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A Time to Kill
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0307576132
Pages: 672
Year: 2010-03-16
View: 562
Read: 1189
Don’t miss a sneak peek of Sycamore Row, John Grisham’s new novel inspired by A Time to Kill, in the back of the book. The life of a ten-year-old girl is shattered by two drunken and remorseless young men. The mostly white town of Clanton in Ford County, Mississippi, reacts with shock and horror at the inhuman crime. Until her black father acquires an assault rifle and takes justice into his own outraged hands. For ten days, as burning crosses and the crack of sniper fire spread through the streets of Clanton, the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client’s life–and then his own.
A Time to Kill
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 0440245915
Pages: 660
Year: 2009
View: 895
Read: 673
A Southern town is shocked when a 10-year-old black girl is raped by two white men--until the girl's father takes the law into his own hands.
A Time to Kill
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0385338600
Pages: 515
Year: 2004
View: 918
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Criminal lawyer Jake Brigance faces the fight of his life when he is asked to defend Carl Hailey, who, in a rage of anger, shot and killed the men on trial for the rape of his daughter.
The Testament ; a Time to Kill
Author: John Grisham
ISBN: 0091869595
Pages: 988
Year: 2000
View: 671
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A Time to kill: "There are crimes of race and creed and colour. And so when the people outside of Clanton hear that a black man has killed two whites who raped his ten-year-old daughter, the town is filled with an angry mob determined to tear down, burn and destroy anything and everyone that opposes them."
The Strategist
Author: John Hardy Bell
ISBN: 0615871194
Pages: 370
Year: 2013-09-01
View: 419
Read: 394
A fresh start in an old city. That was all Camille Grisham wanted. After a deadly series of events forces an abrupt end to her career as an FBI profiler, Camille returns to her hometown of Denver with the hope of starting over. But her hope is tragically short-lived. Less than 24 hours after Camille's arrival home, her best friend Julia is brutally murdered, and the answers are scarce. The police investigation eventually targets a colleague in Julia's law firm, and all signs point to his guilt. Then Camille receives a flash disk - left behind by Julia herself - that implicates someone infinitely more powerful. With the help of a rookie homicide detective, Camille must race to uncover the truth of Julia's life, and the events that led to her death. In doing so she will not only expose a high-level conspiracy involving political and financial corruption, she will also find herself in the midst of yet another deadly confrontation - this time with a killer hell-bent on preserving Julia's secret. 'The Strategist' chronicles Camille Grisham's struggle to find redemption in the face of tragedy and strength in the midst of ever-present danger. She will eventually find both, but not before colliding head-on with a past that she wants nothing more than to leave behind. Book I of the Circle Trilogy Book II 'The Second Circle' will be available Spring 2014
The Whistler
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 1101967684
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-07-11
View: 1098
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Lacy Stoltz is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She is a lawyer, not a cop, and it is her job to respond to complaints dealing with judicial misconduct. After nine years with the Board, she knows that most problems are caused by incompetence, not corruption. But a corruption case eventually crosses her desk. A previously disbarred lawyer is back in business with a new identity. He now goes by the name Greg Myers, and he claims to know of a Florida judge who has stolen more money than all other crooked judges combined. And not just crooked judges in Florida. All judges, from all states, and throughout U.S. history. What the source of the ill-gotten gains? It seems the judge was secretly involved with the construction of a large casino on Native American land. The Coast Mafia financed the casino and is now helping itself to a sizable skim of each month's cash. The judge is getting a cut and looking the other way. It's a sweet deal: Everyone is making money. But now Greg wants to put a stop to it. His only client is a person who knows the truth and wants to blow the whistle and collect millions under Florida law. Greg files a complaint with the Board on Judicial Conduct, and the case is assigned to Lacy Stoltz, who immediately suspects that this one could be dangerous. Dangerous is one thing. Deadly is something else.
Reunited with the
Author: Anna J. Stewart
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488016445
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-05-01
View: 1060
Read: 447
Heart-racing romance, breathless suspense In this Honor Bound romance, a perilous change of heart looms for two former lovers… Exactly why should P.I. Vince Sutton take his ex-wife's case? Because she, assistant district attorney Simone Armstrong, put his brother in jail? Because the ambitious spitfire still drives him crazy? No, he'll take it because “The Avenging Angel” makes him a deal he can't refuse. Sparks fly when Vince works all-too-closely with Simone to locate her missing key witness…but in the process, they are drawn into a cold case. As much as he tries, Vince can’t deny that he’s never gotten over beautiful Simone, but can he admit his feelings to her—and himself? And can he save her from the danger that's heading their way? Honor Bound—Seeking justice…and falling in love Discover the full miniseries below Book 1: More Than a Lawman Book 2: Reunited with the P.I. “Anna J. Stewart created a great cast of colorful characters that will keep you entertained. Ms. Stewart provides a good balance of banter, heat, and suspense.”—Harlequin Junkie on Trouble With Nathan
Speech; a high school textbook in speech thinking and practice
Author: Wilhelmina Genevava Hedde, William Norwood Brigance
Pages: 540
Year: 1935
View: 1279
Read: 452

Jake's Women
Author: Neil Simon
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 0573694354
Pages: 112
Year: 1993-01-01
View: 751
Read: 776
Jake is a writer whose imaginary world is so real that it becomes real. Jake's marriage is on the rocks and he's having a trial separation. During the ensuing weeks, Jake seeks solace from the real and imagined women in his life. As Jake realizes what he's lost, he accepts his past by embracing his future.
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 0385541929
Pages: 58
Year: 2016-03-29
View: 835
Read: 322
JOHN GRISHAM'S FIRST ORIGINAL E-SHORT In this standalone prequel to his #1 bestseller ROGUE LAWYER, John Grisham tells the story of how Sebastian Rudd finally found someone he could trust to be his driver, bodyguard, law clerk, and partner. Sebastian Rudd, rogue lawyer, defends people other lawyers won't go near. It's controversial and dangerous work, which is why Sebastian needs his bodyguard/assistant/sidekick: Partner. So if Sebastian is just about the most unpopular lawyer in town, why is Partner so loyal to him? How did they meet? And what's the real story of this man of few words who's as good with a gun as he is with the law? The surprising answers are all in PARTNERS, John Grisham's first exclusively digital short story.
The Partner
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 0385339100
Pages: 416
Year: 2005
View: 590
Read: 421
Believed to have been killed in a car accident four years earlier, Patrick Lanigan is discovered living in Brazil under the name of Danilo Silva and presumably in possession of millions of dollars missing from his former firm's offshore account. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.
The Time to Kill
Author: Mason Cross
ISBN: 0750544880
Pages: 480
Year: 2018-01-15
View: 1219
Read: 1292
It's been five years since Carter Blake parted ways with top-secret government operation Winterlong. They brokered a deal at the time: he'd keep quiet about what they were doing, and in return he'd be left alone. But news that one of Blake's old allies, a man who agreed the same deal, is dead means only one thing - something has changed and Winterlong is coming for him. Emma Faraday, newly appointed head of the secret unit, is determined to tie up loose ends. And Blake is a very loose end. He's been evading them for years, but finally they've picked up his trace...
Justice Done
Author: Jan Burke
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476749175
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-09-15
View: 1095
Read: 1203
The fifth of six e-short story collections from New York Times bestselling suspense author Jan Burke, including three stories from the highly acclaimed print anthology Eighteen, praised as “Astonishing…wry…these stories are sure to delight” (Jeffery Deaver, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Kill Room). Justice Done is a mini-anthology containing a brand-new short story, with an added bonus of three stories from Eighteen: “Miscalculation,” “Two Bits,” and “An Unsuspected Condition of the Heart.” New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman says of the anthology, “A delightful collection of page-turners. At turns chilling, funny, poignant—and always insightful. With these stories, Jan Burke’s at the top of her game.”
Vigilante Justice
Author: Michael LaRocca
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 0759904944
Pages: 153
Year: 2002-07-01
View: 1268
Read: 618
An Internal Affairs detective pursues the vigilante cops who murdered his brother. Will he choose a love that cannot be consummated? Or will he choose guilt, vengeance and his own brand of vigilante justice?
Ford County
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: DISCOZUU
Pages: 344
Year: 2010
View: 1192
Read: 475
Gripping short stories from the No.1 bestselling author of the legal thriller. Worldwide No.1 bestseller John Grisham takes you into the heart of America's Deep South with a collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County: a place of harsh beauty where broken dreams and final wishes converge. From a hard-drinking, downtrodden divorce lawyer looking for pay-dirt, to a manipulative death row inmate with one last plea, Ford County features a vivid cast of attorneys, crooks, hustlers, and convicts. Through their stories he paints a unique picture of lives lived and lost in Mississippi. Completely gripping, frequently moving and always entertaining, Ford County brims with the same page-turning quality and heart-stopping drama of his previous bestsellers, and is proof once more why John Grisham is our most popular storyteller.