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Dotty Detective (Dotty Detective, Book 1)
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 000813247X
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-05-05
View: 792
Read: 815
Meet Dorothy Constance Mae Louise, or Dot as she prefers to be called!
Dotty Detective
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008132496
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-05-05
View: 720
Read: 1317
Meet Dorothy Constance Mae Louise, or Dot as she prefers to be called! Dot loves super-sour apple sherberts, running fast and puzzles - especially if they're fiendishly tricky. And with the help of trusty sidekick, Beans and TOP DOG, McClusky, she is always ready to sniff out a mystery. So when meangirl Laura seems set on sabotaging the school talent show, Dot is determined to find out how, and save the day...
Dotty Detective and the Paw Print Puzzle (Dotty Detective, Book 2)
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008132461
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-07-28
View: 642
Read: 712
Dot, her best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky are back on the case in a brand-new story!
Midnight Mystery (Dotty Detective, Book 3)
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008132410
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-01-12
View: 632
Read: 1218
The Join the Dots Detectives: Dot, Beans and McClusky are back on the case in a third, brand-new mystery!
The Drunk Detective
Author: Mary Jean Curry
Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books
ISBN: 1939665000
Year: 2018-03-24
View: 1116
Read: 256
Dotty Davis, a ball of fun with no sense of style and five-alarm outbursts is the target of most of the jokes, but until the author puts out her fire with a bucket of vodka and her being murder suspect, she's the novel's bliss.
The Birthday Surprise (Dotty Detective, Book 5)
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008248427
Pages: 176
Year: 2018-01-11
View: 1263
Read: 621
Dot, her best friend Beans and her dog McClusky all love sniffing out a good mystery and together they will solve the case and save the day . . .
The Lost Puppy (Dotty Detective, Book 4)
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008248389
Pages: 176
Year: 2017-07-27
View: 487
Read: 771
Dot, her best friend Beans and her dog McClusky all love sniffing out a good mystery and together they will solve the case and save the day . . .
The Paw Print Puzzle
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008132453
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-07-28
View: 1150
Read: 788
Dot, her best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky are back on the case in a brand-new story! When Dot starts hearing strange noises at night she's convinced there must be something SPOOKY afoot. But before they can prove there's a ghost on the loose, Dot and Beans have to follow Ace Detective Fred Fantastic's golden rule: GET PROOF. Easier said than done when the suspect appears to be invisible! It's time to FOLLOW THAT HUNCH!
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Author: Douglas Adams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476782997
Pages: 260
Year: 2014-10-07
View: 935
Read: 532
From Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, comes a wildly inventive novel—in trade paperback for the first time—of ghosts, time travel, and one detective’s mission to save humanity from extinction. DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY We solve the whole crime We find the whole person Phone today for the whole solution to your problem (Missing cats and messy divorces a specialty) Douglas Adams, the “master of wacky words and even wackier tales” (Entertainment Weekly) once again boggles the mind with a completely unbelievable story of ghosts, time travel, eccentric computer geniuses, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the end of the world, and—of course—missing cats.
It’s About Love
Author: Steven Camden
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007511256
Pages: 448
Year: 2015-06-04
View: 1060
Read: 1003
Real life is messier than the movies. A bold, thought-provoking novel from the exceptionally talented, Steven Camden.
Whose Body?
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 048611242X
Pages: 144
Year: 2012-03-02
View: 800
Read: 1021
There's a dead body in his bathtub, wearing nothing but a pair of pince-nez spectacles. Enter Lord Peter Wimsey, the original gentleman sleuth, who debuted in this 1923 novel.
A Deadly Paradise
Author: Grace Brophy
Publisher: Soho Press
ISBN: 1569474915
Pages: 298
Year: 2008
View: 586
Read: 242
Inspector Alessandro Cenni investigates after an elderly German woman, a retired cultural attache, is murdered.
Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth
Author: Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1509804463
Year: 2016-04-07
View: 365
Read: 1172
The Blythes are a big, warm, rambunctious family who live on a small farm and sometimes foster children. Now Prez has come to live with them. But, though he seems cheerful and helpful, he never says a word. Then one day Prez answers the door to someone claiming to be his relative. This small, loud stranger carries a backpack, walks with a swagger and goes by the name of Sputnik. As Prez dithers on the doorstep, Sputnik strolls right past him and introduces himself to everyone in the household. Prez is amazed at the response. The family pat Sputnik on the head, call him a good boy and drop food into his mouth. It seems they all think Sputnik is a dog. It's only Prez who thinks otherwise. But Prez soon finds himself having to defend the family from the chaos and danger unleashed by Sputnik, as household items come to life - like a TV remote that fast-forwards people: 'Anyone can do it, it's just that people don't read the instructions properly'; and a toy lightsaber that entertains guests at a children's party, until one of them is nearly decapitated by it - and Prez is going to have to use his voice to explain himself. It turns out that Sputnik is writing a guidebook to Earth called Ten Things Worth Doing on Earth, and he takes Prez on a journey to discover just those ten things. Each adventure seems to take Prez nearer to the heart of the family he is being fostered by. But they also take him closer to the day that he is due to leave them forever . . .
Noises Off
Author: Michael Frayn
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350013358
Pages: 176
Year: 2017-01-12
View: 1116
Read: 267
Noises Off is not one play but two - simultaneously a traditional sex farce, Nothing On, and the backstage farce that develops during Nothing On's final rehearsal and tour. The two farces begin to interlock, as the characters make their exits from Nothing On only to find themselves making entrances into the even worse nightmare going on backstage, and exit from that only to make their entrances back into Nothing On. In the end, at the disastrous final performance in Stockton-on-Tees, the two farces can be kept separate no longer, and coalesce into one single collective nervous breakdown. Noises Off won both the Evening Standard and the Olivier Awards for Best Comedy when it was first produced, and ran in the West End for nearly five years. Michael Frayn's most recent play, Copenhagen, won both the Evening Standard Best Play Award in London and the Tony Best Play Award in New York.
The Thin Woman
Author: Dorothy Cannell
Publisher: Crimeline
ISBN: 0307816729
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-03-21
View: 999
Read: 376
In the delectable debut that earned her instant acclaim, award-winning author Dorothy Cannell serves up a murder mystery to be savored. . . Ellie Simons longs to be thin—and married. But with her single-minded passion for éclairs and clotted cream, her prospects on both counts seem dim. That's why the summons to attend a family reunion at the old ancestral home is about as welcome as a snakebite. How can she show up with her embarrassingly full figure in her humble unmarried state and keep her chins up? Enter Bentley T. Haskell of Eligibility Escorts, a devastatingly attractive writer of smutty novels who also cooks like a dream. With Bentley posing as her besotted beau, Ellie feels brave enough to beard her batty relations in their den. . . . But mouldering Merlin's Court is nothing like Ellie remembers, and with her wretchedly beautiful cousin Vanessa making eyes at Ben, and her malevolent old uncle Merlin popping up in the most unexpected places, it's enough to put Ellie off her food. And the best—and worst—is yet to come, as the weekend leads to sudden death, unexpected romance, and a treasure hunt that promises epicurean Ellie wealth, hearth, and happiness . . . if she survives. Praise for The Thin Woman “[Dorothy] Cannell makes a delicious debut; discriminatory whodunit fans will want more of her inventions.”—Publishers Weekly “A likable debut—combining fairy-tale romance, treasure hunts, and a homicidal mania.”—Kirkus Reviews