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Bringing Yoga to Life
Author: Donna Farhi
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061734225
Pages: 256
Year: 2008-07-08
View: 865
Read: 469
Internationally renowned and bestselling author Donna Farhi moves yoga practice beyond the mat into our everyday lives, restoring the tradition's intended function as a complete, practical philosophy for daily living. Expanding upon the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the core text of the yoga tradition, Donna Farhi describes yoga's transforming power as a complete life practice, far beyond its common reduction to mere exercise routine or stress management. This is the philosophy of yoga as a path to a deeper awareness of self. Drawing upon her years of teaching with students, Farhi guides readers through all the pitfalls and promises of navigating a spiritual practice. Farhi's engaging and accessible style and broad experience offer important teachings for newcomers and seasoned practitioners of yoga alike. And because her teachings of yoga philosophy extend into every corner of daily life, this book is an equally accessible guide to those seeking spiritual guidance without learning the pretzel bendings of the physical practice itself. As one of the top teachers worldwide, Farhi's exploration of the core philosophy of yoga is destined to become an instant classic.
Living Your Yoga
Author: Judith Hanson Lasater
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1930485859
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-08-09
View: 314
Read: 1182
If you think that you have to retreat to a cave in the Himalayas to find the enlightenment that yoga promises, think again. In this second edition of Living Your Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater stretches the meaning of yoga beyond its familiar poses and breathing techniques to include the events of daily life—all of them—as ways to practice. This edition includes three new chapters (Relaxation, Empathy, and Worship), a full index, and new interior and cover designs.Using the time-honored wisdom of the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita to steer the course, she serves up off-the-mat practices to guide you in deepening your relationships with yourself, your family and friends, and the world around you.Inspiring and practical, she blends her heartfelt knowledge of an ancient tradition with her life experiences as a daughter, sister, partner, mother, friend, and yoga practitioner and teacher. The result: a new yoga that beckons you to find the spiritual in everyday life.
The Breathing Book
Author: Donna Farhi
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 1429997907
Pages: 256
Year: 1996-11-15
View: 1034
Read: 681
A new approach to improving quality of life through your most accessible resource: your breath. Internationally renowned yoga instructor Donna Farhi presents a refreshingly simple and practical guide to reestablishing proper breathing techniques that will dramatically improve your physical and mental health. Complete with more that seventy-five photos and illustrations, The Breaking Book offers a thorough and inspiring program that you can tailor to your specific needs. Whether you need an energy boost or are seeking a safe, hassle-free way to cope with everyday stress, you will find answers here. These safe and easy-to-learn techniques can also be used to treat asthma, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions. "Donna Farhi has been a student, researcher, and teacher of the breath for many years, and now we get to reap the results of her studies in this exquisite manual." -- Yoga Journal
Teaching Yoga
Author: Donna Farhi
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1930485549
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-08-01
View: 1315
Read: 405
Drawing on decades of experience in training yoga teachers, Donna Farhi offers the first book to set professional standards for yoga teachers. Teaching Yoga explores with depth and compassion a variety of topics both practical and philosophical, including how to create healthy boundaries; the student-teacher relationship (including whether a sexual relationship is acceptable); how to create physical and emotional safety for the student; what is a reasonable class size; how much a class should cost; and how to conduct the business of teaching while upholding the integrity of yoga as a philosophy, a science, and an art.
Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit
Author: Donna Farhi
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 1429997435
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-04-01
View: 489
Read: 1099
The author of Yoga Journal's most-read column presents the first holistic guide to yoga A user-friendly guide illustrated with 240 two-color photographs and illustrations, Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit sets forth the tenets of this gentle yet rigorous exercise as no other book has. Integrating the teachings of every tradition, internationally renowned yoga instructor Donna Farhi reveals how yoga enhances the connections between the mind, body, and spirit. She outlines the seven simple movement principles that underlie all human motion and provides exercises to help readers understand how they can achieve all yoga postures. She also discusses the ten ethical precepts that are the foundation of all yoga teachings and explains how to incorporate them into a spiritually and emotionally rewarding inner practice. At the heart of Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit are more than seventy-five yoga asanas or postures. Each is one pictured and described in detail, and they are arranged into related groups--including standing postures, sitting postures, arm balances, and breathing practices--or easy reference. A selection of yoga practices of varying lengths and levels of difficulty provides challenges and inspiration for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. A huge resurgence of interest in yoga is sweeping the country. With its broad scope and holistic approach, Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit is the ideal book for today's mainstream audience.
Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life
Author: Charlotte Bell
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1930485573
Pages: 178
Year: 2016-08-01
View: 1051
Read: 1244
A longtime yoga teacher and Buddhist meditation practitioner, Charlotte Bell describes in passionate detail how she applied the eightfold path of the Yoga Sutras and the Buddha’s heed for mindfulness to her hectic Western life—with practicality and precision, grace and guts.Her insights honor these timeless teachings while staying relevant to contemporary life. She recounts personal stories that depict her commitment to practice in her own life: in relationships, music, asana, meditation, teaching, and even writing this book. And it's not all rosy. She writes about self-doubt and struggles, all while welcoming, time and again, the life she has, imperfections and all.Charlotte Bell shows by example how to be a yogi in the particularity of your own life. Her suggestions about how to bring mindfulness into asana will deepen your practice; her recommended daily practices, or Reflections, will reveal new inner landscapes. Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life is an inspiring guide for anyone seeking to live a yogic life.
Pocket Peace
Author: Allan Lokos
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101185309
Pages: 240
Year: 2010-02-18
View: 1050
Read: 287
An elegantly packaged "pocket-size" guide to weathering life's storms "As founder and guilding teacher of the Community Meditation Center in New York, Allan Lokos has an arsenal of tools for coping with stressful situations." —Rachel Lee Harris, New York Times We live in a turbulent world in which we are often forced to respond on a dime to challenging or even life-altering situations. To react wisely in difficult moments one needs to be quick on one's feet, but also quick of mind. In Pocket Peace, interfaith minister and Buddhist practitioner Reverend Allan Lokos provides readers with concise yet incisive daily "pocket practices" that will enable them to act in accordance with their truest and best selves. If you want to run a marathon, you must train slowly and purposefully for months. Likewise, if you want to be your best self and learn to confront whatever comes your way with kindness, compassion, and generosity, you need to . . . practice. This elegantly packaged little book is full of wisdom and teachings the reader can literally pull from their pocket each day. A small yet powerful spiritual companion that intertwines personal anecdotes and age-old wisdom with practical guidance, Pocket Peace sets readers on the path to inner peace and lasting happiness.
Bringing Yoga to Life
ISBN: 1448712807
Year: 2010
View: 1249
Read: 1102

Pathways to a Centered Body
Author: Donna Farhi, Leila Stuart
ISBN: 0473396785
Year: 2017
View: 295
Read: 1241

Jivamukti Yoga
Author: Sharon Gannon, David Life
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307486648
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-04-06
View: 396
Read: 600
The long-awaited, complete guide to the popular, vigorous American method of yoga that is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and scriptures “In this day and age of health and fitness trends, it is assuring to know that Sharon and David encourage their students to draw inspiration from the classical texts of Yoga and timeless scriptural sources. What I appreciate so much about David and Sharon is how they help their Yoga students to understand and appreciate the wisdom of all the great saints and jivamuktas who have contributed to raising consciousness. Ultimately, it is Self-Realization, that is the true goal of Yoga.” –SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA Creators of the extremely popular Jivamukti Yoga method and cofounders of the New York City studios where it is taught, Sharon Gannon and David Life present their unique style of yoga for the first time in book form. As they explain their intensely physical and spiritual system of flowing postures, they provide inspiring expert instruction to guide you in your practice. Unlike many books about yoga, Jivamukti Yoga focuses not only on the physical postures but also on how they evolved–the origins of the practices in yoga’s ancient sacred texts and five-thousand-year-old traditions–the psychotherapeutic benefits that accrue with a steady practice, and the spiritual power that is set free when energy flows throughout the mind and body. Jivamukti Yoga, which means “soul liberation,” guides your body and soul into spiritual freedom, physical strength, peace of mind, better health, and Self-realization–the ultimate goal of any practice. Gannon and Life help you understand each of the practices that comprise the yoga path to enlightenment: AHIMSA–The Way of Compassion: choosing nonviolence, respecting all life, practicing vegetarianism, living free of prejudice ASANA–The Way of Connection to the Earth: postures and sequences, breathing, transforming energy, understanding the bandhas KARMA–The Way of Action: creating good karma, giving thanks NADAM–The Way of Sacred Music: appreciating the sacred sounds of yoga MEDITATION–The Way of the Witness: how to sit still and move inward BHAKTI–The Way of Devotion to God: living with love, grace, and peace Whatever yoga you practice, Jivamukti Yoga will help you to strengthen and deepen that practice and lead you onto a path of spiritual clarity and self-discovery. “If there is only one book you read about the practice of Yoga, this should be the one. Sharon and David are deeply dedicated students and teachers of Yoga who have the rare capacity to translate their profound understanding to the reader. This book is for anyone who wishes to find transformation through Yoga. I’m grateful for their work and teaching.” –STEPHAN RECHTSCHAFFEN, MD Co-founder & CEO, Omega Institute From the Trade Paperback edition.
Meditations from the Mat
Author: Rolf Gates, Katrina Kenison
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307773949
Pages: 448
Year: 2010-10-27
View: 722
Read: 1239
365 daily reflections offering a way to integrate the mindfulness that yoga teaches into everyday life, from the acclaimed yoga teacher, Rolf Gates. As more and more people in the West pursue yoga in its various forms, whether at traditional centers, in the high-powered atmosphere of sports clubs, or on their own, they begin to realize that far from being just another exercise routine, yoga is a discipline of the body and the mind. Whether used in the morning to set the tone for the day, during yoga exercise itself, or at the end of the day, during evening reflection, the daily reflections in Meditations from the Mat will support and enhance anyone’s yoga journey.
The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga
Author: Georg Feuerstein
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1570625557
Pages: 357
Year: 2000
View: 549
Read: 917
Here is an authentic portrayal of a rich and complex spiritual tradition of India. The over two thousand entries cover Yoga's history, its many approaches, schools, teachers, scriptures, as well as its technical terminology. The book is arranged and written in a manner that will inform rather than overwhelm the lay reader, while at the same time offering valuable references for the professional researcher and the historian of religion. The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga offers the following features: • Each entry has cross-references providing pertinent conceptual links • Entries are in English alphabetical order, unlike comparable reference works that follow Sanskrit alphabetical order, which is difficult for the lay reader to follow • Orientational entries provide an overview of central aspects of the Yoga tradition, such as history, psychology, and major branches • Many entries cite or even quote original sources, shedding light on how a given term is used by traditional Yoga authorities
Enlightened Living
Author: Martin Faulks
Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing
ISBN: 9869492517
Year: 2017-06-13
View: 661
Read: 1006
Would you like to learn the most powerful method of self-development? A technique more effective than any form of meditation, more powerful than any ritual, mantra or secret initiation. What if the most spiritual of secrets has been hidden in the most mundane of things all along? Could the most effective tool for personal transformation be in the very approach you take to your daily life? This book consists of a series of contemplations, which give specific techniques, lessons and insights designed to give you the keys to use every moment of every day to release your full potential. They contain important principles concerning aspects of life, good health or insights into the nature of the mind. Including suggestions of different ways of thinking, correcting your mind, or methods of taking advantage of how your mind already works. Of course, all of these principals can be applied on many different levels. The universal lessons contained in this text can be applied to anyone, no matter what their background or inclination. However, it will be of particular value to those who practice meditation or are undertaking any dedicated training program in which they seek the ideal state of consciousness. Readers will find the lessons contained in this book and the approach to life it suggests easy to apply due to its simplicity and effective techniques. These lessons can also be used to build upon skills already mastered, helping to grow those skills that are less developed. A collection of lessons, the reader can dip in and out of the book as they wish, finding their awareness growing with increasing ease. As their awareness expands, so will engagement with daily life leading to greater fulfilment. Enlightenment is in how we live our lives, not hidden behind closed doors or contained within spiritual practice only. This text aims to be a part of a revolution in teaching whereby the focus of our self-improvement is on the actions of our daily life bringing wisdom, focus and high consciousness to everyday tasks. So that once again we can create a result based practice, where practitioners who seek enlightenment be associated with stability, practicality, clear vision and, above all, excellence through harmonious action. True enlightenment cannot be hidden because it shines forth in every thought, word and action, creating goodness wherever it touches. This book will aid the reader in applying the skills of enlightenment to their daily life. Martin Faulks has extensive experience in this field as a meditation expert who has spent over twenty years dedicating his life to personal development. He also runs the Seshan School of Hermetic Meditation, a successful meditation school where he assists and advises students in their practice.
Yoga Bodies
Author: Lauren Lipton
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452156166
Pages: 160
Year: 2017-03-28
View: 1231
Read: 726
Artfully capturing yoga's vibrant spirit, Yoga Bodies presents full-color yoga-pose portraits of more than 80 practitioners of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels—real people with real stories to share about how yoga has changed their lives for the better. Some humorous, some heartfelt, others profound, the stories entertain as they enlighten, while the portraits—which joyously challenge the "yoga body" stereotype—celebrate the glorious diversity of the human form. Handsomely jacketed and richly visual inside and out, Yoga Bodies is a coffee table–worthy contemplation, a meaningful gift, and a source of endless inspiration for anyone seeking fresh perspectives on how to live well.
Natural Meditation
Author: Dean Sluyter
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
ISBN: 039917141X
Pages: 260
Year: 2015
View: 1333
Read: 670
A veteran teacher provides a low-key approach to learning to meditate and opening one's life up to happiness, clarity and peace by using your breathing, the sounds around you, the sky, or the sense of “I” as a guide. Original.