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Die besten Strategietools in der Praxis
Author: Klaus Kerth, Heiko Asum, Volker Stich
ISBN: 3446442545
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-06
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Strategy Scout
Author: Matthias Kolbusa
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642359868
Pages: 211
Year: 2014-07-08
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There is a much better chance to politically establish a strategy in your company if strategy development is already tactically thought-out and all involved persons are included in an intelligent manner. This book demonstrates how to shape this process to ensure that a sustainable strategy is generated that ensures economic stability, uniquely positions the company and can readily be implemented. After all, strategy for its own sake is worthless - what counts is implementation and results. The centre stage of strategy process is taken by the intelligent use and combination of methodological tools. Numerous case studies from enterprises and medium-sized businesses illustrate strategy work in a vivid and clear manner.​
Strategic IT Management
Author: Inge Hanschke
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642050344
Pages: 342
Year: 2009-12-05
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Read: 600
For you as an IT manager, changes in business models and fast-paced innovation and product lifecycles pose a big challenge: you are required to anticipate the impact of future changes, and to make rapid decisions backed up by solid facts. To be successful you need an overall perspective of how business and IT interact. What you need is a toolkit, enabling you to manage the enterprise from a helicopter viewpoint while at the same time accommodating quite detailed aspects of processes, organization, and software lifecycles. Strategic IT management embraces all the processes required to analyze and document an enterprise’s IT landscape. Based on the experience of many projects and long discussions with both customers and academic researchers, Inge Hanschke provides you with a comprehensive and practical toolkit for the strategic management of your IT landscape. She takes a holistic view on the management process and gives guidelines on how to establish, roll out, and maintain an enterprise IT landscape effectively. She shows you how to do it right first time – because often enough there’s no second chance. She tells you how to tidy up a IT patchworks – the first step towards strategic management – and she gives you advice on how to implement changes and maintain the landscape over time. The book’s structure reflects the patterns that exist in strategic IT management from strategic planning to actual implementation. The presentation uses many checklists, guidelines, and illustrations, which will help you to immediately apply the content. So, if you are a CIO, an IT manager, a business manager, or an IT consultant, this is the book from which you’ll benefit in most daily work situations.
On the German passenger market, airlines approach different business concepts in order to cope with the threats and to be successful. The case of the Lufthansa Passenger Airline and its subsidiary Germanwings has been discussed many times currently. Together they have implemented a restructuredconcept of the Low Cost Carrier Germanwings in order to overcome their weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the potential of economic success of this strategy change. Therefore, the papercomprises three main areas. The first one is the theoretical part, which explains the differences between Full Service Network Carriers, Low Cost Carriers, Regional Carriers and Leisure Carriers. Secondly, the analysis takes place by applying Porter’s five forces model. Subsequently, the strengths and weaknessesof the Lufthansa Passenger Airline and Germanwings are highlighted and the new business concept isintroduced. Finally, all findings are put into relation using the SWOT-analysis.
Markets and Policy Measures in the Evolution of Electric Mobility
Author: Dirk Fornahl, Michael Hülsmann
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319242296
Pages: 215
Year: 2015-11-06
View: 289
Read: 248
This edited monograph collects theoretical, empirical and political contributions from different fields, focusing on the commercial launch of electric mobility, and intending to shed more light on the complexity of supply and demand. It is an ongoing discussion, both in the public as well as in academia, whether or not electric mobility is capable of gaining a considerable market share in the near future. The target audience primarily comprises researchers and practitioners in the field, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.
Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting
Author: Nicolai Andler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 389578723X
Pages: 488
Year: 2016-09-07
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"This book is of the kind you always wanted but didn't think would or could ever exist: the universal field theory of problem solving." Tom Sommerlatte Typically today's tasks in management and consulting include project management, running workshops and strategic work - all complex activities, which require a multitude of skills and competencies. This standard work, which is also well accepted amongst consultants, gives you a reference or cookbook-style access to the most important tools, including a rating of each tool in terms of applicability, ease of use and effectiveness. In this considerably enlarged third edition, Nicolai Andler presents 152 of such tools, grouped into task-specific categories: Definition of a Situation/Problem - Information Gathering - Creativity - Information Consolidation - Goal Setting - Strategic, Technical and Organisational Analysis - Evaluation and Decision Making - Project Management. Checklists and Application Scenarios further enhance the use of this toolbox. Information provided by this book is: - comprehensive and sufficiently wide in scope, combined with a practical level of detail without being too academic - reliable and proven in numerous real implemented cases - easy to apply due to many different search options, checklists, application scenarios and guiding instructions. Written by a professional consultant, business analyst and business coach, this book is a unique reference work and guide for those wanting to learn about or who are active in the fields of consulting, project management and problem solving in general, both in business and engineering: business coaches and management trainers, workshop moderators, consultants and managers, project managers, lecturers and students.
Marketing Concept - The St. Gallen Management Approach
Author: Thomas Bieger
Publisher: UTB
ISBN: 3825244644
Pages: 184
Year: 2015-09-16
View: 1229
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This book presents marketing and business processes as an integral part of the St. Gallen Management Model. It provides a tight introduction into the field of marketing and puts the added value in the center of a market-oriented management approach. The book addresses relevant topics such as market analysis, marketing planning, marketing strategy, positioning, application of marketing tools, product design, price, distribution and communication policy, service provision, innovation and controlling processes. This book aims at students in the first year as well as at practitioners who wants to obtain a quick overview of this field.
Strategisches Management
Author: Sabine Reisinger, Regina Gattringer, Franz Strehl
ISBN: 3863268067
Pages: 272
Year: 2017
View: 819
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The New St. Gallen Management Model
Author: Johannes Rüegg-Stürm
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230505163
Pages: 112
Year: 2004-12-07
View: 188
Read: 400
First published in German, this book starts from the premise that managers' understanding and theories of organizations determine how they decide to act. It therefore scrutinises management's basic tasks, and examines the most important concepts of management science, prompting questions for a company's 'health check'. The management tasks and scientific concepts are presented on the basis of an integrated framework which allows the reader to easily recognize their interdependencies and interlinkages.
Business Model Management
Author: Bernd W. Wirtz
Publisher: Gabler Verlag
ISBN: 3834927929
Pages: 342
Year: 2011-01-13
View: 633
Read: 288
In corporate practice, business models are of high importance and use - for example for strategic analysis of competition and success. In recent years the topic has become increasingly important within the research area. The book gives a comprehensive overview of the state of the art. Moreover, it discusses management tools and successful case studies of business model management.
Author: Thorsten Opper
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674030958
Pages: 256
Year: 2008
View: 209
Read: 724
Even in the panoply of Roman history, Hadrian stands out. Emperor from 117 to 138 ad, he was at once a benevolent ruler and a ruthless military leader, known for his restless and ambitious nature, his interest in architecture, and his passion for Greek culture. This book moves beyond the familiar image of Hadrian to offer a new appraisal of this Emperorâe(tm)s contradictory personality, his exploits and accomplishments, his rule, and his military role, against the backdrop of his twenty-one-year reign. Lavishly illustrated with key works of art and objects, celebrated and little-known sculptures, bronzes, coins and medals, drawings, and watercolors from museums around the globe, the book conveys a vivid sense of the world Hadrian inhabited. Thorsten Opper shows the emperor from many anglesâe"as a complex individual, as a military leader and strategist, as the amateur architect who created magnificent buildings such as his villa at Tivoli (an empire in miniature), as the lover who deified his male lover Antinous after his mysterious death in the Nile, and, finally, as the traveler who tirelessly roamed his empire and its boundaries. From his place in Roman history to his legacy, which even makes its way into the popular culture of our day, the Hadrian who emerges from these pages is no longer larger than life; rather, he has all the depth and complexity, the color and shadings and detail of life itself.
Social Media Marketing: Strategien für Facebook, Twitter & Co.
Author: Tamar Weinberg
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3868992375
Pages: 480
Year: 2012-06-30
View: 815
Read: 1070
Facebook, Google+ und Twitter, Blogs, Social Bookmarking Sites, Foto- und Videoportale … Social Media bieten Unternehmen viele spannende Möglichkeiten für die Kommunikation mit ihren Kunden. Doch wie wird das Engagement im Social Web wirklich erfolgreich? Welche Plattformen sollte ein Unternehmen oder eine Organisation nutzen, um seine Zielgruppen effektiv zu erreichen? Wie sieht eine stimmige Positionierung im Social Web aus, und wie gelingt ein lebendiger Austausch? Diese Fragen beantwortet Tamar Weinberg auf praxisnahe und inspirierende Weise. Sie erläutert, was die Kommunikation in den sozialen Medien von der in den klassischen Medien unterscheidet, und gibt einen umfassenden Überblick über die interessantesten Social Media-Sites und ihre Besonderheiten. Dabei werden nicht nur bekannte Plattformen wie Facebook und YouTube berücksichtigt, sondern auch viele kleinere Angebote, die die je nach Unternehmen und Marketingzielen relevant und nützlich sein können. Aus dem Inhalt: - Wie Sie Markenbekanntheit und Online-Reputation optimieren - Wie Sie beobachten, was andere über Sie und Ihren Wettbewerb sagen - Welche Ziele und Strategien Sie im Social Web verfolgen können - Welche deutschsprachigen und internationalen Plattformen für Sie die richtigen sind - Wie Sie Ihren Erfolg messen - Welche rechtlichen Aspekte Sie beachten sollten Komplett aktualisiert und überarbeitet Für die dritte Auflage wurde der Bestseller von Corina Pahrmann und Wibke Ladwig komplett überarbeitet und aktualisiert und dabei um Informationen zu neuen Social Media-Plattformen, zahlreiche aktuelle Fallbeispiele sowie Interviews mit deutschsprachigen Social Media-Profis ergänzt.
The Value Net
Author: Cinzia Parolini
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471987190
Pages: 264
Year: 1999-10-25
View: 569
Read: 410
Once you come to believe in a map, it is very difficult to change it, and, if your facts are wrong then you will be relying on a map that is wrong too. Too often 'mental maps' act like blinkers rather than guides - preventing us from acting effectively. Rafael Ramirez (from the Preface) The Value Net A Tool for Competitive Strategy Cinzia Parolini SDA Bocconi, School of Management, Milan, Italy Faced with a continuously changing, and an increasingly competitive, business environment, strategic analysts and senior managers are still reluctant to forsake the familiar and traditional tools and models which were conceived in the very different world of the 1970s and 1980s. However, these methods of analysis are less and less applicable to the blurred and shifting boundaries of today's business world. This book challenges the tools and models that we use when looking at how value is created, shaped and maintained and presents a new and completely viable methodology - the value net. This methodology provides the reader with a new way of dealing with value in the modern environment. Above all it can be used for the analysis of competitive systems that cannot adequately be analysed using established models. Supported by an impressive array of case studies from industries with which most people will be readily familiar - books, online trading, music, coffee etc. - the book argues that in order to remain competitive, strategists, planners and managers should not use yesterday's tools for today's decisions. This well-structured and highly readable book will help create a brand new perspective in strategic analysis and formulation and will interest managers, strategy consultants, MBA and Executive students in these areas. Business Strategy
Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels
Author: Jeffrey K. Liker, George Trachilis
ISBN: 0991493230
Pages: 284
Year: 2014-08-14
View: 692
Read: 1108
In Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels we build on the theory in the original book, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, and answer the questions: How can I apply this in my organization? What concrete actions can I take to begin the journey of becoming a lean leader? How can I spread this learning to all parts of the organization? What critical tools are needed to turn the theory to practice? This book adds examples from over twenty years of experience by Dr. Liker in working with companies outside of Toyota. The book treats you as a student who will be actively engaged in developing lean leader skills as you read. It acts as a tutorial for beginning the journey.
Project management essential reality for business and government
Author: Jerzy Kisielnicki, Stanisław Sroka
ISBN: 8389541939
Pages: 544
Year: 2007
View: 712
Read: 438