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A Christmas to Remember
Author: Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, Vivienne Lorret
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062747258
Year: 2017-09-26
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Romance stars Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, and Vivienne Lorret prove in this collection of stories that love is the most magical during Christmas… "I Will" by Lisa Kleypas To be reinstated into his father’s will, Andrew, Lord Drake, must court a respectable woman-his friend’s spinster sister, Miss Caroline Hargreaves. After he blackmails Caroline into helping him, the charade begins-but is it really a charade once love takes hold of their hearts…? "Deck the Halls With Love" by Lorraine Heath Alistair Wakefield, the Marquess of Chetwyn, devastated Lady Meredith Hargreaves when he proposed to another. But when he becomes free to pursue her, it’s too late for she’s on her way to the altar….. As Christmas approaches, Chetwyn vows to lure Lady Meredith back into his arms. "No Groom at the Inn" by Megan Frampton James Archer detests his mother’s matchmaking ways. When ordered to attend a Christmastime house party filled with simpering maidens, he produces a fiancée-Lady Sophronia Bettesford. James and Sophronia pretend to be in love for one month. But their pact soon turns into love. "The Duke’s Christmas Wish" by Vivienne Lorret To the Duke of Vale, science solves everything-even marriage. When the impulsive Ivy Sutherland makes him question all of his data, he realizes that he’s overlooked a vital component in his search for the perfect match: love.
A Christmas to Remember
Author: Thomas Kinkade, Katherine Spencer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425217159
Pages: 296
Year: 2007
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A Christmas to Remember
Author: Jenny Hale
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1909490660
Pages: 316
Year: 2014-10-10
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A Christmas to Remember
Author: Katie Flynn
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448134927
Pages: 416
Year: 2013-08-01
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A few days before Christmas Tess Williams rushes into Albert Payne’s tobacconist shop, with two boys in hot pursuit, saying she’s a thief. Albert chases the boys away, and though Tess does not realise it, this incident changes her life. Tess lives with her grandmother, Edie, in a small flat on Heyworth Street in Norwich.She has recently returned from Bell Farm, where she was evacuated during the war, and is being bullied by her schoolmates, but when the handsome Snowy White comes to her rescue she thinks her troubles are over, and returns for a working holiday to Bell Farm and her old friend Jonty. This leaves Edie to her own devices, however, and Tess is jealous of the friendship which blossoms between her grandmother and the tobacconist.Yet though Tess resents Albert, it is to him she turns when things start to go wrong...
A Christmas to Remember
Author: Iona Treahy, Jimmy Hibbert
ISBN: 0563532424
Pages: 64
Year: 2002
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A Christmas to Remember
Author: Randall Hartsell
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457442663
Pages: 32
Year: 2005-05-03
View: 1132
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A collection of gratifying arrangements by Randall Hartsell. Each piece offers a rewarding vehicle for students to work on maintaining a balance between melody and accompaniment. Lots of easy but big-sounding chords plus lush reharmonizations make students sound more advanced than they really are. Titles: * Angels We Have Heard on High * Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella * Jingle Bells * and more!
A Christmas to Remember
Author: Betty Neels
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459239105
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-04-16
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Christmas: a magical time when dreams really can come true… The Mistletoe Kiss Emmy Foster works patiently as a receptionist in London's St. Luke's Hospital, and can't imagine why handsome but arrogant Professor Ruerd ter Mennolt would take an interest in a country mouse like her. But when the professor invites her to his home in Holland for Christmas, Emmy can't deny the spark that blossoms between them…. Roses for Christmas Eleanor hasn't seen her childhood neighbor Fulk van Hensum for twenty years, but she still remembers what a horrid boy he'd been…and it takes only two minutes to discover that he's grown into an equally horrid man. Even if he is handsome…and the new doctor at the hospital where she's a nurse! He hasn't changed a bit—so why can't Eleanor stop thinking about him?
A Christmas To Remember
Author: Kay Stockham
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426808747
Pages: 256
Year: 2007-11-01
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He wakes up in a hospital unaware of how he got there or who he is. Memories tease him-haunting images that seem to come from someone else's life. But the biggest mystery of all is the woman who stuns him with news that's like a punch to his heart. The injured ex-Marine seems a world away from the seductive bad boy who left Marley Pierce pregnant at eighteen. In his place is a sensitive, caring stranger. But the small-town landscaper knows better than to trust Beau Buchanan again. Until Marley discovers his secret. Is it too late to turn the mistakes of the past into a second chance? Or is this a time for miracles?
A Christmas to remember
Author: Eugene Bradley Coco
Publisher: Honey Bear Books
ISBN: 0874491126
Pages: 24
Year: 1987-01-01
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Mark and Melissa receive the biggest shock of their lives when Santa Claus drops in for a surprise visit on Christmas Eve.
Christmas of "83" the "Birthing" of a Ministry!
Author: Rev. Dr. Lillie M. Robinson-Condeso
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462844065
Pages: 48
Year: 2009-04-17
View: 283
Read: 720
This Book, Christmas of 1983, The "Birthing" Of A Ministry, A Christmas to Remember, was a very unusual Christmas to say the least, of which was unique in every way and heartbreaking at the same time. Through major upheavals and changes in our lives and many adversities and conditions in our lives at the time were very poor. Having to leave a house, I owned, and the children where the children and I lived because of the violence fighting, and lack of marital harmony and again a 3rd attempt on my life. A situation in which, I could not see myself in a position to even think that I could be considered to be used of God, especially with or while going through that particular situation, as such, even though, I had been ordained as a Missionary Evangelist, only a few months, prior at latter of the year before. I did not want to be ordained in the fi rst place because of the problems, I was experiencing at home and was not quite sure where it would lead or I would end up. But evidently, the fi nal decision was not mine, but Gods. But there is a Scripture that tells us, what the devil meant for evil, God will make it good, (paraphrased). There would be so many different direction(s) to turn. But, God himself had a plan in mind. He would work a change in our lives as we knew it, forever. And He would prove himself in the process, to be God. Hallelujah! Yes, God could have done things in a different manner, but He chose to manifest himself in another way. You see God has a Plan, a Purpose and a method by which to fulfill His Plan.
A Christmas to Remember
Author: Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, Marilyn Pappano
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455529915
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-09-30
View: 805
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Curl up with this heartwarming Christmas collection! Jill Shalvis, Dream a Little Dream: Melissa has kept every man at a safe distance-especially firefighter Ian, a sexy friend with sexy benefits. But Ian secretly longs for more. Luckily, 'tis the season for giving love a chance . . . Kristen Ashley, Every Year: Holidays don't come easy for Shy and his brother, Landon. But with the magic of Christmas, along with a little help from Tabby and her family, the Cage brothers are about to get the gift of a lifetime . . . Hope Ramsay, Silent Night: Down on her luck and evicted from her apartment, single mother Maryanne hopes to start over in Last Chance. When the snow begins to fall, it looks like her baby might literally spend Christmas Eve in a manger. And Maryanne might celebrate the holiday with a handsome stranger. Molly Cannon, Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas: Lincoln is a bachelor who's set in his ways-until a professional organizer dressed up as Mrs. Claus changes his life, one tip at a time. . . Marilyn Pappano, A Family for Christmas: War widow Ilena doesn't mind spending Christmas alone. But when a new doctor blows into town with the winter wind, will she get her secret Christmas wish?
A Christmas to Remember
Author: Linda Piepenbrink
Publisher: Country Store Reiman Pubs
ISBN: 089821100X
Pages: 98
Year: 1992
View: 697
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A collection of Christmas carols, crafts, stories, and cookery.
A Christmas to remember
Author: Deseret Book Company
Publisher: Deseret Book Co
ISBN: 0875794106
Pages: 106
Year: 1990-08
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A Christmas to remember
ISBN: 1583341781
Pages: 154
Year: 2002
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A Christmas to Remember
Author: D. Morgan
Publisher: Harvest House Pub
ISBN: 1565078950
Pages: 48
Year: 1998
View: 484
Read: 986
Beloved Christmas writings and nostalgic colorful paintings capture moments of crisp winter eves and the Christmas gathering of loved ones. D. Morgans original prose flows page to page carrying with it precious Christmas memories and the hope of future celebrations.