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Can't Buy Me Love
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345525604
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-06-26
View: 175
Read: 952
In Molly O’Keefe’s captivating new contemporary romance, a woman with a past and a man without a future struggle to find a place where they belong. A girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Tara Jean Sweet knows that opportunity will never knock; she’ll have to seize it. Elderly Texas rancher Lyle Baker has a dying request: He will give Tara Jean a stake in his leather business in exchange for a little family subterfuge. All Tara Jean has to do is play the part of a gold-digging fiancée to lure Lyle’s estranged children home. The mission is soon accomplished. Now Lyle’s gone—and his ridiculously handsome son, Luc, an ice hockey superstar sidelined by injuries, is the new owner of Crooked Creek ranch. He’s also Tara Jean’s boss. But being so close to sinfully sweet Tara Jean does crazy things to Luc’s priorities, like make him want to pry her deepest secrets from those irresistible lips. But when Tara Jean’s past demands a dirty showdown, will Luc stay and fight?
Geschickt eingefädelt
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 3955764133
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-01-10
View: 206
Read: 1165
Frech, witzig, sexy - und zutiefst berührend: Der Auftakt zu Molly O’Keefes aufregender Trilogie! Eishockey-Profi Luc Baker ist fuchsteufelswild: Sein sterbenskranker Vater, zu dem er jeglichen Kontakt abgebrochen hat, will ein blondes Flittchen heiraten! Wütend reist Luc nach Texas, um sich die vermeintliche Erbschleicherin Tara vorzuknöpfen - und erfährt, dass alles nur ein Plan war, um ihn nach Hause zu locken. Modedesignerin Tara ist verzweifelt: Lyle Baker hat sie aus einer Notlage gerettet und ihr den Job als Geschäftsführerin des Familienbetriebs gegeben. Doch jetzt ist er tot - und sie muss sich mit seinem Sohn Luc herumschlagen, der sie am liebsten in die Wüste schicken würde. Und leider ist Luc nicht nur schrecklich dickköpfig, sondern auch schrecklich attraktiv ...
Between the Sheets
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345549031
Pages: 354
Year: 2014
View: 959
Read: 314
Taking responsibility for the son he never knew he had, Ty Svenson parks himself in Bishop, Arkansas, where he goes up against his pretty—and uptight—new neighbor, Shelby Monroe, until he realizes that she is his son's elementary school art teacher and the only one willing to help his troubled boy. Original.
Can't Hurry Love
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345525620
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-07-31
View: 1245
Read: 1029
From award-winning author Molly O’Keefe comes a wonderfully written contemporary romance about second chances at life and at love. Victoria Baker, the penniless widow of a disgraced financier, is ready to stand up, be counted, and make a new life for herself and her beloved son in Texas. She’s taking over Crooked Creek ranch, her birthright, and turning it into something special. All that stands in her way is Eli Turnbull, a rugged, too-handsome cowboy who wants the land just as badly. If Victoria wants a fight, Eli will give her one. He’s devoted his life to Crooked Creek, and he’s not about to let some pampered city girl—even one as brave and beautiful as Victoria—turn it into some silly spa. But Victoria’s and Eli’s burning anger and frustration only fuel heat of another kind: uncontrollable passion. And soon they each realize that the person standing in their way is the one they can never do without.
Crazy Thing Called Love
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345533704
Pages: 368
Year: 2013-01-29
View: 1033
Read: 1041
NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR In this poignant and deeply sensual new contemporary romance—perfect for readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson—Molly O’Keefe proves that lost loves don’t have to stay lost forever. Dallas TV morning show host Madelyn Cornish is poised, perfect, and unflappable, from her glossy smile to her sleek professionalism. No one knows that her iron will guards a shattered heart and memories of a man she’s determined to lock out. Until that man shows up at a morning meeting like a bad dream: Billy Wilkins, sexy hockey superstar in a tailspin—still skating, still fighting, and still her ex-husband. Now the producers want this poster child for bad behavior to undergo an on-air makeover, and Billy, who has nothing to lose, agrees to the project. It’s his only chance to get near Maddy again, and to fight for the right things this time around. He believes in the fire in Maddy’s whiskey eyes and the passion that ignites the air between them. This bad-boy heartbreaker wants a last shot to be redeemed by the only thing that matters: Maddy’s love. “Irresistible and satisfying . . . addictive and sexy romance at its best.”—New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery “Molly O’Keefe is a unique, not-to-be-missed voice in romantic fiction.”—New York Times bestselling author Susan Andersen From the Paperback edition.
Indecent Proposal
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345549058
Pages: 349
Year: 2014
View: 1271
Read: 983
Harrison Montgomery, the brother of the heroine from the author's beloved novel, Never Been Kissed, is a driven man who refuses to be distracted--until he meets a beautiful bartender who just may change his life.
Never Been Kissed
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345549023
Pages: 384
Year: 2014-07-01
View: 1070
Read: 872
Perfect for fans of K. Bromberg and Rachel Gibson, the Boys of Bishop series combines intense heat with small-town heart in Never Been Kissed, the gripping story of two damaged souls and the electrifying rescue that brings them together. As the daughter of a wealthy politician, Ashley Montgomery has had enough of her parents’ expectations for her future and is going her own way, volunteering to work at a refugee camp in Africa. But her act of charity turns dangerous when she takes a boat trip and is abducted by Somali pirates. Enter Brody Baxter, who was a bodyguard for the Montgomery family ten years ago and doesn’t think twice about coming to Ashley’s rescue. Handsome and tough, Brody has always done what needed to be done. So he swoops in, saves Ashley, and brings her to a place where she can rest and recuperate without the glare of the press and her demanding family: Brody’s small hometown of Bishop, Arkansas. But Ashley soon realizes that she’s not the only one in need of healing. Holed up with Ashley in a tiny apartment over his brother’s bar in Bishop, Brody is tempted and torn in ways he never anticipated. Beautiful Ashley, vibrant despite her ordeal, fearless enough to love him beyond his wall of self-punishment, is now determined to save him. But with a little faith and a lot of love, they just may find happiness in each others’ arms. Praise for Never Been Kissed “Never Been Kissed is a great book! It will hook you from page one. Ashley and Brody are perfect together. Ashley is the sweet next-door type and Brody is the brooding hero. The chemistry between all the characters is spot-on. . . . I can’t wait to see what Molly O’Keefe has in store for us next!”—Fresh Fiction “Incredibly well written, truly engaging and with characters who grab your heart, Never Been Kissed is a fantastic addition to Ms. O’Keefe’s The Boys of Bishop series.”—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews “The characters have a sweet chemistry with doses of humor and drama, and the plot develops into more than just the hero rescuing the heroine.”—RT Book Reviews “A fast-paced and engaging novel with a charming cast of likable characters . . . Never Been Kissed is another captivating romance in Molly O’Keefe’s divine Boys of Bishop series. While it is a heartwarming love story between two incredibly complex individuals, it is also a wonderful journey of healing and self-discovery for the characters as well.”—Book Reviews & More by Kathy “[O’Keefe] has a knack for creating damaged characters whose only hope for healing lies in giving and accepting love. . . . This knack is on display again in the second book of her Boys of Bishop series. . . . She gives her readers a sizzling romance, but it is also a romance that develops in credible and emotionally satisfying ways. Her characters are always presented with rich contexts, and Brody and Ashley are no exception. . . . If you like imperfect characters who confront real issues and earn their happily ever after by learning and growing, I highly recommend this book.”—The Romance Dish “It’s a second chance a romance that could never happen. . . . This is the story of a very broken man and a very strong woman determined to give him her love. A lovely, unique story and a great cast of secondary characters make this a fantastic read.”—Smut Book Club From the Paperback edition.
Baby Makes Three
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 142681027X
Pages: 256
Year: 2007-12-01
View: 237
Read: 754
Alice Mitchell has seen better days. But that was before the heartbreak of infertility, divorce and losing her trendy New York restaurant. Then, after five long years, her ex-husband reappears in her life. Gabe needs a chef. Alice needs a job. The attraction between them is still undeniable—and just as impossible. Even if sparks fly again, she can't give him what they once wanted more than anything: a baby. Creating a family, however, doesn't always mean creating a child.… Sometimes it just means allowing love to survive. But will they realize that before it's too late—a second time?
Wild Child
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0345533712
Pages: 356
Year: 2013
View: 1242
Read: 429
Once dubbed America's teenage "Wild Child" with her own reality show, Monica Appleby returns to her home town to pen the juicy follow-up to her tell-all biography, and political hottie Mayor Jackson Davies says he wants her out before she ruins the town's reputation—but his the burning desire in his eyes says something different. Original.
Going for the Goal
Author: Sara Rider
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150113292X
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-02-13
View: 1249
Read: 875
Sara Rider returns with the third book in the Perfect Play series—a fast-paced, icy hot romance featuring a sports agent fighting an attraction to the NHL’s bad boy…and his ability to melt her heart. In this perfect book for romance and sports fans, professional sports agent Jillian Nichols knows how to play the game to get what she wants. But admitting to what she needs has always been a challenge. Will she ever let her guard down long enough to let someone in? Or will the bad boy hockey player Nick “the Punisher” Salinger have to fight harder than ever for a chance to win her heart?
Unexpected Family
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373717830
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-06-05
View: 1299
Read: 1143
"Jeremiah Stone: rodeo superstar. Good time guy. Father of three? That's one pair of boots Jeremiah never expected to fill. Then his three nephews are orphaned, and his entire life changes. Not only is he now playing parent, he's also running the family ranch. It's almost too much for this cowboy. Until he encounters Lucy Alatore. He recognizes that look in her eye and knows a steamy fling could make him feel more like himself. But the intense heat between him and Lucy is distracting him from three little boys who need his undivided attention. He's forced to choose one over the other ... unless he can convince Lucy this family isn't complete without her!"--P. [4] of cover.
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1507776357
Pages: 166
Year: 2015-02-19
View: 183
Read: 1200
A gritty and emotional historical western romance by RITA-award winning and Bestselling author Molly O'Keefe. Melody Hurst's days as a Southern belle are over. Now she's widowed and alone in the foothills of the Rockies, struggling to make a life in a dangerous world. She's determined to secure a future by marrying – but love is out of the question. Cole Baywood has turned bounty hunter after serving in the horrors of the Civil War, but the ghosts of the men and women he's killed still haunt him. He's drawn to the beautiful widow trying to seduce him, only the darkness in his soul forces him to reject her. Is it possible that Melody's touch can heal the demons of his past? And how can he convince a woman who has lost so much to risk her heart?
Dishing It Out
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460370430
Pages: 224
Year: 2014-11-15
View: 338
Read: 408
A smart girl would help herself first Slaving over a hot stove had taught Marie Simmons a thing or two—like not letting another cook steal her thunder! If it took her last chocolate chip (okay, second to last—a girl can't give away all the chocolate!) she had to find some way to foil Van MacAllister—a gourmet's flavor du jour—her new co-host on a cooking show. With some careful planning the only sizzle the audience would see would be from the steak, not the hunk. Of course, she feels a soupgon of guilt at first because he really is a talented chef. And by the time they get to the appetizers it finally dawns on her that the, um, "to-die-for dish" on their show just might be the man himself!
The Scandal and Carter O'Neill
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426869290
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-10-01
View: 1209
Read: 1292
Carter O'Neill has risen above the reputation of his notorious family—thanks to hard work and distance. Now he's this close to getting everything he wants. Then Zoe Madison interrupts his community meeting with the announcement she's pregnant. In the media storm that follows, no one wants to hear that the baby isn't his. As for believing he doesn't even know her…forget about it! The only way to control this story is for Carter and Zoe to fake a relationship until the attention passes. Thing is, Carter discovers he really does like Zoe. In a forever kind of way. Too bad she's not as eager to share his public life. So he'll simply have to convince her he's worth the risk. This could be his toughest campaign yet!
The Temptation of Savannah O'Neill
Author: Molly O'Keefe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426864930
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-08-01
View: 1181
Read: 1269
A family's bad reputation is tough to shake off. Just ask Savannah O'Neill. Despite her straitlaced job as a librarian, despite her living a private life, the O'Neill family wildness still sparks town gossip. And the arrival of Matt Woods—sexy handyman and complete stranger—isn't helping. Watching him work makes Savannah long to take a trip into indulgence. That's so not a good idea—she's been there before and still hears the rumors. But Matt is much too delicious for this O'Neill to resist. It's a shame there's more to Matt than being good with his hands. Because when his true reasons for seeking her out are revealed, he could become another affair Savannah lives to regret.