in western Maharashtra. Ability, hard work, and some dramatic twists of fate enabled him to attend college and then complete a doctorate in India’s premier sociology department. In contrast to Baviskar, Attwood is a complete outsider, having grown up in a suburb near Chicago, in the US heartland. He stumbled into anthropology and spent several years in India, doing fieldwork in the region where Baviskar grew up. The two met in 1969; they became friends and began four decades of collaborative research. Here they tell the stories of villagers who changed their own lives and who also, in many cases, changed the lives of others. These stories describe rapid innovation and institution-building in the countryside, challenging an array of common stereotypes about village life in India. Seeking explanations for change, it helps to look at village life from many angles. Inside and outside views are complementary and provide a more complete picture.