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Im Licht des Vergessens
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Diana Verlag
ISBN: 3641027241
Pages: 640
Year: 2009-07-27
View: 401
Read: 682
Und bitter schmeckt die Angst Eigentlich besitzt FBI-Expertin Phoebe MacNamara ein untrügliches Gespür für lebensgefährliche Situationen. Und seit sie in Duncan Swift die Liebe ihres Lebens gefunden hat, fühlt sie sich erst recht unverwundbar. Doch weder ihre Ausbildung noch ihre Begabung helfen ihr, als sie von einem Unbekannten brutal überfallen wird. In allerletzter Sekunde kann sie entkommen. Als beim nächsten Angriff ein Unschuldiger stirbt, weiß Phoebe, dass der Täter eine tickende Zeitbombe ist. Ihre Tage scheinen gezählt ... Ein Romantic-Thriller vom Feinsten.
Dance of the Gods
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425280217
Pages: 368
Year: 2016
View: 987
Read: 448
In the second volume in Roberts' paranormal Circle Trilogy, the Circle of Six prepare to battle for their lives--and their hearts--against the one vampire determined to rule the earth. Original.
The Winter Sea
Author: Di Morrissey
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466852054
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-12-30
View: 288
Read: 559
Escaping an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfactory job, Cassie Holloway moves to the little Australian coastal town of Whitby Point. There she meets the Aquino family, whose fishing business was founded by their ancestor, Giuseppe, an Italian immigrant, some ninety years before. Life for Cassie on the south west coast is sweet as she sets up a successful restaurant and falls in love with Giuseppe's great grandson Michael. But when the family patriarch dies, a devastating family secret is revealed which threatens to destroy her dreams. Cassie's future happiness now rests with her quest for the truth, in Di Morrissey's The Winter Sea.
Sailing by Starlight
Author: Alex Capus
Publisher: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 1907973451
Pages: 220
Year: 2013-09-10
View: 1320
Read: 565
Capus takes us on an exploratory journey via the loss of a Spanish vessel laden with gold and jewels in the South Seas, the burial of treasure, an ancient map, and a long and dangerous voyage across the Pacific, to prove that Robert Louis Stevenson's "treasure island" actually exists; and that it exists in a place quite different from where hordes of treasure-hunters have been seeking it for generations. In fact, he posits, it was for this reason alone that Stevenson spent the last five years of his life in Samoa. On a long trip round the Pacific islands with the idea of writing articles for American periodicals, Stevenson, travelling with his beloved wife, Fanny, and stepson Lloyd Osbourne, had no notion of stopping at Samoa when their ship made landfall in December 1889. Yet, only six weeks later, at the age of 39, he would invest all his available assets in a patch of impenetrable jungle and spend the rest of his life there. This book traces what led Stevenson to Samoa and the origins of his famous story. For facing him from this unlikely spot was another island – a conical isle, Tafahi, where legends abound, and it was, Capus suggests, this isle that would cause him to change the course of his life.
Early One Morning
Author: Virginia Baily
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316300411
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-09-29
View: 957
Read: 898
Two women's decision to save a child during WWII will have powerful reverberations over the years. Chiara Ravello is about to flee occupied Rome when she locks eyes with a woman being herded on to a truck with her family. Claiming the woman's son, Daniele, as her own nephew, Chiara demands his return; only as the trucks depart does she realize what she has done. She is twenty-seven, with a sister who needs her constant care, a hazardous journey ahead, and now a child in her charge. Several decades later, Chiara lives alone in Rome, a self-contained woman working as a translator. Always in the background is the shadow of Daniele, whose absence and the havoc he wrought on Chiara's world haunt her. Then she receives a phone call from a teenager claiming to be his daughter, and Chiara knows it is time to face up to the past.
A Little Fate
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0515137812
Pages: 304
Year: 2004
View: 1243
Read: 1327
Presents three tales of magic, passion, and romance.
Jewels of the Sun
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0515126772
Pages: 368
Year: 1999
View: 1332
Read: 1002
Return to the lush green hills of Ireland, where love is touched by magic--and where the Gallagher siblings explore the depths of their fiery hearts.
Face the Fire
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 051513287X
Pages: 358
Year: 2002
View: 167
Read: 1079
The final book in the New England-set trilogy that began with Dance Upon the Air and Heaven and Earth.
A Little Magic
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0515135240
Pages: 357
Year: 2004
View: 789
Read: 817
Three of her favorite Irish stories in one volume: Spellbound Ever After In Dreams
The New Life
Author: Orhan Pamuk
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466887648
Pages: 296
Year: 2014-12-16
View: 650
Read: 902
Osman is a young university student whose life is changed by a chance encounter with a mysterious book. Osman becomes obsessed with the book, which seems to contain all the magic and power of life and love. Romantic and elusive, Orhan Pamuk's The New Life is a rhapsody to love and an investigation into the shadowy nature of self.
A Friend of the Family
Author: Marcia Willett
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429909978
Pages: 352
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 1253
Read: 1144
Picking up the story of Kate Webster and Cass Wivenhoe that began with First Friends, A Friend of the Family (published in the UK as Thea's Parrot) tells the tale of one of their friends, Felicity, a married woman who has been dallying with George, another mutual acquaintance. When Felicity is widowed, everyone expects George to pop the question. He does, but to the astonishment of Kate and Cass, his intended bride is not Felicity. With her usual generous helping of tears and laughter, Marcia Willett again provides her fans with a treat to be savored. "Unanticipated plot twists, winsome characters, and a beguiling setting unite in Willett's captivating comedy of manners." - Booklist
Baby Be Mine
Author: Paige Toon
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1849831270
Pages: 480
Year: 2011-07-21
View: 1180
Read: 1328
One-time personal assistant to celebrity wild boy of rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg Stiles is now settled and living in the south of France with her doting boyfriend Christian and their son Barney. But they're living a lie - a lie that will turn their lives upside down - because as Barney reaches his first birthday, Meg can no longer deny that her son is growing to look more and more like his rock star father every day, and less and less like Christian. Sooner or later, she will have to tell the truth …
Piercing the Darkness
Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451673345
Pages: 448
Year: 2012-02-14
View: 1330
Read: 425
Now in ebook, the classic sequel to bestseller This Present Darkness, about another small town in the midst of an unseen supernatural battle for truth. This sequel to This Present Darkness follows the supernatural battle over the small town of Bacon’s Corner, where, once again, armies of angels and demons are at war. Sally Beth Roe is trying to escape her past and struggling to find the truth, while Tom Harris finds himself embroiled in a battle to save a Christian school threatened by outside forces.
Come Sundown:
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250152488
Pages: 20
Year: 2017-01-10
View: 627
Read: 1142
Read chapter one of Nora Roberts's Come Sundown! The Bodine ranch and resort in western Montana is a family business, an idyllic spot for vacationers. A little over thirty thousand acres and home to four generations, it’s kept running by Bodine Longbow with the help of a large staff, including new hire Callen Skinner. There was another member of the family once: Bodine’s aunt, Alice, who ran off before Bodine was born. She never returned, and the Longbows don’t talk about her much. The younger ones, who never met her, quietly presume she’s dead. But she isn’t. She is not far away, part of a new family, one she never chose—and her mind has been shattered... When a bartender leaves the resort late one night, and Bo and Cal discover her battered body in the snow, it’s the first sign that danger lurks in the mountains that surround them. The police suspect Cal, but Bo finds herself trusting him—and turning to him as another woman is murdered and the Longbows are stunned by Alice’s sudden reappearance. The twisted story she has to tell about the past—and the threat that follows in her wake—will test the bonds of this strong family, and thrust Bodine into a darkness she could never have imagined.
Signs for Lost Children
Author: Sarah Moss
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609453808
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-04-11
View: 357
Read: 830
Shortlisted for the Wellcome Prize for Historical Fiction Award-winning author Sarah Moss's most recent work of historical fiction is a portrait of a young couple's unconventional marriage as it's tested by separate quests for identity in work and life. Set in the Victorian Age, Signs for Lost Children grapples with central themes of early feminism, mental health reform, and marriage as an imposed institution. Ally Moberly, a recently qualified doctor, never expected to marry until she met Tom Cavendish. Only weeks into their marriage, Tom sets out for Japan, leaving Ally as she begins work at the Truro Asylum in Cornwall. Horrified by the brutal attitudes of male doctors and nurses toward their female patients, Ally plunges into the institutional politics of women's mental health at a time when madness is only just being imagined as treatable. She has to contend with a longstanding tradition of permanently institutionalizing women who are deemed difficult, all the while fighting to to be taken seriously as a rare woman in a profession dominated by men. Tom, an architect, has been employed to oversee the building of Japanese lighthouses. He also has a commission from a wealthy collector to bring back embroideries and woodwork. As he travels Japan in search of these enchanting objects, he begins to question the value of the life he left in England. As Ally becomes increasingly absorbed in the moral importance of her work, and Tom pursues his intellectual interests on the other side of the world, they will return to each other as different people. With her artful blend of emotional insight and narrative skill, Sarah Moss creates an entrancing novel sure to draw critical acclaim. From the blustery coast of Western England to the towns and cities of Japan, she constructs distinct but conjoined portraits of two remarkable people in a swiftly changing world.