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Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421594641
Pages: 197
Year: 2016-12-06
View: 648
Read: 1329
Soma finally meets the Totsuki Institute's current reigning Council of Ten, and in true Soma fashion, he challenges them all to a shokugeki! But the Council of Ten members see Soma and the rest of the first-years at the Momiji Meet ’n’ Greet as not worthy of their time and blow them off. As Soma leaves the meeting pondering ways to convince a council member to take him up on his challenge, Megumi mentions the upcoming school festival. Just what kind of scheme could Soma be cooking up this time? -- VIZ Media
Food Wars - Shokugeki No Soma 15
Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Publisher: Carlsen
ISBN: 3646710586
Pages: 192
Year: 2018-09-28
View: 424
Read: 630
Kochen ist Somas große Leidenschaft. Und er will richtig gut sein. Besser noch als sein Vater, der ein kleines aber feines Restaurant in Tokyo führt. Auf einem Internat für angehende Spitzenköche soll er alles rund um die Haute Cuisine lernen. Kein Problem meint der Teenager, wäre da nicht die starke Konkurrenz ─ denn nicht mehr als 10% der Schüler bestehen die Abschlussprüfung. Der Wettkampf an den Töpfen kann beginnen! Und er wird dramatisch, komisch und auch ein wenig frivol. Möge der Bessere gewinnen, Hauptsache es schmeckt! Mit Rezepten & Beratung von einer TV-Köchin!
Food Wars
Author: Tim Lang, Michael Heasman
Publisher: Earthscan
ISBN: 1853837016
Pages: 365
Year: 2004
View: 400
Read: 912
It is widely accepted in the scientific community that climate change is a reality, and that changes are happening with increasing rapidity. In this second edition, leading climate researcher Barrie Pittock revisits the effects that global warming is havi
British Strategy in the Napoleonic War, 1803-15
Author: Christopher David Hall
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 0719036062
Pages: 239
Year: 1992
View: 1141
Read: 620

To End All Wars
Author: Adam Hochschild
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547549210
Pages: 480
Year: 2011-05-03
View: 345
Read: 503
World War I stands as one of history’s most senseless spasms of carnage, defying rational explanation. In a riveting, suspenseful narrative with haunting echoes for our own time, Adam Hochschild brings it to life as never before. He focuses on the long-ignored moral drama of the war’s critics, alongside its generals and heroes. Thrown in jail for their opposition to the war were Britain’s leading investigative journalist, a future winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and an editor who, behind bars, published a newspaper for his fellow inmates on toilet paper. These critics were sometimes intimately connected to their enemy hawks: one of Britain’s most prominent women pacifist campaigners had a brother who was commander in chief on the Western Front. Two well-known sisters split so bitterly over the war that they ended up publishing newspapers that attacked each other. Today, hundreds of military cemeteries spread across the fields of northern France and Belgium contain the bodies of millions of men who died in the “war to end all wars.” Can we ever avoid repeating history?
Library Wars: Love & War
Author: Kiiro Yumi
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421555298
Pages: 190
Year: 2012-09-04
View: 199
Read: 893
Hikaru’s big brother is working for the enemy, and he wants to reunite with Hikaru. Meanwhile, someone is posting negative reviews on the library’s website, and Kasahara intends to find out who. Later, personal issues are set aside when the Library Forces find out about a book burning on their home turf! -- VIZ Media
15 Minutes
Author: L. Douglas Keeney
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250002087
Pages: 400
Year: 2012-02-14
View: 975
Read: 482
Packed with startling revelations, this inside look at the secret side of the Cold War exposes just how close America came to total annihilation During the Cold War, a flight crew had 15 minutes to get their nuke-laden plane in the air from the moment Soviet bombers were detected—15 minutes between the earliest warning of an incoming nuclear strike and the first flash of an enemy warhead. This is the chilling true story of the incredibly risky steps our military took to protect us from that scenario, including: • Over two thousand loaded bombers that crossed American skies. They sometimes crashed and at least nine times resulted in nuclear weapons being accidentally dropped • A system that would use timers and rockets to launch missiles even after everyone was dead • Disastrous atmospheric nuclear testing including the horrific runaway bomb—that fooled scientists and put thousands of men in uniform in the center of a cloud of hot fallout • A plan to use dry lake beds to rebuild and launch a fighting force in the aftermath of nuclear war Based on formerly classified documents, military records, press accounts, interviews and over 10 years of research, 15 Minutes is one of the most important works on the atom bomb ever written.
The Death of Hope
Author: Jude Watson
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 0439139341
Pages: 152
Year: 2001-01
View: 600
Read: 1244
After Jedi Knights Qui-Gon and Tahl pledge their love for each other, Tahl is abducted and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi must rescue her.
History for the IB Diploma: Causes, Practices and Effects of Wars
Author: Mike Wells
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521189314
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-05-19
View: 649
Read: 1236
An exciting new series that covers the five Paper 2 topics of the IB 20th Century World History syllabus. This coursebook covers Paper 2, Topic 1, Causes, practices and effects of wars, in the 20th Century World History syllabus for the IB History programme. It is divided into thematic sections, following the IB syllabus structure and is written in clear, accessible English. It covers the following areas for detailed study: First World War (1914-18); Second World War (1939-45); Asia and Oceania: Chinese Civil War (1927-37 and 1946-9); and Europe and Middle East: Spanish Civil War (1936-9). Tailored to the requirements and assessment objectives of the IB syllabus, it allows students to make comparisons between different regions and time periods.
God, War, and Providence
Author: James A. Warren
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501180436
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-06-12
View: 870
Read: 465
“Warren transforms what could have been merely a Pilgrim version of cowboys and Indians into a sharp study of cultural contrast… a well-researched cameo of early America.” —Roger Lowenstein, The Wall Street Journal The tragic and fascinating history of the first epic struggle between white settlers and Native Americans in the early seventeenth century: a fresh look at the aggressive expansionist Puritans in New England and the determined Narragansett Indians, who refused to back down and accept English authority over people and their land. A devout Puritan minister in seventeenth-century New England, Roger Williams was also a social critic, diplomat, theologian, and politician who fervently believed in tolerance. Yet his orthodox brethren were convinced tolerance fostered anarchy and courted God’s wrath. Banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635, Williams purchased land from the Narragansett Indians and laid the foundations for the colony of Rhode Island as a place where Indian and English cultures could flourish side by side, in peace. As the seventeenth century wore on, a steadily deepening antagonism developed between an expansionist, aggressive Puritan culture and an increasingly vulnerable, politically divided Indian population. Indian tribes that had been at the center of the New England communities found themselves shunted off to the margins of the region. By the 1660s, all the major Indian peoples in southern New England had come to accept English authority, either tacitly or explicitly. All, except one: the Narragansetts. In God, War, and Providence James A. Warren tells the remarkable and little-known story of the alliance between Roger Williams’s Rhode Island and the Narragansett Indians, and how they joined forces to retain their autonomy and their distinctive ways of life against Puritan encroachment. Deeply researched, vividly written, this account of the Narragansetts’ courageous resistance campaign, aided by Williams, serves as a telling precedent for white-Native American encounters along the North American frontier for the next 250 years.
Destined for War
Author: Graham Allison
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544935330
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-05-30
View: 312
Read: 619
SHORT-LISTED FOR THE 2018 LIONEL GELBER PRIZE A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR NAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY: FINANCIAL TIMES * THE TIMES (LONDON) * AMAZON “Allison is one of the keenest observers of international affairs around.”— JOE BIDEN, former vice president of the United States China and the United States are heading toward a war neither wants. The reason is Thucydides’s Trap: when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one, violence is the likeliest result. Over the past five hundred years, these conditions have occurred sixteen times; war broke out in twelve. Today, as an unstoppable China approaches an immovable America, and both Xi Jinping and Donald Trump promise to make their countries “great again,” the seventeenth case looks grim. A trade conflict, cyberattack, Korean crisis, or accident at sea could easily spark a major war. In Destined for War, eminent Harvard scholar Graham Allison masterfully blends history and current events to explain the timeless machinery of Thucydides’s Trap—and to explore the painful steps that might prevent disaster today. “[A] must-read book in both Washington and Beijing.”— NIALL FERGUSON, BOSTON GLOBE “[Allison is] a first-class academic with the instincts of a first-rate politician.”— BLOOMBERG NEWS “[Full of] wide-ranging, erudite case studies that span human history . . . [A] fine book.”— NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Vol. 1
Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421577232
Pages: 207
Year: 2014-03-18
View: 189
Read: 204
Soma Yukihira's old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town. Aiming to one day surpass his father's culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school! Can Soma really cut it in a school that prides itself on a 10 percent graduation rate? And cacn he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress of the school that he belongs there at all?! -- VIZ Media
The Wars of the Roses
Author: John Gillingham
Publisher: Phoenix
ISBN: 1842122746
Pages: 288
Year: 2001
View: 1133
Read: 582
It was the period when the French beat the English and the English fought among themselves. Traditional historians have glossed over it, considering it the time that wrecked Britain's military greatness. But Gillingham elegantly separates myth from reality, arguing that, paradoxically, the wars actually proved how peaceful the country was. His gifted graphic description makes this exciting and dramatic throughout. “Incisively written and highly readable.”—Sunday Times. “Gillingham informs us...with such verve, with and intelligence that we are left dazzled and delighted.”—History.
Author: Rachel Maddow
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307461009
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-03-27
View: 512
Read: 293
The #1 New York Times bestseller that charts America’s dangerous drift into a state of perpetual war. Written with bracing wit and intelligence, Rachel Maddow's Drift argues that we've drifted away from America's original ideals and become a nation weirdly at peace with perpetual war. To understand how we've arrived at such a dangerous place, Maddow takes us from the Vietnam War to today's war in Afghanistan, along the way exploring Reagan's radical presidency, the disturbing rise of executive authority, the gradual outsourcing of our war-making capabilities to private companies, the plummeting percentage of American families whose children fight our constant wars for us, and even the changing fortunes of G.I. Joe. Ultimately, she shows us just how much we stand to lose by allowing the scope of American military power to overpower our political discourse. Sensible yet provocative, dead serious yet seri­ously funny, Drift will reinvigorate a "loud and jangly" political debate about our vast and confounding national security state.
Food Wars!, Vol. 5
Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421573857
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 411
Read: 352
Soma Yukihira’s old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town. Aiming to one day surpass his father’s culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school! Can Soma really cut it in a place that prides itself on a 10 percent graduation rate? And can he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress of the school that he belongs there at all?! The assignment is to invent a new dish worthy of appearing on the high-class Totsuki Resort’s breakfast menu. To create their dishes, Soma and his friends use the combined knowledge and confidence they’ve gained while at the cooking camp to individually pass the challenge—everyone, that is, except for Soma! Having made a critical error, he finds himself behind with little time left. What can he do to overcome his biggest hurdle yet?!