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Da Quarto Al Volturno. Noterelle Di Uno Dei Mille
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1447785959
Year: 2011
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Da Quarto al Volturno
Author: Giuseppe Cesare Abba
Publisher: Garzanti Libri
ISBN: 8811584353
Pages: 183
Year: 1991
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Da Quarto al Volturno e noterelle d'uno dei mille
Author: G. Cesare Abba
ISBN: 8896647193
Pages: 184
Year: 2010
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Fire under the ashes
Author: James McNeish
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Pages: 324
Year: 1966
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The Prague Cemetery
Author: Umberto Eco
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547577613
Pages: 464
Year: 2011-11-08
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The #1 international bestseller, from Umberto Eco, author of The Name of the Rose “Vintage Eco . . . the book is a triumph.” – New York Review of Books Nineteenth-century Europe—from Turin to Prague to Paris—abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Jesuits plot against Freemasons. Italian republicans strangle priests with their own intestines. French criminals plan bombings by day and celebrate Black Masses at night. Every nation has its own secret service, perpetrating forgeries, plots, and massacres. Conspiracies rule history. From the unification of Italy to the Paris Commune to the Dreyfus Affair to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Europe is in tumult and everyone needs a scapegoat. But what if, behind all of these conspiracies, both real and imagined, lay one lone man? “[Eco] demonstrates once again that his is a voice that compels our attention” – San Francisco Chronicle “Choreographed by a truth that is itself so strange a novelist need hardly expand on it to produce a wondrous tale . . . Eco is to be applauded for bringing this stranger-than-fiction truth vividly to life.” – New York Times “Classic Eco, with a difference.” – Los Angeles Times This e-book includes a sample chapter of NAME OF THE ROSE.
Mafia and Antimafia
Author: Umberto Santino
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857729020
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-07-23
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The mafia is the impenetrable and seemingly infallible embodiment of notoriety and criminality. It is often seen as a polymorphic organization which encompasses crime, the accumulation of corruptly acquired wealth and power, the cultural code of omertà and consensus. Umberto Santino, one of Italy’s leading mafia experts, here provides a new perspective on the mafia and the movements which strive to fight against its powers. Exploring first-hand the campaigns of civil society organizations like the Centro siciliano di documentazione against the mafia, the author provides a fresh look at the mechanisms – and struggles – of the antimafia movement. With new research into high-profile murder trials, the mafia’s financial activities, international drug-trafficking violations and their secretive codes of conduct, Santino overturns speculation and sensationalised preconceptions on both the mafia and the antimafia – as forces of purely ‘good’ or ‘evil’ – and provides unparalleled insight into the networks of organised crime in Italy and throughout the world.
Encyclopedia of Italian Literary Studies
Author: Gaetana Marrone, Paolo Puppa
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135455309
Pages: 1504
Year: 2006-12-26
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The Encyclopedia of Italian Literary Studies is a two-volume reference book containing some 600 entries on all aspects of Italian literary culture. It includes analytical essays on authors and works, from the most important figures of Italian literature to little known authors and works that are influential to the field. The Encyclopedia is distinguished by substantial articles on critics, themes, genres, schools, historical surveys, and other topics related to the overall subject of Italian literary studies. The Encyclopedia also includes writers and subjects of contemporary interest, such as those relating to journalism, film, media, children's literature, food and vernacular literatures. Entries consist of an essay on the topic and a bibliographic portion listing works for further reading, and, in the case of entries on individuals, a brief biographical paragraph and list of works by the person. It will be useful to people without specialized knowledge of Italian literature as well as to scholars.
Author: Alfonso Scirocco
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691115400
Pages: 442
Year: 2007
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The revolutionary, soldier, politician, and greatest figure in the fight for Italian unification, Garibaldi (1807-1882) brought off almost as many dramatic exploits in the Americas as he did in Europe, becoming an international freedom fighter, earning the title of the "hero of two worlds," and making himself perhaps the most famous and beloved man of his century. - Publisher.
Italian Children’s Literature and National Identity
Author: Maria Truglio
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351987550
Pages: 220
Year: 2017-07-20
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This book bridges the fields of Children’s Literature and Italian Studies by examining how turn-of-the-century children’s books forged a unified national identity for the new Italian State. Through contextualized close readings of a wide range of texts, Truglio shows how the 19th-century concept of recapitulation, which held that ontogeny (the individual’s development) repeats phylogeny (the evolution of the species), underlies the strategies of this corpus. Italian fairy tales, novels, poems, and short stories imply that the personal development of the child corresponds to and hence naturalizes the modernizing development of the nation. In the context of Italy’s uneven and ambivalent modernization, these narrative trajectories are enabled by a developmental melancholia. Using a psychoanalytic lens, and in dialogue with recent Anglophone Children’s Literature criticism, this study proposes that national identity was constructed via a process of renouncing and incorporating paternal and maternal figures, rendered as compulsory steps into maturity and modernity. With chapters on the heroic figure of Garibaldi, the Orientalized depiction of the South, and the role of girls in formation narratives, this book discloses how melancholic itineraries produced gendered national subjects. This study engages both well-known Italian texts, such as Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio and De Amicis’ Heart, and books that have fallen into obscurity by authors such as Baccini, Treves, Gianelli, and Nuccio. Its approach and corpus shed light on questions being examined by Italianists, Children’s Literature scholars, and social and cultural historians with an interest in national identity formation.
Reviewing Mario Pratesi
Author: Anne Urbancic
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442617543
Pages: 184
Year: 2014-07-31
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A prolific member of the Tuscan verismo school of literary realism, Mario Pratesi (1842–1921) was much respected during his career but sadly neglected after his death. Using Pratesi’s personal archive, now preserved at Victoria College in the University of Toronto, Reviewing Mario Pratesi takes Pratesi’s life and papers as the basis of a unique study of the literary culture of post-Unification Italy. Working with the original manuscripts, alongside previously unknown biographical materials and a vast collection of contemporary reviews, Anne Urbancic uses the methods of critique génétique not only to reconstruct the evolution of Pratesi’s works through their successive drafts and published versions, but also to document the impact of book reviews and the press on the development of Pratesi’s literary style. An insightful history of book reviewing as a genre and a detailed study of its role in Italian literary culture, Reviewing Mario Pratesi opens up a new area for investigation within Italian literary studies.
The National union catalog, pre-1956 imprints
Author: Library of Congress, American Library Association. Committee on Resources of American Libraries. National Union Catalog Subcommittee
Year: 1968
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The Garibaldians in Sicily
Author: Alexandre Dumas
Publisher: Trieste Publishing
ISBN: 0649063457
Pages: 202
Year: 2017-08-30
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Trieste Publishing has a massive catalogue of classic book titles. Our aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and non-fiction literature that has stood the test of time. The many thousands of books in our collection have been sourced from libraries and private collections around the world.The titles that Trieste Publishing has chosen to be part of the collection have been scanned to simulate the original. Our readers see the books the same way that their first readers did decades or a hundred or more years ago. Books from that period are often spoiled by imperfections that did not exist in the original. Imperfections could be in the form of blurred text, photographs, or missing pages. It is highly unlikely that this would occur with one of our books. Our extensive quality control ensures that the readers of Trieste Publishing's books will be delighted with their purchase. Our staff has thoroughly reviewed every page of all the books in the collection, repairing, or if necessary, rejecting titles that are not of the highest quality. This process ensures that the reader of one of Trieste Publishing's titles receives a volume that faithfully reproduces the original, and to the maximum degree possible, gives them the experience of owning the original work.We pride ourselves on not only creating a pathway to an extensive reservoir of books of the finest quality, but also providing value to every one of our readers. Generally, Trieste books are purchased singly - on demand, however they may also be purchased in bulk. Readers interested in bulk purchases are invited to contact us directly to enquire about our tailored bulk rates.
Carteggio: 1907-1944 (2 volumi)
Publisher: Ed. di Storia e Letteratura
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Le vie di Milano
Author: Vittore Buzzi, Claudio Buzzi
ISBN: 882033495X
Pages: 431
Year: 2005
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National Union Catalog
Year: 1968
View: 876
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Includes entries for maps and atlases.