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The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption
Author: Liz Greene
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 1609253841
Pages: 538
Year: 2000-10-15
View: 869
Read: 336
The longing for redemption is a many-headed daimon that dwells within the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Neptune is the astrological symbol that describes this energy. Liz Greene, an internationally known astrologer, has given us the most complete and accessible book about Neptune ever written! She explores Neptune themes in literature, myth, politics, religion, fashion, and art to show how this energy manifests.
Tarot: Mirror of the Soul
Author: Gerd Ziegler
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 0877286833
Pages: 192
Year: 1988-01-01
View: 1078
Read: 170
Using the Crowley Thoth deck, you learn that the tarot cards symbolize your inner reality. Learn how this "mirror" reflects your growth, and how you can grow to your maximum with this easy-to-use system. Includes definitions of the major andminor arcana, instructions for reading the cards to clarify emotional situations, and provides several different layouts, including a chakra reading. Illustrated with the Crowley deck.
Author: Stephen Homewood, Stuart White
ISBN: 0747503850
Pages: 199
Year: 1989
View: 960
Read: 790
This is the vivid and openly critical examination of events surrounding the sinking of the "Herald of Free Enterprise" at Zeebrugge in March 1987. Assistant purser Stephen Homewood gives an eyewitness account of the tragedy, his survival and the manner in which he helped others to safety.
The Tree Angel Oracle
Author: Fred Hageneder, Anne Heng
Publisher: Findhorn Press
ISBN: 1844090787
Pages: 107
Year: 2006
View: 952
Read: 245
Sound folklore wisdom and esoteric tradition combine with a deep, inner understanding of various species of trees in this illustrated collection that contains a book and a card deck.
Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior
Author: Millman Dan
Publisher: Peaceful Warrior ePublishing
ISBN: 0982428553
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-01-28
View: 482
Read: 282
Nearly a quarter century after the publication of Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a film adaptation came to the screen in a movie titled "Peaceful Warrior" starring Nick Nolte as Dan's old mentor, "Socrates." Dan had anticipated that many questions might come from viewers of that film, and that it was finally time to write a book that directly addressed the original teachings in his first book, and loosely expressed in the movie. Over the years, readers have asked many compelling questions about mysterious elements in his bestselling classic. In this powerful new work, Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan selected one hundred key passages and added incisive commentaries to clarify the timeless teachings of his old mentor, Socrates. With practical wisdom gained over the passing decades, Dan now shares fresh insights that readers can apply directly to their everyday lives. Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior speaks to all adventurous souls seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives. For Dan Millman’s loyal readers as well as those new to his work, this book reveals how to live each day with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit.
Sampoorna Yoga
Author: Yogi Hari
Publisher: NADA Productions
ISBN: 157777051X
Pages: 219
Year: 2004-06-01
View: 529
Read: 383
Yogi Hari is a Master of Hatha, Raja and Nada Yoga. He is well-known and respected around the world as a competent and inspiring teacher. Yogi Hari comeds from the Sivananda lineage. When he met his gurus, Swami Vishnu-Devananda and music master Swami Nads-Brahmananda in 1975, he retired from worldly life and spent seven years in the Sivananda Ashram where he immersed himself fully in Yoga Sadhana.
Clean Skin from Within
Author: Trevor Cates
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
ISBN: 1592337430
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-03-15
View: 618
Read: 953
"Get the clear skin you've always wanted with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Many people suffer from skin conditions - acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and others - and seek conventional medical help but do not get the results they hope for. Other people end up worse than when they started, especially after being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic. And then there are those who don't realize how good their skin can be until they adopt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. In Clean Skin from Within, Dr. Trevor Cates, former Spa Doctor for the Waldorf Astoria Park City, presents her tried-and-trusted two-step, two-week plan to help patients improve their complexion and overall wellbeing. Dr. Cates' two steps involve making simple biological (internal) changes and environmental (external) changes that relate to diet and lifestyle. The result is the best, cleanest skin you've ever had! This book includes recipes for both internal ways to improve your health - by way of nourishing recipes like bone broths, antioxidant-rich salads, and quick smoothies - and external means - through DIY recipes for cleansers, toners, scrubs and masks. No dermatologists or medications required. Just natural, clean methods to get the skin you've always dreamed of!"--
365 Baby Care Tips
Author: Penny Warner
Publisher: Meadowbrook
ISBN: 0743236920
Pages: 384
Year: 2002-12-01
View: 406
Read: 585
A Helpful Mix of Baby Care Advice from Experts and Experienced Parents This may be the quickest and easiest way to obtain indispensable baby care information. In addition to authoritative tips based on the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, you’ll find numerous “quick tips” from experienced parents who’ve shared what worked for them. This book covers all the important topics, including: • Bonding with your baby • Babyproofing your home • Feeding, bathing, and other baby care basics • Getting your baby to sleep (and back to sleep) • Stimulating your baby’s development • Dealing with illness and accidents • Traveling with your baby • Staying connected with your partner
Modern Languages Study Guides: Der Vorleser
Author: Bernhard Schlink, Paul Elliott
ISBN: 1471890163
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-03-31
View: 1149
Read: 198
Literature analysis made easy. Build your students' confidence in their language abilities and help them develop the skills needed to critique their chosen work; putting it into context, understanding the themes and narrative technique, as well as specialist terminology. Breaking down each scene, character and theme in Der Vorleser, this accessible guide will enable your students to understand the historical and social context of the novel and give them the critical and language skills needed write a successful essay. - Strengthen language skills with relevant grammar, vocab and writing exercises throughout - Aim for top marks by building a bank of textual examples and quotes to enhance exam response - Build confidence with knowledge check questions at the end of every chapter - Revise effectively with pages of essential vocabulary and key mind maps throughout - Feel prepared for exams with advice on how to write an essay, plus sample essay questions, two levels of model answers and examiner commentary
Author: Richard Rudd
Publisher: Gene Keys Golden Path
ISBN: 0956975046
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-02-01
View: 232
Read: 215
A journey into opening up your heart, using the tools of the Gene Keys.
Smart Start for Your Baby
Author: Penny Warner
ISBN: 0743223462
Pages: 166
Year: 2001
View: 956
Read: 596
A practical handbook for parents chronicles in detail the development of their baby over the course of the child's first year of life and offers parents valuable advice on how to respond to each new stage of development in order to promote a baby's physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Original. 15,000 first printing.
365 Toddler Tips
Author: Penny Warner
Publisher: Meadowbrook
ISBN: 0684020688
Pages: 384
Year: 2004-01-01
View: 924
Read: 493
365 Foolproof Ways to Simplify Life with a Toddler That adorable baby you enjoyed cradling in your arms is suddenly on the move! As the parent of a toddler, you play many roles: nurse, teacher, chef, playmate, and more. Child development expert Penny Warner comes to your rescue with 365 ways to meet everyday challenges. Routines such as “The Monster Zapper” and “Boo-Boo Bunny” are sure to become classics in your home. Along with Warner’s help and guidance, you’ll also find anecdotes from other parents of toddlers. This book is the most comprehensive guide to all facets of parenting toddlers. It provides all the tools you need to: • Give your child proper nutrition. • Support your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. • Help your child develop motor and language skills. • Promote safety, fun, and learning during play. • Travel stress-free. • Monitor the physical health and hygiene of your child.
Frege: A Guide for the Perplexed
Author: Edward Kanterian
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826487645
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-05-10
View: 1215
Read: 591
A guide to the thought and ideas of Gottlob Frege, one of the most important but also perplexing figures in the history of analytic philosophy.
Automating in STEP 7 Basic with SIMATIC S7-1200
Author: Hans Berger
Publisher: Publicis
ISBN: 3895783560
Pages: 413
Year: 2011-06-07
View: 866
Read: 207
The SIMATIC S7-1200 micro PLC offers a modular design concept with similar functionality as the well-known S7-300 series. Being the follow-up generation of the SIMATIC S7-200 the controller can be used in a versatile manner for small machines and small automation systems. Simple motion control functionalities are both an integral part of the micro PLC and an integrated PROFINET interface for programming, HMI link and CPU-CPU communication. With the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) access, the engineering software Step 7 Basic offers a newly developed user interface, which is matched to intuitive operation. The functionality comprises all interests concerning automation: From configuring the controllers via programming in the graphics-oriented languages LAD (ladder diagram) and FBD (function block diagram) to program testing. The book presents the new hardware components of the automation system S7-1200, as well as its configuration and parameterization. A profound introduction into STEP 7 Basic illustrates the basics of programming and trouble shooting. Beginners learn the basics of automation with SIMATIC S7-1200 and advanced users of S7-200 and S7-300 receive the knowledge required to work with the new PLC.
I Ching
Author: Carol K. Anthony, Hanna Moog
Publisher: Anthony Publishing Company
ISBN: 1890764000
Pages: 747
Year: 2002
View: 591
Read: 1180
This book is an entirely new version of the I Ching. It is the result of discovering a totally new way of consulting the oracle. I Ching: The Oracle of the Cosmic Way is a book that shows two layers of text, side by side, one layer being the feudal overlays over the original oracle text, the other showing the 'Cosmic Way' - the Cosmic Principles that are the subject of each hexagram.