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The Italian Navy in World War II
Author: James J. Sadkovich
Publisher: Praeger Pub Text
Pages: 379
Year: 1994-01-01
View: 587
Read: 1274
The Italian navy fought a tenacious and gallant war.
Grammatica Inglese
Author: Francesco Fraioli, Rosaria Rovito
ISBN: 8893621657
Pages: 264
Year: 2018
View: 619
Read: 358

The De Monarchia of Dante Alighieri
Author: Dante Alighieri
Pages: 216
Year: 1904
View: 1310
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Wait Till I'm Dead
Author: Allen Ginsberg
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802190200
Pages: 256
Year: 2016-02-02
View: 750
Read: 987
Rainy night on Union Square, full moon. Want more poems? Wait till I’m dead.—Allen Ginsberg, August 8, 1990, 3:30 A.M. The first new Ginsberg collection in over fifteen years, Wait Till I’m Dead is a landmark publication, edited by renowned Ginsberg scholar Bill Morgan and introduced by award-winning poet and Ginsberg enthusiast Rachel Zucker. Ginsberg wrote incessantly for more than fifty years, often composing poetry on demand, and many of the poems collected in this volume were scribbled in letters or sent off to obscure publications and unjustly forgotten. Wait Till I’m Dead, which spans the whole of Ginsberg’s long writing career, from the 1940s to the 1990s, is a testament to Ginsberg’s astonishing writing and singular aesthetics. Following the chronology of his life, Wait Till I’m Dead reproduces the poems together with extensive notes. Containing 104 previously uncollected poems and accompanied by original photographs, Wait Till I’m Dead is the final major contribution to Ginsberg’s sprawling oeuvre, a must-read for Ginsberg neophytes and longtime fans alike.
The forests of Norbio
Author: Giuseppe Dessì, Frances Frenaye
Pages: 306
Year: 1975-01-01
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Neuroscience-based Cognitive Therapy
Author: Tullio Scrimali
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111999375X
Pages: 230
Year: 2012-04-23
View: 752
Read: 872
A pioneer of CBT explores recent advances in neuroscience, showing how they can be applied in practice to improve the effectiveness of cognitive therapy for clients with a wide range of diagnoses including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia Utilizes the latest advances in neuroscience to introduce tools that allow clinicians, for the first time, to directly ‘measure' the effectiveness of cognitive therapy interventions Rigorously based in neuroscientific research, yet designed to be readable and jargon-free for a professional market of CBT practitioners Covers theory, assessment, and the treatment of a wide range of specific disorders including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions and schizophrenia Written by a respected pioneer in the field
Author: Sarah Tolmie
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773597034
Year: 2015-02-01
View: 1267
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Walk away before you are threadbare / Preserve your strength, preserve your curly hair / For others' use. Least I can do. / Let your fabric relax, snap back to mold / Another body and reveal its gold. A collection of 120 sonnets in eight parts, Trio reveals, frame by frame, a married fortysomething female narrator in love with two younger men - an intellectual and a dancer - and torn between the claims of body and mind. In the tradition of Renaissance sonnet sequences from Petrarch onward, the narrator's love objects are constantly before her eyes, and thus before ours, creating compassion, comedy, and desire. They are real and imaginary, opposite and complementary, present and unavailable, autonomous and dependent. Tolmie’s characters circle and shadow one another in every dance, spinning until fantasy becomes flesh and entanglement. In immortalizing the beloved, she draws on the power of both poetic and human reproduction. Like the contact improvisation modern dance form that influences the collection, these poems are both expressive and analytical. Through a singular feminist revision of a traditional poetic form, they tell the story - sometimes raunchy, sometimes crushingly sad - of a strong protagonist and the predicament she's in.
European Infopolitik
Author: Philip Fiske De Gouveia
ISBN: 1903558859
Pages: 55
Year: 2005
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Green Manor
Author: Fabien Vehlmann, Bodart
Publisher: 9th Cinebook
ISBN: 1905460538
Pages: 56
Year: 2008
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At first glance, Green Manor seems like a typical English gentleman's club, but it is actually a sinister organization made up of assassins, con artists, and bandits.
Milan Architecture Guide. 1945-2015
Author: F. Andreola, M. Biraghi, G. Lo Ricco
ISBN: 8820364751
Pages: 240
Year: 2015
View: 488
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The Weapon Shops of Isher
Author: Alfred Elton Van Vogt
Publisher: New English Library
ISBN: 0450003876
Pages: 127
Year: 1951
View: 1217
Read: 922