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The Last Joy
Author: Knut Hamsun
Publisher: Green Integer Books
ISBN: 1931243190
Pages: 279
Year: 2003
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The Last Joy is the final part in Hamsun's Wanderer Trilogy. With its richly varied contents, this work combines the lyricism of Hamsun's Pan (1894) and the epic scope of his Nobel prize-winning Growth of the Soil (1917). The middle-aged narrator of this story is a Hamsun double, who leaves the wild, where he has lived in a turf hut, for a tourist resort and, later, the city, where he contacts Miss Torsen, a beautiful young school teacher he met at the resort. He follows her sexual escapades, including rape, with the intense, vicarious interest of a voyeur.
English Norwegian German Bible
Author: TruthBeTold Ministry, Joern Andre Halseth, King James, Det Norske Bibelselskap, Martin Luther
Publisher: TruthBeTold Ministry via PublishDrive
ISBN: 8283810138
Pages: 4803
Year: 2017-03-12
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This publication contains King James Bible (1611, Pure Cambridge, Authorized Version) and Bibelen (1930) and Lutherbibel (1912) translation. It has 210,908 references and shows 2 formats of The Bible. It includes King James Bible and Bibelen and Lutherbibel formatted in a read and navigation friendly format, or the Navi-format for short. Here you will find each verse printed in parallel in the kjb-nor1930-gerlut order. It includes a full, separate and not in parallel, copy of the King James Bible and Bibelen and Lutherbibel, built for text-to-speech (tts) so your device can read The Bible out loud to you. How the general Bible-navigation works: A Testament has an index of its books. The TTS format lists books and chapters after the book index. The Testaments reference each other in the book index. Each book has a reference to The Testament it belongs to. Each book has a reference to the previous and or next book. Each book has an index of its chapters. Each chapter has a reference to the book it belongs to. Each chapter reference the previous and or next chapter. Each chapter has an index of its verses. Each chapter in TTS reference same chapter in the Navi-format. Each verse is numbered and reference the chapter it belongs to. Each verse starts on a new line for better readability. In the TTS format the verse numbers are not shown. Any reference in an index brings you to the location. The Built-in table of contents reference all books in all formats. We believe we have built one of the best if not the best navigation there is to be found in an ebook such as this! It puts any verse at your fingertips and is perfect for the quick lookup. And the combination of King James Bible and Bibelen and Lutherbibel and its navigation makes this ebook unique. Note that Text-To-Speech (TTS) support varies from device to device. Some devices do not support it. Others support only one language and some support many languages. The language used for TTS in this ebook is English.
Walford's guide to reference material
Author: Albert John Walford, Anthony P. Harvey, H. Drubba
ISBN: 0853655642
Pages: 812
Year: 1982-12
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Scandinavian Books, Danish--Norwegian--Swedish
Author: Chicago Public Library
Pages: 172
Year: 1929
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Subject Catalog
Author: Library of Congress
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British Union-catalogue of Periodicals
Author: James Douglas Stewart
Pages: 2953
Year: 1956
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The Labour Party in Britain and Norway
Author: David Redvaldsen
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857719521
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-02-28
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In the aftermath of World War I and the Russian Revolution of 1917, the nature, aims and trajectories of the Labour parties of Europe were fundamentally altered and transformed. In this compelling and thoughtful analysis of the Labour parties of Britain and Norway, David Redvaldsen offers an insight into the successes and failures of these two parties as they faced the challenges of the economic and political situation of the interwar era and their relentless pursuit of power and influence. _x000D_ _x000D_ Redvaldsen’s comparative approach is twofold: firstly he compares the contexts of each party in the years after the World War I, through the turbulent era of the Great Depression, and in the lead up to the World War II. As in other countries the early 1930s was key to the outcome of the political struggle as the dire economic situation loomed large over the left-wing parties of Europe. Secondly, he explores and contrasts the internal politics and resources of the Labour parties, the nature of central control, their attempts to promulgate their message, thier press networks, the strength of their supportive labour movements, and the funding they had - or crucially, lacked._x000D_ _x000D_ ‘The Labour Party in Britain and Norway’ offers an in depth analysis of the fate of each party as they approached the crucial general elections of the 1920s and 1930s, and the way in which they responded to the realities of power under the leaderships of Ramsay MacDonald and Clement Attlee in Britain, and Christopher Hornsrud and Johan Nygaardsvold in Norway. It asks what made each party successful, and by proposing that the Labour Party of Norway was the more successful of the two, draws important conclusions that have resonance for the study of socialist and political parties in general. This is an important book, offering a unique insight into the rise and expansion of the Labour parties of Britain and Norway, something which will be of utmost relevance not only to students and researchers of left-wing politics but also to those interested in the nature of the pursuit of power itself in the crucial interwar period.
Children of the age
Author: Knut Hamsun
Pages: 287
Year: 1924
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The New Yorker
Year: 1958-05
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Guide to Reference Books
Author: Eugene Paul Sheehy, Rita G. Keckeissen, Richard J. Dionne
Publisher: Chicago : American Library Association
ISBN: 0838903908
Pages: 1560
Year: 1986
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The Reception of George Eliot in Europe
Author: Elinor Shaffer, Catherine Brown
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441128549
Pages: 512
Year: 2016-02-11
View: 453
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George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans, 1819-1880) was one of the most important writers of the European nineteenth century, as well as a pioneering translator of challenging and controversial Continental thinkers, and an influential editor and essayist. Although such novels of provincial life as Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss and Middlemarch have seen her characterised as a thoroughly English writer, her reception and immersion in the literary, intellectual and political life of Europe was remarkable. Written by a team of leading international scholars, The Reception of George Eliot in Europe is the first comprehensive and systematic survey of Eliot's place in European culture. Exploring Eliot's deep knowledge of German literature and thought, her galvanizing influence on women novelists and translators in countries as diverse as Sweden and Spain, her travels in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Lands, Italy, and Spain and her friendship with leading figures such as Mazzini, Turgenev, and Liszt, this study reveals her full stature as a cosmopolitan writer and thinker. A film of her Italian Renaissance novel Romola was one of the first to circulate in Europe. Including an historical timeline and a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources and translations, The Reception of George Eliot in Europe is an essential reference resource for anyone working in the field of Victorian Literature or the European nineteenth century.
Climbing in the Magic Islands
Author: Ed Webster
Pages: 322
Year: 1994-08-01
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Encyclopedia of Linguistics
Author: Philipp Strazny
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135455228
Pages: 1304
Year: 2013-02-01
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Utilizing a historical and international approach, this valuable two-volume resource makes even the more complex linguistic issues understandable for the non-specialized reader. Containing over 500 alphabetically arranged entries and an expansive glossary by a team of international scholars, the Encyclopedia of Linguistics explores the varied perspectives, figures, and methodologies that make up the field.
The towers of Ras al-Khaimah
Author: Derek Kennet, Society for Arabian Studies, Raʾs al-Khaymah (United Arab Emirates : Emirate). Department of Antiquities and Museums
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Ltd
ISBN: 0860547787
Pages: 237
Year: 1995
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This study describes and illustrates, with plans, drawings and photographs, 75 of the defensive towers in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, which occupies the western side of the Musandam peninsula at the entrance to the Arabian Gulf. The material comes from a survey undertaken between December 1991 and January 1992, and includes an introduction discussing geography, history, typology and distribution, and construction techniques and features.
Body Law and the Body of Law
Author: Christine M. Hassenstab
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110412772
Pages: 362
Year: 2015-01-01
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The book examines how laws on sterilization, birth control and abortion were created, by focusing on the act of legislation; how the law was driven by scientific and social norms during the first and closing decades of the 20th century in the USA (especially in the state of Indiana) and Norway. The author develops the notion of “body law” for reproductive policies and uses sociological theories to untie the various strands of social.