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Christmas in Snow Valley
Author: Lucy McConnell, Cindy Roland Anderson, Kimberley Montpetit, Cami Checketts, Jeanette Lewis, Taylor Hart
ISBN: 099820661X
Year: 2014-11-03
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Christmas in Snow Valley is packed with six wonderful Christmas novellas sure to bring romance into your holiday season.Snow Valley, Montana, is a small community with the tradition of doing Christmas big. Festivities begin with tree lighting in the town square the day after Thanksgiving and continue until the culminating romantic Christmas Ball. From the Polar Express to a Winter Carnival, there's something for every wonder-filled child--and every couple who's in love--or about to be.
Summer in Snow Valley
Author: Lucy McConnell, Jeanette Lewis, Cami Checketts, Kimberley Montpetit, Cindy Roland Anderson, Taylor Hart
ISBN: 1512043419
Pages: 538
Year: 2015-05-04
View: 935
Read: 344
#1 Bestselling Amazon Authors of Christmas in Snow Valley, have teamed up again with six wonderful summer novellas that are sure to make your summer sweet and sassy!Catching Caytie by Amazon Top Seller Cindy Roland AndersonOn the night Caytie Holbrook intends to break up with her cheating boyfriend, he blindsides her by announcing their engagement at a dinner party. When Caytie discovers her father is in on the scheme, she runs away from her home in Beverly Hills to hide out at her uncle's ranch in Snow Valley, Montana. While Snow Valley is a beautiful place, Caytie only plans to stay until her twenty-fifth birthday when she'll inherit a trust fund her grandmother left her, allowing her to pursue her dream to move to Italy. That is until she meets Jace McAllister, an incredibly sexy-although somewhat grumpy-cowboy who threatens to disrupt her plans.Tin Foil Tiaras by Amazon Top Seller Jeanette LewisCameron Elliott has come to Snow Valley to coach Annalisa Drake in the Miss Snow Valley pageant, and prove to her demanding boss that she deserves a place at the prestigious Westbrooke Agency. But Annalisa's handsome and protective big brother, Kyle, is determined to keep his sister from becoming a reluctant beauty queen. As Cameron tries to win Kyle over, Kyle insists some things are more valuable than a title and as crazy as it sounds, Cameron might just believe him. A Touch of Love by Amazon Top Seller Cami CheckettsAnnie Stirland has endured a lifetime of teasing, embarrassment, and isolation due to her speech impediment. When irresistible cowboy, Luke Wilson, seems to be falling for her, she's certain he's too good to be true. A tragedy involving his ex-girlfriend proves she's right. What man can resist sheltering someone they once loved? Annie knows she should walk away, but Luke isn't ready to give her up.First Love by Amazon Top Seller Taylor Hart Janet Snow doesn't expect to get caught in a full-blown make out session at her brother's wedding. Especially not with Michael Hamilton, the boy she'd written off ten years ago. Even though they both agree to no complications, Janet's not sure they can stick to it given their past. After a trip to the hot springs, a helicopter ride, and a proposal, even the most cautious single mother would start to wonder if true love really is just about the timing. Now Janet has to make a choice-play it safe or trust that her first love could also be her last. Romancing Rebecca by Amazon Top Seller, Kimberley MontpetitRebecca Dash loved spending her teen summers swooning over Jane Austin and helping her aunt at the Starry Skies Bed & Breakfast in Snow Valley. But as a recent college grad, she'd rather write sappy romance novels than go out with guys that make her a nervous wreck. When a team of fire-fighters set up camp on the lawns of the B&B and Captain Wade catches her eye, Becca soon learns that there's more to a happily-ever-after than a flirty firemen with muscles the size of the Montana hills.Love in Light and Shadow by Amazon Top Seller Lucy McConnellMercedes O'Shay has sworn off gorgeous men because they have a tendency to break her heart. When she meets her new neighbor, Chet Bauer, she immediately puts him in the Do Not Date category based on his well-defined muscles and stunning blue eyes. But the more Mercedes learns about the cowboy who reads classics and forges iron, the more she realizes the heart doesn't see in black and white; it sees light and shadows.
Feels Like Love: A Christmas in Snow Valley Romance
Author: Jeanette Lewis
Publisher: Jeanette Lewis
View: 416
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Full Court Devotion
Author: Cami Checketts
ISBN: 1508058474
Pages: 114
Year: 2017-02-11
View: 471
Read: 830
Fun and uplifting Christmas romance by #1 Bestselling Christian romance author, Cami Checketts Kazlyn is too busy with her schooling and future plans to enjoy life, let alone fall in love with a man who has heartbreak written all over him. Tyrese Hamilton, a college basketball star and major heartthrob, is intrigued when Kazlyn doesn’t pursue him or even seem interested. Ty’s career is in jeopardy, and he needs a miracle and Kazlyn to save him. Full Court Devotion is part of the bestselling Snow Valley Romances. Find them all here: Christmas in Snow Valley An Unexpected Kiss by Cindy Roland Anderson Blue Christmas by Lucy McConnell Risking it all for Love by Kimberley Montpetit Full Court Devotion by Cami Checketts Feels Like Love by Jeanette Lewis The Christmas Eve Kiss by Taylor Hart Summer in Snow Valley Catching Caytie by Cindy Roland Anderson Love in Light and Shadow by Lucy McConnell Romancing Rebecca by Kimberley Montpetit A Touch of Love by Cami Checketts Tin Foil Tiaras by Jeanette Lewis First Love by Taylor Hart Spring in Snow Valley Operation Kiss the Girl by Cindy Roland Anderson Sealed with a Kiss by Kimberley Montpetit Romancing her Husband by Lucy McConnell Running from the Cowboy by Cami Checketts Love Coming Late by Jeanette Lewis The Bet by Taylor Hart Winter in Snow Valley Destiny Came Knocking by Cindy Roland Anderson Wedding Fever by Lucy McConnell Unbreak My Heart by Kimberley Montpetit Light in Your Eyes by Cami Checketts Starlight Kisses by Jeanette Lewis The Better Man by Taylor Hart Romancing the Singer by Cami Checketts The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart One-Date Deal by Lucy McConnell
Blue Christmas
Author: Lucy McConnell
Publisher: Orchard View Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1508076502
Pages: 134
Year: 2017-04-08
View: 1080
Read: 779
As head of Snow Valley hospital’s fundraising effort, Paisley Hackett barely has time to organize the craft show, cookie decorating party, and the annual Christmas Ball. What she doesn’t have time for is falling in love with Clay Jett, the incredibly handsome bass player who sweeps into town. She’s been burned by a tourist romance before and, with everything going on, Paisley will have to work overtime to protect her heart from Clay and his swoon-worthy ballads.
A Snow Angel Story Book
Author: Sandy Winnette
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434388875
Pages: 108
Year: 2008-08-04
View: 799
Read: 1108
Children smile with surprise when little Beth's Christmas snow angel comes to life! All the forest animals gather around to see. Feel Christmas in the air when little Beth and her mystical Nana fly together with the snow angel to meet Saint Nick at Sweet Snow Valley. This is an amazing story about a little girl and her magical wish when she makes her snow angel. You will feel the warmth of Forest Manor, mixed with the charm of the country snow in this eighteenth century setting. Little Beth lives at Forest Manor with her mother who is an artist. Her father writes stories and travels with his work. Cook takes care of the house, makes the best tea cookies and is considered part of the family. Little Beth plays with her dolls on the staircase that leads to her bedroom at the top of the stairs. She looks out her window towards the forest and watches the animals come into the meadow below. Today is the Christmas party and Beth is wearing her new party dress. She is holding her new doll, Angel Grace. She peeks out the curtains watching guest arrive. One after another horses pull fancy carriages down the road to Forest Manor. While the party takes place little Beth will go out into the snow to leave some scraps of food for the forest animals. She decides to make a snow angel and she makes a wish. Her wish comes true and all of the forest animals see a beautiful snow angel come to life. Fun filled with the imagination of a little girl, her magical snow angel and all the animals in the forest. Author: Sandy Winnette 817-268-5544 Editor: Cathy Scofield
One-Date Deal
Author: Lucy McConnell
ISBN: 1979472092
Pages: 138
Year: 2017-11-04
View: 302
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Veronica (Ronnie) Martin wasn't planning on helping a stranded motorist on her way out of Snow Valley. But, as one of the small town's two mechanics, she couldn't leave a neighbor stranded. When that neighbor turns out to be Grady Owens, her older brother's best friend and business partner on his way into town for a short visit. Ronnie's long-time crush waves her over to the side of the road. Neither one of the small business owners has been back to Snow Valley in years. After a few minutes of flirting, Grady asks her out. Ronnie is ecstatic, until she realizes he doesn't recognize her. She accepts his invitation, but when he finds out who she is and tries to cancel, she makes a one-date deal. Grady Owens has been burning the candle at both ends for years to get a trucking business off the ground. He's worn out and isolated by the long hours and lonely nights. Which is probably why he agreed to a one-date deal with Ronnie. But when he starts seeing her as more than his best friend's little sister, he's torn between loyalty to his business partner and the woman his heart says is his perfect match.
The Christmas Room
Author: Catherine Anderson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399586334
Pages: 432
Year: 2017-09-26
View: 164
Read: 333
The beloved author of the Mystic Creek series gifts readers with a novel of homespun holiday cheer, as two families discover the joy of hope and redemption.... Widow Maddie McLendon has uprooted her life to move to Rustlers Gulch with her son and grandson. But as a brutal Montana winter looms on the horizon, contractors have yet to break ground on their new house, leaving them to live in a makeshift camp of trailers, tents, and sheds.... Since his wife died six years ago, millionaire rancher Sam Conacher has been content to wallow in his grief alone while keeping a tight rein on his twenty-six-year-old daughter. But now the girl has gone and fallen in love with his foolish new neighbor’s no-good son.... Maddie and Sam will never see eye to eye on anything, until a near-tragedy gives them a true glimpse into each other’s souls. And as the first snowflakes begin to fall, they’ll discover that an open heart is the biggest gift of all....
Under the Christmas Tree
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 145929128X
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-11-16
View: 1102
Read: 169
Available on its own for the first time! #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Virgin River and Thunder Point series Robyn Carr enchants readers with the perfect holiday treat. There’s no better gift than the thrill of a holiday romance… With snow falling over the redwood forests, secluded Virgin River is the ideal place to spend the holidays. Each year, the close-knit community gathers in the town square to decorate and light a massive tree. Carols are sung, hot chocolate is shared—and this time a surprise is left under the Christmas tree! When the folks of the town discover a box of adorable puppies abandoned under the tree, they call on local vet Nathaniel Jensen for help. The puppies are the talk of Virgin River, but it's Nate’s budding romance with Annie McCarty that really has tongues—and tails—wagging
A Virgin River Christmas
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 1488038392
Pages: 400
Year: 2018-09-01
View: 634
Read: 415
Return to Virgin River for the holidays in this uplifting tale from the beloved series by New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr. Last Christmas Marcie Sullivan said a final goodbye to her husband, Bobby. This Christmas she’s come to Virgin River to find the man who saved his life and gave her three more years to love him. Fellow marine Ian Buchanan dragged Bobby’s shattered body onto a medical transport in Fallujah four years ago, then disappeared as soon as their unit arrived stateside. Since then, Marcie’s letters to Ian have gone unanswered. Marcie tracks Ian to the tiny mountain town of Virgin River and finds a man as wounded emotionally as Bobby was physically. But she is not easily scared off. As Marcie pushes her way into his rugged and reclusive life, she discovers a sweet but damaged soul beneath a rough exterior. Ian doesn’t know what to make of the determined young widow who forces him to look into the painful past and, what’s worse, the uncertain future. But it is, after all, a season of miracles and maybe, just maybe, it’s time to banish the ghosts and open his heart. Originally published in 2008
Christmas in Snowflake Canyon
Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460320913
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-11-01
View: 909
Read: 1085
Holiday gifts don't always come in expected packages…especially in the town of Hope's Crossing. No one has ever felt sorry for Genevieve Beaumont. After all, she has everything money can buy. That is, until she discovers her fiancé has been two-timing her and she's left with two choices: marry the philanderer to please her controlling father or be disinherited and find a means to support herself. Genevieve's salvation appears in the most unlikely of prospects: Dylan Caine, a sexy, wounded war vet whose life is as messy as hers. Dylan's struggling to adjust after his time in Afghanistan, and the last thing he needs is a spoiled socialite learning about the real world for the first time. True, she may have unexpected depths and beauty to match. But he knows he could never be the man she needs…and she knows he could never be the man she thinks she wants. So why are they each hoping that a Christmas miracle willl prove them both wrong?
Maybe This Christmas
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 0373778988
Pages: 384
Year: 2014-10-28
View: 468
Read: 906
Determined to give his daughter the best Christmas ever, ex-skiing champion and single father Tyler O'Neil gets some help from his best friend, ski pro Brenna Daniels, who is staying with them for the holidays, and gets an unexpected gift of his own. Original.
Just a Kiss in the Moonlight
Author: Cindy Roland Anderson
ISBN: 0997823909
Pages: 302
Year: 2016-08-25
View: 682
Read: 1270
Taylin Nichols has the perfect job as a nurse in the newborn unit in her hometown of Mitchel Creek, Georgia, but as for the perfect boyfriend¿not so much. She knows she needs to dump the guy, but figures it will happen naturally if she¿s accepted for the work abroad program. On a day when she should¿ve stayed home, she runs into Luke McKay¿literally. He¿s new at the hospital and already has a reputation as an unfriendly, brooding male even though he¿s hotter than a Georgia summer. He¿s not Taylin¿s type¿at least that¿s what she tells herself, but after spending time together, she can¿t deny her feelings anymore. The only problem is Luke has baggage from a previously bad marriage, and isn¿t ready for a relationship. He desperately tries to keep Taylin in the ¿friend zone¿, but it doesn¿t take long to know that will never work. Just when he and Taylin decide love is worth the risk, Luke¿s past presents an unexpected challenge, leaving both of them to wonder if their love will be enough.
Christmas at Carriage Hill
Author: Carla Neggers
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459256506
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-12-01
View: 1177
Read: 559
Celebrate the holidays with this magical Swift River Valley novella from New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers When fashion designer Alexandra Rankin Hunt is asked to create the dresses for Olivia Frost's Christmas wedding in tiny Knights Bridge, Massachusetts, she jumps at the chance. She's certain she'll never get to design one for herself—not with her history of falling for the wrong men. Ian Mabry, the sexy fighter pilot whose bravery reminded her of her beloved great-grandfather, was the worst yet. To Alexandra's surprise, Ian is also at Carriage Hill, Olivia's picturesque country inn. And if anyone can charm his way into a wedding, it's him. Ian wants more than an invitation—he's determined to find a way back into Alexandra's life. Don't miss Echo Lake, the next novel in Carla Neggers' unforgettable Swift River Valley series.
The Secret of a Kiss
Author: Kimberley Montpetit
ISBN: 1980236399
Pages: 184
Year: 2018-02-05
View: 208
Read: 241
A makeup artist for the Phantom of the Opera with a tragic past. A mysterious man hiding a scar worse than the phantom from the Broadway show.Linden Adair is a talented makeup artist on the New York Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, creating the hideous scar for the actor who plays the phantom every night. But nobody knows the deep scars Linden carries after the divorce from her husband, Mark Denly--the famous director of Phantom.Why didn't somebody ever tell her that marrying your director was a bad idea, especially when he has a wandering eye?Desperate to get away after enduring several years of heartache and scars, Linden takes a cross-country trip to visit her best friend in Seattle. While driving on a deserted stretch of highway late at night, she hits a deer and crashes the rental car into a gully outside of Snow Valley, Montana.A devastatingly handsome stranger with a tow truck rescues Linden and her smashed vehicle, but when she catches sight of him in the light, she's shocked. Anton Baldwin possess a terrible scar on his face--just like the phantom she created every night for the theater.But Anton is hiding more than the truth behind his scar, and during a whirlwind week while being recruited for a television show being filmed in Snow Valley, the secrets of this enigmatic man turn her world upside down. When Anton helps Linden open up to the world around her, Linden wonders if the small town of Snow Valley might hold the magic she needs to heal the scars on her broken heart. If you like sweet romance and second chance love stories, then you'll love THE SECRET OF A KISS, A Snow Valley Romance. Click on Kimberley's Author "Follow" button so you don't miss any future titles. You can also sign up for her Reader's Club Newsletter and receive free books: