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Rock Hard Prince Charming
Author: Rye Hart
ISBN: 1974412970
Pages: 228
Year: 2017-08-10
View: 1120
Read: 1047
A Prince's life is all play and no work.Until the day I became a single dad.Or maybe it was when father stepped down from the throne unexpectedly. Now, I've got just a few months to find the perfect future queen.And more importantly, the mother to my baby girl.
Stepbrother Charming
Author: Nicole Snow
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1511966912
Pages: 346
Year: 2015-04-29
View: 782
Read: 375
NOBODY WARNED ME CHARMING MEANS INFURIATING, INTENSE, AND IRRESISTIBLE... CLAIRE I'm ready to slap my new step-brother clean across the face. Brash, arrogant, and stinking rich doesn't begin to describe Ty Sterner. He's also sinfully sexy, and wicked talented at making my blood boil. Ty thinks it's funny to chase me around like I'm the next notch in his bedpost. He lives to piss me off. But that isn't why my heart skips a dozen beats every time I look at him. What happens if his crude jokes about us hooking up go too far? What if I admit I actually want this filthy talking playboy, and one little misstep lands me in Prince Not-So-Charming's bed for real? TY I can't decide whether to laugh my ass off or kiss her 'til her panties ignite. Little Miss Perfect's too hot and uptight for her own good. Knowing she's off limits just makes me want her more. There's a twisted thrill to flirting underneath our parents' roof. And I want a whole lot more than teasing her cheeks red, or watching her eyes pop when I'm strutting around half-naked. I want to rock her world into a screaming mess and leave her soft lips breathless. Too bad this is the summer I'm supposed to get my crap together to build the family fortune. That's a distraction I don't need when all I really want to do is find out how perfect Claire feels between the sheets...
Charming Bad Boy
Author: Adele Mann
Publisher: Feelings
ISBN: 3426442795
Pages: 394
Year: 2017-05-02
View: 1163
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Eine süße Mitbewohnerin. Ein charmanter Bad Boy. Eine aufregende Mischung. Eine prickelnde und humorvolle Erotic Romance. Von ihrem Freund betrogen steht die junge Lehrerin Dani ohne Wohnung da. Oder genauer gesagt wieder in ihrem Elternhaus in Brooklyn. Auf der Suche nach einer neuen Unterkunft, in einer Stadt, in der sich kaum jemand alleine eine anständige Wohnung leisten kann, ist gerade der Bad Boy Brock McNamara, der beste Freund ihres Bruders, keine gute Wahl als Mitbewohner. Doch seine Wohnung ist umwerfend und Brock sieht die Sache locker und lässt Dani einziehen. Nur so ein charmanter Sanitäter, der nichts anbrennen lässt und noch dazu wahnsinnig heiß ist, ist nicht unbedingt der richtige Mitbewohner. Vor allem, wenn man eine Schwäche für ihn hat. »Charming Bad Boy« von Adele Mann ist ein eBook von feelings*emotional eBooks. Mehr von uns ausgewählte erotische, romantische, prickelnde, herzbeglückende eBooks findest Du auf unserer facebook-Seite. Genieße jede Woche eine neue Geschichte - wir freuen uns auf Dich!
A Bad Boy For Winter
Author: Sierra Rose
Publisher: Dark Shadows Publishing
Year: 2016-11-22
View: 1116
Read: 311
Riley has never had a one-night stand before. But when she meets a bad boy from her past, she can’t fight the undeniable chemistry. A bet is made. If she wins, he’ll walk out of her life forever. If she loses, she is promised a wild, scorching night of passion. She’s screwed one way or the other. Come meet the sexy men of Blue Ridge! This is an eight book series. Each bad boy has his own book.
Daring the Bad Boy
Author: Monica Murphy
Publisher: Entangled: Crush
ISBN: 1633757218
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-08-22
View: 730
Read: 774
"Monica Murphy always delivers the swoon-worthy romance that I crave. And Murphy’s latest is no exception with this first love, mature young adult novel: Daring the Bad Boy." -Debbie, I Heart YA Books Annie McFarland is sick of being a shy nobody. A session at summer camp seems like the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself—gain some confidence, kiss a boy, be whoever she wants to be. A few days in, she’s already set her sights on über-hottie Kyle. Too bad her fear of water keeps her away from the lake, where Kyle is always hanging out. Jacob Fazio is at Camp Pine Ridge after one too many screw-ups. Junior counseling seems like punishment enough, but the rigid no-fraternizing-with-campers rules harsh his chill. When a night of Truth or Dare gets him roped into teaching Annie how to swim, she begs him to also teach her how to snag Kyle. Late-night swim sessions turn into late-night kissing sessions...but there’s more on the line than just their hearts. If they get caught, Jake’s headed straight to juvie, but Annie’s more than ready to dare him to reveal the truth. Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains references to drinking, sexual situations, adult language, and an intense bad boy hero who will melt your heart. Each book in the Endless Summer Series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Book #1 - Daring the Bad Boy Book #2 - Keeping Her Secret
Texting Prince Charming
Author: Patty Carothers, Amy Brewer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1623422620
Pages: 246
Year: 2018-05-29
View: 892
Read: 1276
After a tragic accident leaves Shelby Ryan permanently injured, she gives up all hope in happily-ever-afters. Shelby puts on a brave face while hiding her pain, but once she returns to school, everything changes. She starts receiving anonymous corny messages from a mysterious Prince Charming, and her nemesis, basketball star and bad boy, Sebastian, shows sudden interest in her. Hilarity ensues as Shelby tries to uncover Prince Charming's real identity and come to terms with her true feelings for the last boy on Earth she ever thought she'd fall for: Sebastian Freaking Birch. Will she be able to cope with the allure of the texting prince, or will Sebastian be the real-life prince in Shelby's fairytale?
Confessions of a Bad Boy
Author: J. D. Hawkins
ISBN: 1533449775
Pages: 296
Year: 2016-06-13
View: 871
Read: 693
Confessions of a Bad Boy Episode 1: Never CommitI'm the internet's favorite Bad Boy - the guy who'll tell it to you straight. No bullshit charm. No excuses. Consider it a public service, letting women know the truth about what guys are really thinking and teaching guys how to get what they want.Yes, we were checking that girl out.No, you don't want to meet her parents. And no, ladies, we don't care what shoes you wear - as long as they're up around our neck by the end of the night.Life was simple, until fate brought me back together with Jessie.My best friend's younger sister, who I just happened to have the hottest one night stand of my life with four years ago.Who calls me at 3 AM to get bailed out of jail.Who I can't keep my hands off of.And who can never find out who I really am.She's off-limits, but I don't care. And when I need a fake girlfriend to help me out of a jam at work, she's the only one who can help. Now I'm stuck sharing a hotel room with her for the weekend.A long, sexy weekend.This is your Bad Boy, signing off.
Bad Boy
Author: Dream Jordan
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429926899
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-02-28
View: 163
Read: 1015
Dream Jordan is back with a follow-up to the acclaimed Hot Girl Kate is devastated to find herself back in a group home after a peaceful year of living with her loving foster parents, Lynn and Ted. The fantasy life of having the perfect family has come to an abrupt end and Kate's reeling from having to return to the place she's fought so hard to avoid. Sad and lonely, Kate soon falls prey to the dangerous affections of Percy, a good looking but shady young man. He treats her well at first, manipulating her already broken heart, and soon a cycle of controlling and abusive behavior begins. Now Kate finds herself trapped and unable to be the strong, independent girl she's tried her whole life to be. But this Brooklyn-born girl is never one to let a bad situation keep her down for too long. Told in Kate's sassy, witty voice, Bad Boy is all about staying strong and remaining true to yourself even when it seems like the whole world is out to get you.
Legally Charming
Author: Lauren Smith
Publisher: Lauren Smith via PublishDrive
ISBN: 0997423714
Pages: 372
Year: 2017-11-07
View: 294
Read: 978
Holding out for a hero? Eh, not so much. Felicity Hart doesn’t have the time or inclination for love. She’s too busy working her butt off to complete her Master’s Degree. So what is she doing at a Halloween party dressed like a Cinderella-wanna-be when she could be home studying?—or better yet, sleeping. Oh, God, yes. Sleeping Beauty had the best idea. What’s the worst that could happen if she catches a quick nap in the host’s bedroom? Well... Caught by the panty-dropping homeowner, Jared, her first instinct—aside from dying of embarrassment—is to run, but her sexy prince convinces her there’s no need to rush off into the night. There’s plenty of room in his bed for two. When she wakes up the next morning wrapped around him like a vine on Rapunzel’s tower, it’s not just her shoe she leaves behind, but her whole dress—and maybe, just maybe, a tiny sliver of her heart. With a little help from friends, Jared tracks down his runaway princess so he can return her dress. Over lunch they discover have much more in common than just sexual attraction. Jared might be a workaholic attorney, but his fun side is ready and willing to the hot tub, in the shower...He’s the kind of man Felicity never thought existed: A damn good man with a bad boy’s soul. But can a fairy tale romance survive when the pressures of real life interfere? Or is happily-ever-after just make-believe?
How to Ravish a Rake
Author: Vicky Dreiling
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455510289
Pages: 400
Year: 2012-03-27
View: 376
Read: 295
SCANDALOUS DESIRES . . . Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can't, she'll set aside her dreams of romance and return home to a suitor who can provide security-if little else. What she doesn't count on is the inappropriate-and irresistible-attention lavished on her in a darkened library by rake extraordinaire Will "The Devil" Darcett . . . DEVILISH DELIGHT When Will is caught in a tryst with the ton's shyest miss, he knows he must offer for her hand. Yet Amy is not the shrinking violet she seems to be. Passion lies beneath her prim exterior and Will is eager to release it. But winning Amy isn't simply a matter of seduction; first, Will must convince her that he's mended his wicked ways . . .
Catch Me a Cowboy
Author: Katie Lane
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455510661
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-03-27
View: 538
Read: 866
Shirlene Dalton has it all: a dream marriage to a man who spoils her rotten and the most outrageous mansion Bramble, Texas, has ever seen. But when her husband unexpectedly dies, Shirlene finds herself right back where she started-in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. Never the type to let a little bad luck and a whole heap of heartache get her down, Shirlene is ready to prove to the local gossips she can make it on her own . . . until she ends up living next door to the most tempting cowboy in town. Billy Wilkes has a score to settle and a plan to wipe Bramble right off the map. But when his sexy, redheaded neighbor figures out what he's up to, his good ol' boy charm won't be enough to save him. With the town on his tail, Billy will have to come clean quick-or kiss Shirlene goodbye.
Highland Lover
Author: Amanda Scott
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455510378
Pages: 400
Year: 2012-03-27
View: 955
Read: 559
HIGHLAND DANGER Ever inquisitive, Lady Alyson MacGillivray embarks on a sea voyage and makes a shocking discovery: The young future king of Scotland is secretly traveling on board. Yet her surprise soon turns to terror when pirates attack the ship, take the boy prince hostage, and leave Lady Alyson to drown. HIGHLAND WOLF Known to the world as the The Wolf, Captain Jake Maxwell had been commissioned by the King to follow the prince's secret transport. When he spies Alyson struggling against a violent sea, he moves swiftly to save her. Soon desire sparks between them, bringing them pleasure-powerful and deep. But the young beauty's connection to the prince's abduction puts her in danger. And if their love is to survive, Alyson and Jake must play a game of intrigue with royal-and lethal-consequences. "One of the best Scottish historical romance authors writing today." -Midwest Book Review
Seduction and Romantic Dinner - Your Mystic Epicurean Quest - Icookbook
Author: Lonnie Lynch
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449076483
Pages: 424
Year: 2010-11
View: 1241
Read: 1295
Seduction and Romantic DinnerYour Mystic Epicurean Quest iCookbookFrom the Columns of Paideia comes the most anticipated tome in years. Gain knowledge of epicurean recipes, artistic seduction rituals, and an impetus system of beliefs. The great wisdom of the Columns of Paideia will be a mystery to you no longer! You will also elicit knowledge from the Round Rose Table's legendary participants. By means of the "VII Columns of Knowledge," you're literally bestowed the keys to the seduction and romantic dinner kingdom way of life. You will gain knowledge of secret, seductive recipes and mysterious, uplifting effects to make you more desirable and playful. Discover how we keep our relationships lively and enchanting! Your lover will think you are an epicurean god or goddess who has arrived to mysteriously give them a tantalizing culinary feast. Everybody desires someone who can step outside of his or her box and is mysterious enough to move their inner passion. They want someone who can take them in, slowly tease, intrigue them, entice their emotions, and make them experience novel thoughts and utter feelings that they would have never experienced before or thought they would ever experience. Smidgens, dash, pinch, are all jargon terms that reflect the way people cook and dine. These words describe the way you should sprinkle the seduction and romantic dinners into your life for that special someone. With this new knowledge, you will enhance your mastery of epicurean enticement, gain a greater understanding of human psychology, and learn poetic dynamics-this will, in turn, increase social interaction. Bear in mind, seduction is really about interconnecting in a new potent way that makes you (and your beliefs) irresistible to others. http: //www.seductionandromanticdinner.comhttp: //
Mistaken Identity
Author: Shirlee McCoy
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488018979
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-03-01
View: 819
Read: 273
THE WRONG TARGET When Trinity Miller's attacked by a man who mistakenly believes she's Mason Gains's girlfriend, the reclusive prosthetic maker is forced from seclusion to rescue her. And he soon learns someone's determined to get information on one of his clients—information they're willing to kill for. Now the former army pilot has to find a way to take down the men on their trail…and make sure Trinity survives. When Trinity arrived at Mason's isolated home to convince him to help her friend's son, her plans didn't include going on the run with him. But Trinity must work with Mason to outwit their pursuers…or risk losing both their lives.
Wicked Charm
Author: Amber Hart
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
ISBN: 1633758974
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-01-30
View: 893
Read: 776
Nothing good comes from living in the Devil's swamp. Willow Bell thinks moving to the Okefenokee area isn't half bad, but nothing prepares her for what awaits in the shadows of the bog. Girls are showing up dead in the swamp. And she could be next. Everyone warns Willow to stay away from Beau Cadwell—the bad boy at the top of their suspect list as the serial killer tormenting the small town. But beneath his wicked, depthless eyes, there's something else that draws Willow to him. When yet another girl he knew dies, though, Willow questions whether she can trust her instincts...or if they're leading to her own death.