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The Son of the Red Corsair
Author: Emilio Salgari
ISBN: 0595382649
Pages: 320
Year: 2006-02
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A captivating mix of adventure, romance and comedy, The Son of the Red Corsair is the story of Enrico of Ventimiglia, an Italian gentleman disguised as a corsair who fights his way through the Spanish conquests of Central America in search of the half-sister he has never met, the child of his father's second wife, the daughter of Darien's Grand Cacique. In his adventures he is accompanied by a handful of colorful characters including the ever-faithful Mendoza, the French gentleman-turned-buccaneer Buttafuoco, and the boisterous Don Barrejo, as well as the beautiful Marquise of Montelimar and various bands of the Pirates of the Caribbean." simple characters and vivid action that have changed the panorama of literature for young readers." -El Poder de La Palabra
Miles Walker, You're Dead
Author: Linda Jaivin
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466882379
Pages: 272
Year: 2014-09-30
View: 918
Read: 554
Miles Walker--the self-proclaimed 'best painter' of his generation--longs for success without compromise. His roommate Thurston, a moody medievalist with a roomful of battle-axes, tells him it's possible--if he dies young. His other roommates, the chainsaw-wielding Maddie, and the 'pre-conceptual' artist ZakDot seem only too willing to help. As if Miles doesn't have enough troubles, along comes Destiny Doppler, the enigmatically beautiful politician who hates art but likes Miles. Now, it seems, everyone is really out to kill him.Linda Jaivin's Miles Walker, You're Dead is a sexy, fast-paced romp that ends with a bang--and skewers art, politics, and pop culture with mischievous delight.
The Last Filibusters
Author: Emilio Salgarí
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1478217790
Pages: 246
Year: 2012-07-19
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The faithful Mendoza, Buttafuoco, and the boisterous Don Barrejo reunite to save Neala, the half-sister of Enrico of Ventimiglia, the Italian gentleman disguised as a corsair who found her and brought her back to Europe in The Son of The Red Corsair. Neala has returned to the New World to be made Queen of Darien and take possession of the riches she inherited after the death of her grandfather, the Darien's Gran Cacique. But the Marquis of Montelimar, who had kept her prisoner pretending to be her tutor with the aim of getting his hands on the inheritance, kidnaps her soon after she arrives. Mendoza, Buttafuoco, and Barrejo will stop at nothing and join forces with the last Pirates of the Caribbean to rescue her in this action filled, and often humorous, adventure.
Author: Emilio Salgari, Nico Lorenzutti
Publisher: Roh Press
ISBN: 097827072X
Pages: 276
Year: 2007
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The Tigers of Mompracem are a band of rebel pirates fighting against the colonial power of the Dutch and British Empires. They are led by Sandokan, the indomitable Tiger of Malaysia, and Yanez de Gomera, a Portuguese wanderer and adventurer. After twelve years of spilling blood and spreading terror throughout Malaysia, Sandokan has reached the height of his power, but when the pirate learns of the existence of the Pearl of Labuan, his fortunes begin to change...
Il Corsaro Nero
Author: Emilio Salgari
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854138916
Pages: 420
Year: 2012-01-24
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A cura di Sergio CampaillaEdizione integrale«Uomini del mare! Uditemi! Io giuro su Dio, su queste onde che ci sono fedeli compagne e sulla mia anima, che non avrò bene sulla terra finché non avrò vendicato i miei fratelli uccisi da Wan Guld! Che le folgori incendino la mia nave; che le onde mi inghiottano assieme a voi; che i due corsari che dormono sotto queste acque, negli abissi del Gran Golfo, mi maledicano; che la mia anima sia dannata in eterno, se io non ucciderò Wan Guld e sterminerò la sua famiglia come egli ha distrutto la mia!». Con questo tremendo giuramento il conte di Ventimiglia, divenuto il Corsaro Nero, uno dei personaggi più suggestivi creati dalla fantasia di Salgari, promette di vendicare la propria famiglia annientata da un crudele nemico. Ma il destino vorrà che la fanciulla amata dal Corsaro Nero...«Una voce robusta, che aveva una specie di vibrazione metallica, s’alzò dal mare ed echeggiò fra le tenebre, lanciando queste parole minacciose: – Uomini del canotto! Alt! O vi mando a picco!...» Emilio Salgari(Verona 1862 – Torino 1911) compì l’apprendistato letterario collaborando a diversi giornali, come «La Nuova Arena», presso cui pubblicò anche i suoi primi racconti. Raggiunse un vastissimo successo di pubblico con una lunga serie di romanzi d’avventura ambientati in paesaggi esotici e centrati su eroi come Sandokan e il Corsaro Nero. Ma gli ultimi anni della sua vita furono tragici: le precarie condizioni economiche, la cattiva salute, la perdita progressiva dell’ispirazione narrativa e infine il ricovero della moglie in manicomio ridussero lo scrittore alla disperazione, fino al gesto drammatico con cui pose termine ai suoi giorni. Di Salgari la Newton Compton ha pubblicato Le Tigri di Mompracem, Il Corsaro Nero e Sandokan. I pirati della Malesia, e nella collana “I Mammut” Tutte le avventure di Sandokan.
Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don
Author: Will Murray
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329309308
Year: 2015-07-02
View: 867
Read: 325
With the African continent engulfed by World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, abandons his role as Lord of the Jungle in order to combat the spreading Nazi menace. Flying a P-40 Tomahawk warplane, Clayton is sent on his first mission: to rescue the missing British Military Intelligence officer code-named Ilex. But the daring task plunges him into his savage past after he’s forced down in a lost land that seems hauntingly familiar. When Tarzan of the Apes returns to the prehistoric realm called Pal-ul-don, he must revert to his most savage persona, that of Tarzan-jad-guru––Tarzan the Terrible!
In Search of the Castaways; or Captain Grant's Children (illustrated)
Author: Jules Verne
Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 163537670X
Pages: 433
Year: 2017-11-27
View: 785
Read: 577
The book tells the story of the quest for Captain Grant of the Britannia. After finding a bottle the captain had cast into the ocean after the Britannia is shipwrecked, Lord and Lady Glenarvan of Scotland contact Mary and Robert, the young daughter and son of Captain Grant, through an announcement in a newspaper. The government refuses to launch a rescue expedition, but Lord and Lady Glenarvan, moved by the children's condition, decide to do it by themselves. The main difficulty is that the coordinates of the wreckage are mostly erased, and only the latitude (37 degrees) is known; thus, the expedition would have to circumnavigate the 37th parallel south. The bottle was retrieved from a shark's stomach, so it is impossible to trace its origin by the currents. Remaining clues consist of a few words in three languages. They are re-interpreted several times throughout the novel to make various destinations seem likely.
The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico
Author: Benedetto Croce
Pages: 317
Year: 1913
View: 440
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The Entity
Author: Eric Frattini
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429947241
Pages: 448
Year: 2008-11-25
View: 660
Read: 172
The International Bestseller "A true story that surpasses any novel by John le Carré."—El País (Spain) For five centuries, the Vatican—the oldest organization in the world, maker of kings and shaper of history—has used a secret spy service, called the Holy Alliance, or later, the Entity, to carry out its will. Forty popes have relied on it to carry out their policies. They have played a hitherto invisible role confronting de-Christianizations and schisms, revolutions and dictators, colonizations and expulsions, persecutions and attacks, civil wars and world wars, assassinations and kidnappings. For the first time in English (following the bestselling Spanish and French editions), Eric Frattini tells the comprehensive tale of this sacred secret service. The Entity has been involved in the killings of monarchs, poisonings of diplomats, financing of South American dictators, protection of war criminals, laundering of Mafia money, manipulation of financial markets, provocation of bank failures, and financing of arms sales to combatants even as their wars were condemned, all in the name of God. The contradiction between God's justice and Earth's justice, Christian beliefs and Christian power all fall before the motto of the Entity: With the Cross and the Sword.
The Siren Song
Author: Rob Kidd
Publisher: ABDO
ISBN: 159961524X
Pages: 122
Year: 2008
View: 1021
Read: 1173
Still on a mission to find the legendary Sword of Cortâes, the crew of the Barnacle becomes entranced by an ethereal song that pulls them away from their mission, leaving Captain Jack Sparrow to find the source behind the dark spell.
Schiavitù mediterranee. Corsari, rinnegati e santi di età moderna
Author: Giovanna Fiume
Publisher: Bruno Mondadori
ISBN: 886159560X
Pages: 366
Year: 2012-01-09
View: 999
Read: 921

Blue at the Mizzen (Vol. Book 20) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels)
Author: Patrick O'Brian
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393088502
Pages: 262
Year: 2000-09-17
View: 952
Read: 1091
"The old master has us again in the palm of his hand."—Los Angeles Times (a Best Book of 1999) Napoleon has been defeated at Waterloo, and the ensuing peace brings with it both the desertion of nearly half of Captain Aubrey's crew and the sudden dimming of Aubrey's career prospects in a peacetime navy. When the Surprise is nearly sunk on her way to South America—where Aubrey and Stephen Maturin are to help Chile assert her independence from Spain—the delay occasioned by repairs reaps a harvest of strange consequences. The South American expedition is a desperate affair; and in the end Jack's bold initiative to strike at the vastly superior Spanish fleet precipitates a spectacular naval action that will determine both Chile's fate and his own.
Author: Emilio Salgari, Nico Lorenzutti
Publisher: Roh Press
ISBN: 0978270746
Pages: 272
Year: 2007-04
View: 184
Read: 474
India, 1857. Just when Tremal-Naik's life was getting back to normal, the Thugs of the Kali cult return to exact their revenge by kidnapping his daughter Darma. Summoned by Kammamuri, Sandokan and Yanez immediately set sail for India to help their loyal friend. But the evil sect knows of their arrival and thwarts them at every turn. Have our heroes finally met their match? It's the Tiger of Malaysia versus the Tiger of India in a fight to the death!
The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey
Author: Patrick O'Brian
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007194692
Pages: 136
Year: 2004
View: 1137
Read: 1151
Includes facsimile of the manuscript.
Selected letters, 1940-1956
Author: Jack Kerouac, Ann Charters
Publisher: Penguin Paperbacks
ISBN: 0140234446
Pages: 629
Year: 1996-03-01
View: 226
Read: 1175
The life and craft of Jack Kerouac are traced through some of his most personal and mesmerizing letters. Written between 1940, when he was a freshman in college, and 1956, immediately before his leap into celebrity with the publication of On the Road, these letters offer valuable insights into Kerouac's family life, friendships with Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs, and others.